The Journey to the Center

The Journey to the Center

Imagine that a bubble of energy is floating in the middle of the space galaxy, with no connection to its roots, where it belongs or to the source of its creation. Feel the feeling of lost and a sense of amnesia that overtook the floating unconnected energy bubble. You can see it going somewhere but actually nowhere. You can imagine it floating endlessly with no time or space, no direction or target with no consciousness of its beginning or ending. It is floating without consciousness.

Apply your soul to this imagination. You are living in a midst of people, yet disconnected, following the mass society; a direction where you are uncertain but feel compelled to obscurely follow. You are merely meekly following whatever the world outside of you influence you with, with no original passion or desire to create your own path or reality.

At one convergence of your life, when something inexplicable or drastic happens, that affected your feelings, you start to wake up and learn about your own desires, and how you want your life to become. This is when your heart, comes in to show you the journey that is paved by your heart’s desire and burning passion and fire. This is when you are connected to your source of obligated authenticity; a must to reign in your own individual destiny.

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