The History of All Judgements

The History of All Judgements

Judgements if we oversee the situation in the current humanity state, Judgements are first educated to the children’s, teenagers and willing participant of being taught about Life. Judgements are passed down from teachers to students, from parents to children’s, from employers to employees, and strangers to other strangers. From all of that, all these judgments were passed down to each one of them, from the same above participants of their surrounding life and community. Even Governments passed down judgments or laws that creates this limitations, it can also be religious leaders using the power of the invisible, the secret wisdom and knowledge of  “Source Energy” / “Creator” / “God” in order to pass Judgements.

What are Judgements? Judgements are a syndication of invisible mental barrier enlodged into human character, traits and mentality. A Judgements may not feel right in people’s intuition or hearts, as the heart is the indicator of all truth, through the feelings. All Judgements if at all, is a beginning of limiting the great capacity of the human boundaries.

Judgements are also shadows that limits the capability of a person’s true nature, which if in truth, a human in natural conditions, have no fear, have no limitations in achieving their desires, or dreams. Most individuals in human history now, are brainwashed with many sets of judgments through childhood, school years, education, work force, society, nation and religion. With this set of judgments in place, we can start to see the fall of humanity’s greatest achievements and brilliance. There will no longer be the wise Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, the Great Names of Philosophers, Artists, Van Gogh, Engineers, Professors of Life in our coming generation.

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