The Fear Complex

The Fear Complex
Since the People have then began to compete with each other, the mental concept of living has shifted to recognizing a society consciousness of lack, greed, and the inability to hold on to love and compassion. The society and its people start to merge as a population of race to the top.

The new family that are formed, then become stagnated with parents who educated their children to rush and chase the fulfillment of mind, rather than of the heart. Fear is conditioned into human psyche in order for the society to work as it has been before; the race of wealth, success and achievements.

Individuals are given the options of seeing life as making choices to lead a more desirable wealthy living, or the portrayal of lack through the mass recognition of inferiority of having less than the status quo. This is an Illusion that affects the True Reality.
The whole society system is bugged by a Mental Virus that decapitates human emotional intelligence to connect to the source of Universal Abundance, Love and Unity. The Fear complex is what disconnects, human-to-human, and heart to heart. Thus, it creates a ridge of disconnection between society and its people. The more this disconnection prolongs, the more intense the society and its people will suffer due to the Fear Complex.
In order for people of many nation, many race and culture to unite, the fear complex needs to be eradicated promptly.

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