Suicidal, To Suffer or To Break Free

Suicidal, To Suffer or To Break Free

Darkness can make life seem like there is no way out. The person who is going through a feeling of suicidal is trying to find a way out, they are not choosing to terminate their life, but their root intention is to leave their circumstances and to remove themselves from the situation they are in. Their choices however is seen as such, to find ways to end their life.

They feel trapped and the only reason suicidal was an option was it was a way out of their misery or condition. In most cases, suicidal incidence happen through  a deep sense of loneliness where they feel disconnected to so many things, aren’t able to create any genuine connection to anything or anybody in their vicinity or surrounding.

Suicidal is a state of deep discord from the source and faith, a dislodged connection to their center. It is a mental state of lost and no-answer can heal the situation. Suicidal is a Mental Imprisonment of Fear, Discord, Extreme disorientation of Life. Suicidal is an energy that disrupts and disturb the ecology of the mind it is it highest point of break and disconnection from the heart center. It can be spread into focus and present with immense enlightenment that suicidal is happening due to the energetically breaking point from heart to mind. It is when the mind stands alone without the source of the heart connection.

If any of you have experienced suicidal tendencies, ask yourself, can you feel your heart to the point of extreme emptiness and shallowness that the heart grieved to the point of numbness and inability to feel anything. Often occurrences, suicidal tendencies occurs so that the body can jolt itself back to the center, which is the connection to the heart.
Do you realize, when a person is on a brink of death, on the hospital bed, the life force to kick start the person back to breathing, is through a process of sending electric shocks to the patient’s heart? Can you see that the heart is where the engine of life in human body, has to jolt back into rhythm. It focuses all energy into the heart center.

What leads to suicidal tendencies? Emotional awareness being suppressed into deep depths of inexistence, to become mute robotic and dull, expressionless, to remove the ability to face the emotional truth.­

Visualise a big force of energy in the center of your heart sending an explosion of feel good vibes throughout all parts of your body, physically feeling the rush of energy enveloping you with love and warmth. The key here is to tune into your heart and explode self-love self-kindness self-appreciation self-understanding and tune into your sense of light to remember your heart has the power to make you feel alive again so that you don’t focus on the darkness in your mind. There is still a road to go and its not a dead-end journey yet, no matter how much you cannot see  a way out, feel your heart and the heart will open up paths the mind cannot.

Lets take some steps to be heart centered and understand how to connect to the center of your life, to treasure your heart’s intelligence and love and wisdom. Break free from the chain of control in the mind forcing you into darkness and mental conjuration of broken fragment of your soul.

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