Selfishness and Self-Centredness

Selfishness and Self Centredness


Being Selfish and Being Self-Centered is two different things. Selfish is being self-absorbed to the point that it harms the well being of another individual. Being Self-Centered is being personally stable in oneself and ability to care for the priority and importance of one personal well being as a healthy self care. Selfish is unbalanced while self centered is balanced. Taking care of yourself when other people are demanding your time energy and attention is your priority to be self centered. You will have the ability to fathom the fact that only you have the ability to be concerned of your own life and personal needs. Everyone is responsible to take care of their own individual needs through giving enough attention to themselves and not relying to receive attention from others as that in well meaning creates codependency. People who are selfish are most likely in a co-dependency relationship or connection as they rely more on other people to supply them with support validation energy and attention. People who are self centered are at most time individuals who are independent and stable in their personal outlook in their life who are self sustaining and powerful in their pwn personal means.


It is healthy to be self centered among many circles of peers in life, being self centered makes you alert when you fall behind in taking care of your personal needs, ambitions and personal goals in life. People who are selfish may attempt to create codependency with other individuals who lack self priority and stability. It is important to make connections that are independent and able to stand alone. Don’t make connections that wants to put their weight on you for you to carry two body instead of one. Everyone has to learn to carry their own weight and if you are allowing people to put their weight on you, you are just a people-pleaser who lack self authority and you are in codependency because you like to be needed. It is not a healthy connection when you are the giver, and the other is the taker when you are meeting selfish people but you don’t realise your subconscious is controlling your mannerism is relationship management to keep giving but not realizing you are not gaining anything from it.

Make sure that when you meet selfish individuals, you are not meeting their demands, while sacrificing your own personal needs and desires which is most of the time happens with selfish peoples relations. People in their childhood who are keen in giving away their power and attention to their parents have a dysfunctional subconscious pattern in their mature and adult relationship where this will trigger a repetition in unconsciously attracting similar pattern individuals who can be caught into the selfish narcissistic pattern with friends, lovers, peers, and partners.


Luckily enough this book will help  you to build stronger character and personality to guide you to self transformation so tht you understand how to treasure your life in this world from being taken advantage of in your adulthood and finally take a stand on your self importance and learn to lead a strong secure independent lifestyle.

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