Self-validation is one of the most powerful action you can do as a person with the only ultimate free-will and reign in your life, when you practice self-validation you are the sole person who has the ultimate voice to say Go or No Go. Self-Validation is an essence of Self-Encouragement that keeps you following your hearts belief and desire. In this society and world we live in, self-validation is almost at a rare state, it is rejected that you can validate your own rights or your own beliefs and capabilities. There are always other people who will sell a belief that you need someone else’s stamp of approval before you can go ahead doing what you love, other voices will hold more power over you, and what you love, this trend or society behaviour and conditioning is what creates all-rounded insecurity or dependency in other peoples voice to reign over others.

Did The Rose ask The Daisy and The Sunflower that she can be the most beautiful flower in her world? Did The Rose go through the same process of growth as The Daisy, with its prickly thorns coming out from its stalk? How does The Daisy know how The Rose grows if The Daisy has never been in The Roses roots? Then it substantiates, that The Daisy cannot validate what The Rose goes through and may not give validation to The Rose value, worth, and capabilities. If people are like flowers, if they keep to their own nature, preceding to keep focus on their own hearts, they will certainly grow into their most destined pristine life. The Rose is the only flower that can validate her own growth, her own success, her own achievements. The Daisy or The Sunflower cannot fathom what the Rose goes through and how can Both of these flowers validates the worth and value or the capability of The Rose? It is utterly impossible for anyone outside of your surrounding to give you validation of what you are going through in life, only you know your actual journey, your actual situation, your actual growth and progress in your life. When you Self-Validate, you are giving confirmation with confidence of your inner truth and inner power and inner belief that you are achieving success, no matter how much people in your surrounding may not see it, they do not experience your experiences in your shoes, and in that duration of time, going through the ups and downs in life. They cannot give you the validation that is utterly justified or fair.

Where other people reigns on your worth and value by putting their remarks or validations above you, the only thing they are doing or securing is their own belief of their own life. Their judgments towards you equals to their capability of comprehension about their state of achievement. If you ask validation from other people who has achieve greater success than you most of the time if they are coming from their heart, they would give you more wisdom than the person who has not achieve what you are wishing to.

If you truly need an external validation, find mentors or successful professional people in your field and evaluate their remarks, advice, and suggestions, that’s how you can grow while giving yourself room to progress through self-validation and positive validation. And even if the people in your industry gives you a negative validation, you are not prone to feel bad instead empowered to build your credibility and to validate yourself in the best light and ways.

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