In this world we believe that self-sacrifice will enable us to attain what we want to receive. At times it may be true, at times it may not be true. Self-Sacrifice can come from love and sometimes self-sacrifice can come from fear. Which one should we begin with first? Self-Sacrifice that comes from fear is actually a very harmful thing to do. It is what you let go of and do in order to save something or receive something, at points of time, taking this action will create a ripple of losses. Instead of gaining what you want, you lose two or more things, the thing you sacrificed and because you are doing it out of fear of losing something, you lose the thing you are fearing of losing.

The first fact that you must be observant of feeling is that does your desire weakens your heart or create anxiety or worry. If you are sacrificing what you love to do, in order to obtain a lesser degree of attainment for someone else’s happiness and contentment, then you are pushing aside your happiness for another persons. This self-sacrifice is unhealthy unless you are doing it out of love and do not feel remorse or hurt but feel loved and empowered. As a parent or a lover to a family or friend, if sacrificing what you love or a sense of security to create safety or contentment for the ones you love or care for creates you warmth and love in your heart, that is not equal to self-sacrifice, that is compassion and love.

Do not confuse acting out of love with self-sacrifice, if its truly you are acting out of love to provide to the people you love and care for, it is an actual act of self-love because as you share love with others, the actions you take is from love and holds no losses for you either material or emotional.

What I would really like to point out and lay in front of you is when a Self-Sacrifice damages or harms your quality of living and sense of self-worth and self-love. People in your life may request you to do certain things for them, you giving them your time, attention, money, wealth, energy, affection, emotion, thoughts and ideas for their own beneficial that doesn’t serve any purpose to you. If you are doing it just for contentment and do not feel any losses then its fine. But if you do, then there is where the real problem lies.

How do you know if you are self-sacrificing? First of all, you have to think for yourself and feel are you putting others first or are you coming back to your heart and feel if you are giving away something that you are don’t feel to give or invest in. Self-sacrifice means that you remove yourself as the top most priority in your life and put other in the prime focus of your attention and they become your number one priority. You need to learn to diagnosed and clarify, are you doing it from love or are you doing it while pushing your own needs and essential attention to your wellbeing aside.

Never put yourself in a position where you are not and cannot connect to your heart while among other people you know or don’t. You must always stay connected to your heart to make sure you are doing something out of your freewill and not sacrificing what you have and who you are and what you stand for. A lot of times when we are pushed by our minds to take something or achieve something, we lose some sense of centredness, which is our connections to our heart, our actions become crude and brutal to the point of non-compassion and emotionless. At times when this happen, the self-sacrifice is not recognized until the situation fades and the after-effects kick in.

It takes practice to start moving back the focus from the mind to our hearts, we must learn to realize the mind must be connected to our hearts in order for our life to be one of integrity and with love. Life can affect the mind in so many ways. The affect can be disastrous to tiny. But if it is disastrous, the mistakes are lifetime and longlasting.

The Mind can tune into other people’s intentions and thoughts, it can be influenced by the strength of another person’s impact on your mentality and the way you think, your thoughts may even be seeded or brainwashed so that you are able to sacrifice who you are in order to give in to other people’s commands and abuse of your own free will. Your free will is not connected to your mind, it is first, foremost and last comes from the seed of your heart.

That is why, connecting to your heart all the time, is the key to security and safety and self-love. People come in and out of your life, their demands and requests at times can be harmful and if you cannot stay centered in your heart, you will get affected if what is demanded you cannot reject and say no, because your mind is influenced too much for you to connect to your own feelings and freewill in order to make a decision out of integrity and freewill.

Self-Sacrifice is not a playful topic or issue, there are many individuals in this world that has been harmed through a sacrificial action that happened when they are not aware of their surrounding and the peoples motives and intentions. One of the best way to learn to protect yourself from any sacrifice that harms or hurts your wellbeing and life is to really learn to know yourself really deep and always constantly practice to have a strong connection to your heart. That is why your heart is installed with a self-defense mechanism, the stronger your heart is, the faster you can react to any dangerous situation that involves sacrifice to your life. The armor of integrity and authenticity allows you to bypass meeting people with ulterior motives and harmful intentions who demands or requests you to self-sacrifice and you can then order yourself to reject and say no and take appropriate actions to remove these people from your life and be safe.

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