Why is Self-Respect important? Self-Respect is very important due to the fact that it is how you carry yourself in the world, either you are easily bullied into doing other people’s errands and requests or you carry yourself with honor and dignity. You have integrity in what you stand and not stand for. You are able to speak up your voice when you know your boundary is being stepped over. Self-Respect allows you to build an Authentic Circle of Friends who are not mooching of you and taking you for granted.

How do you have Self-Respect? Self-Respect is a continuous progress on Self-Love, it is the practice of speaking and denying or rejecting things that lowers your self-worth and self-love. You have the power to deny other people to disrespect you by voicing your concern and how you feel. That is why being authentic to your feeling is a step to self-worth, self-love, and self-respect.

How do you know when someone is disrespecting you? When you feel that your emotions are being suppressed and manipulated, and other people are answering for you about how you personally really feel. Other people cannot say how you truly feel, because they are not in your shoes and in your body experiencing what you are feeling. Only you have the audacity and sole power to acknowledge how you truly feel, the other people who are expressing your voice for you are disrespecting your presence and pushing you away from attention and taking the limelight for their own benefit. It’s the I-know-it-all Virus in human connection. They feel that they have more authority to speak for you where and when you actually can speak for yourself.

When other people speak for you on how you feel without your consent, they are stepping and crossing all and any personal human boundaries and should be alerted that if you have any sense of self-respect, you must speak up and voice your own thoughts and feelings.

Say “Excuse me, I can speak for myself.”
Do not allow other people to take your free speech into their personal advantage. There are a few types of allowing yourself to be disrespected, when you are surrounded by people who intimidatingly putting you down so they can show off their good qualities, allowing this to happen in front of your face is actually a sign of disrespect. Firstly the other person may want to make themselves look better than you because of their insecurity. Do not put yourself down in order to raise someone else up. You are allowing yourself to disrespect your identity.

This action is Disrespectful towards yourself. Think and feel, where is the self-love in that, when you agree to other people expressing that you are lesser than them. Where is your self-love, self-worth and self-respect?

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