It is healthy to have a huge amount of self-care and self love. The most important essence to do that is to be aware of self-priority. What do you need to do first, before committing to another plan with another individual.

Priority is an Ideal way of Living through the action of understanding your life principals. When you connect your principals and priority together, its hard to bring you down and feel down. When you set your life priorities and backed them up with your personal principals, you get to go head strong in life situations where you wont get influenced to lower your priorities to meet other people’s priorities while second-handing your own.


Priority is a method of self-care, that every individual must masteter in order to control their lives and way of living and the quality of their lfiestyle. It is beyond basic survival instinct, but a thriving instinct in life. People who can manage their personal priorities tends to have more efficient higher quality lifestyle that influences their personal growth in the most adamantly positive upwards journey.



People who manage their priorities are able to set concrete goals and achieve their desires. Practicing a clean sheet of Priority List that first begins with Self- Care, Living Responsibilities, etcs. Below is a Chart that can assist you to Prioritize your Life.


Priority is Based on Ability to Think on ones own personal needs, and personal achievement. What is important to you in your life. What is very strongly rooted in your personality and beingness. Priority is a Thought Form Hierarchy which is the highest thoughts that will benefit you personally. It is a practice of thinking for your best. It is a strong ability to think for yourself  and connect you to your personal desires.


Only you know your life’s priorities through your personal identity, desires and wishes in life. Thinking of your best selves is one of the grandest ways to glorify the gods gift within you. the creator within you so  you may achieve your best potential and possibility in life to ensure your dreams come to reality. It is truly based on your personal perception of personal priority and achievement. It will give you the greatest pleasure when one by one you complete your priorities in your life. It is as if you are fully whole and balanced in the lifestyle of love to oneself filled with holistic values.


Caring for your soul, your health, your mind, your heart your physical bodies and your relationship with your peers, friends, family, passion and interests. Your soul grow richer with a step by step priority based thinking.


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