Self Confidence

  1. This is your Life, Are you Protecting It?

Self Confidence is a state of self-belief that comes from knowing oneself. When you know who you are, you can carry your being with much grace and confidence. You can then deny and reject propositions about you from others with ease. It is only due to the fact that you can affirmly be assertive in regards to knowing who you are and you can express them clearly to others.

You know how you feel and you know what your original thoughts are, you have your own roots of belief, grounding and you know what you stand for. You are not easily influenced or swayed by other people’s influence and beliefs and what they stand for. You are able to keep your toes dig deep into the earth and plant your roots firm in your set of beliefs and values.

Having a sense of self-confidence helps to not be pushed around too easily by the world, you can bend or shake your leaves like a tree, but not able to be broken while you have strong roots into earth, maintaining your presence and securing your position. You are secured in planting your feet firm on the ground with a strong belief of who you are and what you are doing in life.

As tall as you may stand, the energy that connects to your feet, your human roots of past experiences and learning curves are as important as your incoming future, that is why, your life experiences should be turned into wisdom and stepping stones or the new branch of roots growing holding you up strong as you choose to remember and keep the strength of your experience through the wisdom of learning from the past.

It is important to remember your lessons to avoid repeating mistake of the past, that is why your wisdom and memory and life experiences should be converted into a strong root and connection to who you are and what you have been through.

A lot of times when experience or mistakes represents and repeats itself is because, one person fails to remember their past history as they release their wisdom and root easily when not grounded or feeling insecure after their self-confidence breaks down, they tend to forget what they have learnt in the past. Sometimes past experiences repeat itself so that you can remember to change your actions or control certain aspects of yourself so that you can stand on jewels of wisdom and experience to forgo your streaming unique life experience.

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