Saying No

Saying No

To some people, saying no is a hard thing to do, if they have not learn to say no since at a young age, they would be going through a little trouble on knowing how to get away from doing something they do not have confidence to reject and saying no towards. That is why having courage and confidence actually helps in saying no.

First of all to know that you really don’t want to do something by feeling your heart. Ask yourself, do you really want to do what is asked of you or do you not want to do what is requested from you. If it is a yes than go ahead you know what you want, but if you do not know what you want and considering maybe or wanting to say no, you have to build up your courage and voice to express the word “No”.

Sometimes even when you said no, people will persuade you multiple times and consider your decision can be changed, that is also why you will have to be consistent in your decision making. If you have evaluated the situation and request and really feel you cannot commit and already want to say no but you have trouble in disappointing people because you don’t like disappointing people, you have to be comfortable and learn that disappointment has to happen or else you will always put yourself out of the way of your own happiness pleasing everyone who ask you for anything. One of the best thing to do if its hard for you to say no due to the reason you don’t want to disappoint people is to work with your own issues of the first time you are disappointed and not wanting others to feel how you feel.

One of the other reasons is a fear of rejection, some people cannot say no because they want to be accepted by their peers, family or surrounding friends and people. Firstly, you have to be aware that you cannot live by other people’s acceptance full time. Because if you do that, then that actually affects your self-worth, beliefs, your authenticity because you would do almost anything just so you would be in the in crowd or be accepted by your peers or family, friends or circle of trustees.

The things that you would have to practice being comfortable at is to be rejected and disappointed, that’s how you can apply the same thing to others. This time, you wont feel uncomfortable to reject or disappoint people because you have healed and worked on your own personal past issues on being rejected and disappointed.

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