Sacrifice Your Energy, Time, Attention, Life For Others

Sacrifice Your Energy, Time, Attention, Life For Others
As you have learned sacrifice is not on the basis of self-love. Sacrifice is acknowledging and practicing on the root of lack. Your Energy, Time and Attention is Precious. You can work on your passion and build yourself or you can give it to a cause you believe in and wish to sponsor your effort to the raise of this cause you love. Sacrificing your energy, time and attention for other people needs to be enlightened in the reason “Why?” are you doing such? “What?” is your gain? And especially if it is a sacrifice “What” is your loss? What could you have been spending time over and doing instead of that particular sacrifice for that particular individual. Are you sacrificing just because you are meek and weak and unable to stand up for your self-importance?

Are you taking on workloads of other individuals because it was hard for you to speak up and say No? Are you scared to reject people? Are you vulnerable in seeing the look of rejection in people’s face because you once felt that way and may vow never to reject people? Please read on the Self-Rejection and Acceptance to understand more on the vow of rejection.

Sacrifice is always a verb of lack or a loss, you may not understand it until you review if you have ever sacrificed your energy for other people’s importance and then to find out that other people are not doing the same for you, because they do not sacrifice themselves the way you sacrifice yourself for them. You may have had good intention to sacrifice, but other people will not come from the same ground as you to believe in sacrificing themselves for your benefit and good despite you doing it for them.
I am not saying do not give kindness or compassion, what I am truly saying is if you wish to give your time, energy and effort to the people who wishes to demand your time, energy and effort, are you comfortable at ease and are you joyous to do it, are you feeling pleasure to spend time on it and are you growing from putting attention towards it.  A fact you need to practice and be aware of is that are people willing to do the same for you and give the same amount of affection, time, energy and attention towards your cause and your goals? Are they sincere and honest and understands you? Respect is a balanced exchange in both way, a circle of influence that grows your soul is the connection that will lasts a long time and respects your value as much as their own value. It all stands on the individuals free-will and if you both agree what to exchange and how much you trust each other. As I have shared, sacrifice is an exchange that is one sided, always. It is not balanced it will not change in equilibrium and it will not reach status quo.
Ask the people who wants to ask your attention and time and effort, if they want something from you, “What is in it for me?” It is only self-worthy to speak of your worth knowing you too have value and understand your effort and attention means something. They may say they will give you a favor in return, or will treat you or exchange you with something you desire. Then there is no sacrifice here, only a trade and a balanced exchange. Trust it and do it, ask for your worth if people wants you to put your energy in their life.

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