Respecting your Emotions Builds Healthy Boundaries

Respecting your Emotions Builds Healthy Boundaries

People often beat themselves up after not speaking up when they feel injustice has occurred in their life. They hold on to a grudge and feel resentment to others. One of the reasons is because they suppress their emotions and allowed other people to take advantage of them, one of the suppressed action is through silence or ignorance. The emotional builds up into a fit of anger or resentment and bitterness. Then they carry around holding a grudge that lowers their emotional health and affect their reality to become less bright and turned duller with the emotional baggage they decide not to express but suppress.

Admitting your true emotions is an act of courage and heightens your ability to take proper immediate action to secure your boundaries, so that you may proceed to set a healthy lifestyle boundary that encourages you to be your authentic selves.

If you suppress your emotions and ignore them, this is a sign of disrespect towards one-self, it will definitely show that you are self controlling your emotions through your mind, as the mind is what will control the emotions into suppression. When you yourself ignores your self-expression and emotional truth, how would other people respect your presence and emotions? Taking the first step to validate all your emotions is what will create the same pattern of other people respecting your emotions and boundary.

Emotions don’t lie and to deny the right of validating your emotions due to wanting to be accepted by your peers, friends, or family will eventually create an internal turmoil or depression.

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