Relationship to your Heart

Relationship to your Heart

People are more prone into having relationship with other individuals in their life. What is often most forgotten is a personal relationship with your own self. For people to have a relationship with themselves, they need to start being able to listen to their own hearts. This is an action of constantly tuning into your heart and focusing on your own feelings at all points of time. Especially when conversing with other individuals, when replying, focus on your hearts desires and emotions, and raising your concerns authentically through your speech.

When engaging with different individuals requesting certain task, duties or favor’s from you, seek into your heart’s true desires, are you only entertaining other people’s request for their friendship or acceptance, or are you doing it out of the feeling of needing to satisfy other’s before putting your own self into the prime focus. Finally, when you can feel your heart feels really good to entertain the request by others, then you are able to commit to the favor or request with self-love.

Feel your heart, sense if it squeeze or ease, if your heart is uncomfortable to do certain things, make your true voice known especially to yourself, that it is unlikely you are feeling good about giving into other people’s requests. Honour your emotions, and validate your feelings by speaking your truth. This is a pathway to connect deeper into your relationship with your heart.

Respect yourself by not submitting to doing anything for anyone when you feel that your heart is feeling unease and you can take the time to deliberate and decide. Don’t enforce yourself to give an answer and later regret giving promises that you don’t feel good of acting upon.

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