People of Extreme Dark Natures

People of Extreme Dark Natures

Psychopaths, Sociopaths are types of people with a Mind-Manipulative Strategies that Forces and Breaks People’s Free will. Usually and Regularly, people who are in the journey of Self-Destruction are surrounded by people who are having extreme dark natures, such as deep upsetting vibrations of fear, threats, force, intimidation, negativity, jealousy and envy.
Most times also, these psychopaths/ sociopaths are people who has a dark heart and a powerful mind that is attracted to people with big loving bright hearts with a weak mind. If you have a big heart and a so-so mind, be very aware there may be psychopathic individuals who are eyeing on your state of vulnerability in order to pounce on the opportunity to suck energy from your heart and make you mentally dependent on them and trust them.
How do you protect yourself from this psychopath or people with dark natures and ill-intentions? This situation requires you to strongly remember who you are, how well do you know yourself and how excessively strong you root to your personal Soul & Identity. Who are you in the past when you were magnificient. This people are the people who are taking your memories in your mind to fuel themselves. This memories in your mind is connected to your heart as energy vibrations and frequency. This is the gemstones in your soul that is shining brightly. So this is why this is called the Soul-Theft. People are stealing Soul’s because of the magnificent energy memory they have in frequency and vibration that the psychopaths cannot achieve on their own, because they don’t have a unique soul and identity. Most of the time it is due to they themselves are at one point of time, lost their soul and they are programmed and manipulated with fear and controlled by a dark entity.

Soul – Theft is Identity Theft

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