Never Sacrifice Yourself For Other People’s Gain

Never Sacrifice Yourself For Other People’s Gain
People who request that you should sacrifice yourself for their benefit needs to give you a big wakeup call, show a big warning red flag and ring the emergency alarm bell. In the first instance, your needs are being presented that it is lesser than another person’s need. That being brought to awareness, it is showcasing the inequality of how you are being seen as lesser than the other. The reason this may have happened in the past is probably because you were unaware of this situation, the way you wish to provide to others, the same way other people will provide to you. Unfortunately, despite having this kindness in your heart, it does not necessarily means that other people will treat you the same way. The Alert that can be created is when you feel your need are not being evaluated by your peers or surrounding.

That emotion you feel is validated by you, your own self, if you are consciously aware of how you feel, and acknowledge that your surrounding are not giving space for you to have the comfort of being welcomed, appreciated, valued or accepted.
People will take advantage of your naivety, vulnerability, gullibility just because they know they can get away with it. So it is up to you to practice conscious relationship awareness that will assist you from being taken advantage of, or being abused and manipulated by these people.

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