Never Feel Guilty Doing What is Good for You

Never Feel Guilty Doing What is Good for You

Guilt is a feeling of undeserving or unworthiness of certain situation of receiving materials, support, assistance, affection or kindness. Guilt can be imposed by external factors when the people in your surrounding makes you feel less than or inadequate. Guilt is a mental manipulation from external surrounding prior to the current situation that has happened previously. Guilt is the root of feeling unworthy and affects the self-worthiness of the person involved.

Guilt happens when there are a feeling or thought that there is not enough or there is lack. Guilt happens when there is sacrifice involved and it is shown or being persuaded to be believed that certain things are not enough and cannot be achieved or attained.

Guilt can create a sense of unworthiness to receive what is desired, what is making a person reach their emotional happiness, satisfaction, feeling pleasant or peaceful. At times guilt can be imposed to any vulnerable or innocent individual such as children, someone another person see of their unequal status and wishes to hold authority or power over them. They look down upon certain people and make the others believe that they are not enough and not complimentary to deserve what they are asking for.

Guilt happens when you are surrounded by people who feel inferior or insecure and try to control your desires so that you may express appreciation or gratification to the people around you so they may feel elevated, more attractive or powerful, and to boost the ego of the individual imposing this guilt manipulation. Some people hold on to what is desired by others because they want to hold the power of being seen as desired or wanted, through the things being asked of them, they would create a situation where they manipulate people to believe they are not worthy of it but through their kindness they are giving them a chance, so the actions of people imposing guilt or unworthiness is through their own lack of sense of security and self-love needing other people to feed and boost their ego, fear, lack and deficiency.

In society we are surrounded by many types of people, family members, parents, different authorities such as teachers, supervisors, seniors and peers, colleagues or friends that holds different personality, attributes and impressions and intentions. Guilt that is imposed by your surrounding should be quickly catched on to, because if you are surrounded by friends or peers that constantly makes you feel guilty that you are unworthy of what you are sharing or desiring, they are lowering your self worth in your plain sight and consciousness.

If you have no self-worth, its easy to believe in them and allow them to treat you that way, if you feel bad and cannot speak and say no to your peers, you at least have to come to terms to realize how much do you love yourself and want to do what you really love. These individuals and people cannot fathom how much it means to you until you can express how you feel. One of the ways to combat this manipulation of guilt and worthiness by your surrounding, is to speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs, you may say to them that it is not your issue that they cannot see your value or worth. Your value or worth is not determined by the people who cannot see it, and who are they truly to define how much you are worthy of or not. They have no power to rule or influence you to believe your worth and value. Only you can determine your value and worthiness because you are in your body, only you know what you desire and worthy of. So why allow other people to guilt-trip you into succumbing into the emotion of lack and insecurity. Other people are just pushing you into feeling their emotions of lack and insecurity and has nothing to do with you. Absolutely nothing to do with you. Do not believe in people who impose guilt upon you because they are the ones who are feeling empty and by creating emptiness in you, they begin to feel full and content that someone removes their self-worth so that they can feel grandeur or more than you. It is a chain of ego, lack consciousness and you can be aware, through this conscious statement, you can stop the chain from continuing to your surrounding and start to see when people are doing it to others or you, and put them back in track and point out that they are wrong and in a state of no love because they are trying to impose power, status, control and authority to gain security among their circle.

Filter your friendships or circle of trusts to those who sees your worth and is not insecure to belittle your desires or passion. Circle of trusts should be an equal rights among its party or person, equal voice and equal to give and receive.

You can choose to feel good, despite people being unable to see your worth, you can choose to feel good, despite people trying to sell you a belief that you should feel guilty that you are asking too much or being who you are, makes other people insecure or feeling less than, you can feel good, despite you sharing your dreams and other people who doesn’t have their own dream feel inadequate or threatened by your self-belief and desire, because they did not have that confidence to pursue what you feel you can do and achieve.

Be aware that if you love what you do, never allow people to stop you from following your heart and passion, that includes allowing yourself to believe that you are unworthy of your dreams and desires, to not allow people to put you in feeling guilty or inadequate, keep your voice of reason and love for yourself, stronger than ever, only you know what you can and cannot do. Don’t let people’s influence affect you from attaining your goals and desires.

Sometimes its important to keep your dreams and desires to yourself, because when other people hear them, they feel insecure and would take advantage to make themselves feel powerful because they can affect your emotions and feelings. So they would even harass you or intimidate you and put you down constantly. Choose who you truly trust to share your passion and dreams, those who can elevate your energy and bring you positivity and gives growing feedbacks to your life path and passion.

Sometimes sharing with a different people and when there is silence, they are actually trying to find your buttons to push and make you feel unworthy of pursuing your desires, so that they may play it safe and nobody is better than them. Its how they gain security. Forgive them for they came from a consciousness of lack, fear, ego, no-love.

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