Making a Decision

Making a Decision

Making a Decision can be a very intrinsic process when we can hear many suggestions, advices, from left to right of our ears and brains. People wants to give their opinions, we listen to many voices and ask many questions. When we feel our head being pulled left and right trying to listen to many voices in our surrounding from friends, peers, family members, professional certified individuals, have we bothered to ask ourselves the final question, what do we really feel and think about making and taking those steps and decisions.

We can always ask questions to find out what is the right thing to do or what path to take, but that’s just it, it is asking a question that someone else will share their opinions and experiences. As much as asking for different perspectives and views are helpful to get a variety of outlook, in the end of the conclusion, we got to come back to our center which is our hearts and feel what is truly right for us.
Making a decision should be a personal process where we evaluate our feelings and thoughts without any external input to just know how we ourselves feel and think without the influence of other people. In this society where making decisions and taking actions is what should be receiving approvals from people in the surroundings, it is hard to listen to ourselves but we can still be able to proceed with this action of focusing on ourselves when making a decision.

How important is it for decision making? How does decision making affect your life long term and short term? Things like marriage, educations, career, lifestyle choices, mortgages, signing legal contracts, to daily life choices.

It is important to realize that our lives are now in an invisible chain of conditions and terms of acceptance. We feel linked when trying to make a decision for ourselves, people will feel like they will get affected, but truly how we make decisions is truly only for ourselves and when we can make a decision to care for ourselves first, the surrounding situations has to come in peace with your decision, because how you choose to make a decision will effect who you are permanently no matter what, that is why, using your inner voice, your heart to be the center source of making any decision is the prime answer.

When you make a decision, there is no hesitation if you are taking an action from a space of confidence and self-assurance. Making a decision from a space of self-believe and self-trust enables you to commit all the way through. If you are taking action from doubt or a space of lack, ego or fear, then the commitment is not up to par as one that is taken from self confidence and self believe.

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