Where does the first origin of Judgement comes from? Judgement comes from the conditional matters from past experiences. Judgements are a set of restrictions that removes the tendencies of other individuals to pursue what they wish further than their previous counterparts or the people in their surrounding. The people who judges others, are the people who were stopped when they were about to pursue something in their life and their desires were immobilized and abandoned. This is a chain and ripples of societal to family conditioning that happens repeatedly over time and time again.

What we didn’t knew before is that Judgements are almost always coming from the person’s insecurities and lack. Most people point fingers to others saying their own flaws as they see other people as their own mirrors. If you judge anybody, this judgement is based on your own faults and insecurities. Although some judgement is coming from truthfulness, and fairness, that is not a problem. The problem is when people judge without realizing they are pointing fingers to other people of their own mistakes and flaws.

Judgement from biasedness is a Personal Attack on towards someone they wish to stop from achieving what that person loves to do.

What is a state of Non-Judgement, the state of Non-Judgement is Allowance or Allowing things to be as they are, without control or conditions. This is a state that all creator energy exists in human itself, to just “be” or “become” or simply “being”.

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