How to Avoid Being Gullible?

How to Avoid Being Gullible?
Trust needs to be earned and not simply given, people need to put effort in order to create a healthy relationship of trust. If people are requesting that you simply trust the, Red Flag, Ring the Alarm Bell, and  Be Alert. If your connections with them are genuine and kind and sincere, they would respect you enough to not push you to trust them, instead trust is given when it is earned. Never give complete trust away if your vibes do not match the surrounding or person. Trust your own personal vibration, instead of logic or mentality. Energy does not lie. If your body tenses up, your heart clenches, your breath is shortened, or you stop and hold your breath this is where your body and muscle and senses are telling you “Stop!”, “Don’t go any Further,” “Don’t say Yes” Your body has an intelligent way to respond to bullshit and lies or traps.

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