Disappointments in Success

Disappointments in Success
As the people develop a way of living, many admire success and people are going means out of their ways to achieve it. Through using mental strength and forceful determination and commitment, they push themselves to the brink of the edge and achieve their desired results. What fuels them was a mental desire of being accepted and filled with pride that they have achieve a certain status quo of the wealthy or successful individuals in their clique. Entertaining the desires of the mind that is brought forth by the conditions of acceptance in their society.

Through this journey, they can and have harmed themselves to be more savagely disconnected from their heart, using human stepping-stones to get where they mentally desire for success and achievements.

Still, the hunger will always creep into their wellbeing; as when the action of success comes from a mental desire, a projection of conditions through societal acceptance, the heart is still hungry. Therefore, the success may not last or if it may, the emotional hunger will still be there, as the success never filled in the emptiness of the emotional connection they have towards the center of their universe.

The people population has become distinct in portraying the lifestyle equivalent to chasing or rushing, pursuing instead of being and receiving. The people population pushes and pull to get what they want, and this creates a huge distortion in the society complex. The natural harmonious balance of society becomes more rigid and then turns into human eat human world. It has then become a race, a competition and an embarkment of distinguished fear complex in the people nation.

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