Depression & Living your Truth

Depression & Living your Truth

People who are covering up their emotions, with the inability to safely securely express themselves, are in a state of denial and emotional limbo. Through this means, the depression creeps in, because it is a state of numbness as the mind controls the heart to suppress his/her emotions from coming clean into the state of reality.

Some of this situations are due to their upbringing, where showing emotions are seen as weak or undesirable, taunted or rejected by their surrounding presence. Depression is a state of emotional condition that happens when the depressed individual is willing to receive acceptance and sense of belonging rather than wanting to show their true feelings, in fear that they will be rejected or unloved. They live in a continuous state of supression of their feelings in order to be embraced and accepted in their circle.

Depressive people are not able to live in their emotional truth, it then creates a unbearable situation where they cannot be alone and always finds something to hide their emotions, such as constant mental stimulation so that they can remove their emotions from being in the focus.

A way to help depression is to keep a journal where even if in real life, they cannot epress their total emotions, they can still live in truth where they can express their feelings through writing and journalling and making them far more able to have a sense of truth within their privacy and allowing them to come clean with their true feelings about their life and ability to self-love and understand the situation rather than repress it and ignore it and to clinically be diagnosed as depressed and having to take mental illness prescriptions.

Depression can also be a state of survival within an abusive or threatening circumstances or a state of extreme unhappiness. In this matter, professional help is needed to break away from the undesired circumstances and for a person to build their sense of self-love and self-worth in order for them to learn to understand that they can choose to live a different style of life, without the provocations and threats so that they are able to fulfill a more pleasant non-harmful lifestyle.

Learning to understand your feelings and desires and find what you are passionate about and like in life, will ease out the state of depression into a state of passion and love towards what fills your heart with goodness and great delight. Depression can be removed when you find what you are truly passionate about. A state of depression is caused by the extreme lack of passion.

If you choose to self-help, then crack open a space inside your heart, where you will start to realize your existence in this world matters more than being in a survival mode surrounded by fear or unhappiness, once the space within your heart is crashed open, your sense of validity and honor hood should be able to get you into a state of self-awareness and self-love to start making plans to remove yourself away from the circumstances you are in and into a state of pleasant feelings, joy and satisfaction and happiness.

Depression is also a state of suppressed anger due to inability to express freely and under the influence and control of the people who they deem more powerful and stronger than them. One of the healthy ways to release anger is through exercise, jogging, running, physical activities, swimming, baths, gardening and creative activities like arts & crafts, painting, poetry and music where self-expression is used to deflate the anger and release the suppression of those angry emotions.

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