Criticisms The Social Enigma

Criticisms The Social Enigma

Criticisms comes from Jealousy and Societal Conditioning. Certain times criticisms are a form of personal rejection of other peoples happiness due to personal jealousy.

Criticisms arrive when someone else achieves something and the attention goes to this individual, sometimes people let go of their passion due to criticisms coming from their envious unsupportive loved ones. Don’t sacrifice your dreams and desires to make other people around you happy.

The fact that other people are not happy for your happiness needs to make a big firework sign for you to realise they are not happy for your success. Which then you have to evaluate why are they in your life if you love yourself and your surrounding should be filled with love.

When people criticize it is because it is easier to reject rather than make an effort to make a personal change for them to receive the limelight of their own personal success. Criticisms are a way to putdown other peoples personal achievement because someone are not willing to make certain efforts to also forego on their own personal dreams and personal desires. It is easier to criticize other people who are taking risks and putting themselves out for show, making an effort to build something and create their dreams into reality. Criticisms is a form of lazy destructive comments that may eventually begin to eat up the criticizer own personal journey and growth and making them more lazy and more inflicted by other peoples success due to their competitiveness and comparison of other peoples life journey. Sometimes criticizers are also perfectionist who font achieve their personal success due to wanting everything to be perfect in their eyes without attempting to try and risk it on their own. They are not really risk takers and criticism is a form of blending out the risk taking into courage full of comment that does not grow, It is basically a form of paper in mouth insecurity. Rather discourage than compliment because then people will see the disappointment of this individual eyes who are disappointing of their own lack of self confidence to pursue their own desires and dreams, Lets turn criticizers into encourages. Criticizers are only immature adults who have injury of their inner child dreams, being conditioned to remove their happiness by their surrounding parental guidance so that they may play it safe but filled with fear. The next time someone criticisms you, encourage yourself to follow your own dreams and remove the blindfold and metal chains off of your mind. Send this people away with awareness that they cannot control your way of being and what you believe in your mind. Inspire yourself and lets begin your journey by setting an example to inspire your inner self and the world that if you believe in yourself above what others trying to say to you, then you can make it anywhere.

Criticizers lack self belief hence they can increase the amount of self belief and build their own personal confidence to put their focus and attention to build their own lives rather than comparing other peoples lives to their own. When criticizers retain the focus on their third eye to feed on what they wish to accomplish and achieve what they desire, they will too be happy and began to encourage people to pursue their dreams.

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