Choosing Strength over Self-Destruction

Choosing Strength over Self-Destruction

What is Self-Destruction? How does Self-Destruction happens? Self Destruction is a State of Soul Demolition to the point of Non-Existence or Soul Decapitation. Self-Destruction is not a natural state of divine path although sometimes people do find themselves and their powerful inner strength and light after going through self-destruction. There are two sides towards Self-Destruction, a Divine Path and a Path that Breaks you away from Source Goals. What are Source Goals? Source Goals are Points of Return for the Soul to Achieve Connection to Its Point of Origin. Where it is meant to be, or the journey towards. Most times, People who are on a journey to self-destruction is on a journey that is pushed far from source goals and divine blueprint. It is up to them to recognize of this behaviour, and get their minds and head out of the tunnel of never-ending darkness and connect it back to their soul for the purpose of self-love and self-rescue.

Self-Debilitating occurrences happens through a projection of weakness and obsessive force of dis-empowerment. This obsessive force can come from an external energy influence, it can be from a past event, from a stranger’s look, from peers or colleagues, from friends or competitions. This force can come from people who are jealous or envious or a dark force who has found a target, which is to break your light, so that they can shine. This is a breach of free-will and is considered a dark art, or black magic or evil intent. Where force is used for an individual’s personal advantage, under the root of ego, fear, and disrespect of the natural Law of Balance.
If this is happening to you, Self-destruction is a silent competition between hidden subliminal energies in the astral plane of consciousness. Physically, we cannot see dark energies in 3D, but we can retain consciousness in understanding our connection with individuals in our vicinity, whether or not it is harmonious and good-willing. There are some energies that may present itself as good-willing and kind and beautiful full of promises, but these energies are hardwired to obsessively kill or decapitate their closest competitor silently. This situation can happen in business, in education, in work office, in a circle of friends, in any surrounding of people interests. It is ruthless, It is without compassion, It is energy rape, It is abuse of free will, It is a gross act of impeachment towards an innocent being. Impeachment? To remove someone from being freely their own selves so that other inklings can instead take the destiny, blueprint of this individual’s glory and success. To remove the soul from the heart and enact an abuse and energy torture by programming intent-fully forcing a person to self-destruct. It is a Spiritual Virus concaving Humanity’s Ascension. It is up to our awareness to shield and breach this hidden tactic that is plaguing humanity.

The Self Destruction process can be through an action of drug abuse, an addictive behaviour, a bad sense of relationships, a downward spiral risk taking behaviour, or even a repetitive negative thought forms disempowering the targeted individual, or an obsessive emotional reaction towards picking up fights, confrontational to show strength or proof of power. It is a struggle of the Inner Ego, Inner Demon’s being targeted by an external influence to Fight and Destroy itself. For some people in a journey of empowerment, they begin to conquer this inner demons, and become stronger than before.

Self-Destruction is aimed at a person’s identity, who they are and what they do. It is slowly going to affect the person’s ability to care for itself, to work and to do what they love. Because they are being harbingering with fear, and constant mental manipulation and influence to rethink of the negativity.
An OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be an act of mental programming of fear tactic by the unknown perpetrator. If you can list down your mental weakness, you can hire a healer to find the root of this mental program and heal it at its source.

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