Build Your Courage

Build Your Courage

Courage is Fearlessness from the heart, it is bravery and valor act together. With Courage you are able to bring yourself in any situation either dire, danger or devastation and bring resolution for yourself. To open your heart and speak your own mind and belief. When you have courage, you are able to stand strong in your faith and wisdom that you are able to protect yourself and people you need to. You are an organism of courage, fear is taught in this earth as a way to condition and control the human population to be under control of other inconsiderate power and egoistical strayed group of souls. This can be anything from people in governmental institution, to private corporations, international organizations and anything that assumes control and power over the civilizations. As well as any individuals you may come across.

Courage happens when you are magnetically connected in your heart and the power of that magnet amplifies to be courageous and fearless to be upfront of any situation in your life. It is a higher kick from the armor of integrity and authenticity. It is an internal weapon to ensure safety and protection for yourself and others around you. Courage is distilled in an intention of supreme faith that is unbounded or unchained by any elements or hesitation. Pure utter source bravery and daringness.

Courage is a merge of Self-Trust, Self-Believe, Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Expression. It is when all of this aspects of yourselves levels up to a strong connection and balance that keeps integrating into one whole big piece of your character.

How do you build courage? One by one when you practice the skills of Self-Believe, Confidence, Self-Love, Respect, Self-Worth and Expressions you can then merge them all together and carry this as a character of your Identity. These merges of self-empowerment creates a spark that thrushes your heart engine to become magnetic and create the courage to burst when it comes to the point in time and situation where it is truly needed.

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