Being Appreciated

Being Appreciated

Appreciation is when someone expresses their gratitude and how grateful and they are towards your connection, friendship, time, kindness and or companionship. Appreciation is when people do not take you for granted and they cannot abuse your willingness to connect and explore what similarities you have together and what you would like to continue to pursue as friends, family members, peers, colleagues, your boss or higher management at work.

Being appreciated means that your value and worth is being expressed, cherished and embraced with satisfaction by your surrounding people in your life. Being appreciated affects your self-worth and status in your circle. You will feel satisfied, accomplished and valued for your contribution.

How is it when you are not feeling appreciated? When you feel under-appreciated, your contribution is ignored or put down and or not acknowledged. If you feel your effort are easily dismissed and you put in your time and value in what you do to your best potential and it is being discarded and degraded, you can see your situation in two perspectives, the pink tinted glass or the black and white tinted glass. You can see it as a way to enhance your life and value, or you can see it in a way that you will take it serious and stand for your worth.

If you have gone through months or years feeling undervalued and unappreciated for your presence at work, home, or in friend circles, giving more than you should and feeling less than equal than the people around you, speak up and share your feelings.

The circle of friends you surround yourself with, will affect your self-worth and self-love and self-believe. If you are surrounded by people who constantly undervalues you and undermines you, step back and observe how has that affected your overall life? How has it grown you or decreases your self-worth and self-believe. Some people are in your life to measure their self-worth and dictates and rules their surrounding by intimidating other people ensuring that they are more or better than others and feeding their insecurity. They praises themselves while undermines and undervalues the people in their surrounding. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you experienced this situation before?

There is one way to positively create a change and growth for you in this situation, you can express your feelings, confront them with peace, and stand up for your truthful emotional standing and integrity. If they have any ounce of understanding, realization, consciousness, they will make room for your feeling and without judgement accept your expression with no conditions. If they begin to point fingers denying your truth and undermining your expression saying it is invalid and untrue, then they are in denial of the reality check they are confronted with. In certain points of time, you can no longer put yourself in a position where you need to reply or explain yourself, you are not the person who should feel guilty of any confrontation and its affect.

The people among you who you choose to confront may impose and box you to make you feel guilty, but if you have your connection to a strong integrity, you would understand, realize and fathom, that what is projected to you by them is untruthful and are false. They are still implementing fear or intimidation to coerce or make you fall down to their trap and for you to keep believing in them. Do not push away your feeling or suppress your emotions, if you need to validate your anger or express discontent, you must learn to take that action of self-respect. The last resort is to walk-away and leave without any iota of concern as you have given them a chance to change their ways and explain themselves but they have chosen to deny your feelings and undermine your expression so that they may feel secure and be in the right all the time.

Love yourself enough to walk away with dignity and self-love and self-respect. You deserve better than what they are failing to offer to you. Your presence are worthy to the people who appreciates it. Remove people in your life who are not appreciating your presence and are not contributing to your life the same way you have invested time, energy, assistance to these individuals. Walking away is a sign of Self-Respect. Their problems are non of your concern and any of their judgments are a reflection of their own beliefs. Do not take any of anybody’s judgment personally. Everyone is just speaking their own lack and fears. You will start to acknowledge and experience a raise of self-worth and self-love and authenticity when the people who has undermine you and deliberately lowers your self worth is removed in your circle of friends or trust. This experience is guaranteed uplifting and you will feel a deep sense of relief and a surge of energy returning to you as you claim your stand, worth and value.

However you need to remember this feeling and remember if you suddenly felt a pang of guilt or remorse or loneliness when you release these people, remember the reason why you stood up and took the action in the first place, because most of the time this happens when your self-belief rocks up and down and affects your current emotional judgment and you wish that the friendship or connection re-occurs based on your sudden emotional instability. Please be aware to remember to hold on to your integrity and self-worth and don’t let your mind coerce you to feel guilt or wronged, your heart holds the truth and keep feeling the authentic energy of self-love in your heart. Do not feed other people’s ego or insecurity based on your lack of self-esteem and remembering your self-worth and integrity.

You will practice to remember the reason why you took the action you did and learn to hold your stand and re-establish your self worth and dignity. Dignity is important aspect in life, if you release a connection to a person due to their false representation towards you, you can choose to reject them from re-entering your life as being said before, who you allow in your circle of friends denotes and affects your self-worth and integrity. Choose your circle wisely and keep your circle filled with honest, able, loving, cherished friendships and relationships. You are worthy to start building friendships based on equality and a balanced loving exchange.

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