Armor of Integrity & Authenticity

Armor of Integrity & Authenticity

When you hold yourself to a certain standard of Integrity and Authenticity, you are securing yourself towards being prepared to confront people who come from a space of deceit and habit of dishonesty. When you are tapped strong towards your inner emotions, your ultimate truth and inner intuition you get to use your awareness to build this armor of integrity and authenticity to behold the fact as truth and expose deceitful people from committing the crime and resist to become a victim of the fraud. It removes you from unnecessary discomfort and creates absolute empowerment for you to take action to stop the situation from misleading you and whom you are guardian of or in circle of friends with.

Your Inner Honesty to Portray your True Emotions without Filtrations, Showing initial negative reaction towards the person whom are bringing forth their deceit will create a transparent platform where the truth presents and stands by itself and both party is without denial able to see the fraud active in plain sight.

This situation will make the individual to be embarrassed or pull away, unless they are consistently in-denial of their intention and request then they will still pursue without shame and pure ignorance of mistreating you or the intent to.

In fact, some deceitful and dishonest people are relentless as they are not keeping caution of their presence and being too self-centered to realize of their actions and transparent intentions of manipulation and exploitation.

The more you are honest with yourself, holding the armor of truth inside your heart; being extremely honest with your emotions at all points of time, you are able to catch people off guard when they try to mislead or being dishonest with you.

How do you fine-tune your armor of integrity and authenticity? You need to practice to be completely alert and aware at any slight change of unease in your feelings and catch any negative feelings projected within you through your interaction with the strangers or individuals or the different situations you find yourselves in. This will make you more sensitively aware of your intuition and feelings in your heart giving you the intelligent awareness through the basis of connecting to your heart. The stronger you are connected to your heart, the stronger your intuition will be. You will also be able to know the truth and intention of most people in your surrounding and be on alert if anything feels suspicious or devious.

Your Heart when powerful will create a radius of energy that will be a protective shield over your physical body and personal space, this is what we call the Aura Shield. This then turns into an Armor of Integrity & Authenticity for you.

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