Anxiety, A Constant Fear

Anxiety, A Constant Fear

Anxiety is a state of expecting a fearful situation to repeat itself in the incoming moments, anxiety is a state of fear in expectations that involves disappointments, rejections, confrontations, intimidations, recollection of past memories bringing on forth to the future, fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of situations, people or conditions.

Anxiety is a situation where past experiences that are not healed or confronted has been  compiled into a layer by layer situations that are repeated and exhausting the emotional balance and mental health of the individual. It is where the memory repeat itself in the mind and affects the conditions of the heart, creating a robotic mind-heart memory relapse, to keep in the state of fear, exhaustion, and low vibration. Anxiety is where the mind subconsciously repeats a memory that influence the heart and locks the health of the individual to always be in a state of insecurity and un-safety-ness.

So let’s find out what is the memory that had been pushed deep in the subconscious that first created the anxiety, fear or panic attacks. Anxiety is an accumulation of emotions suppressed that is not confronted or the individual is unable to be honest towards themselves.

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