The Voice In Your Head

The voice in your head is a very strong mimic of your true voice in your heart. The voice in your mind could be or is the collective voices of the astral plane at the lowest vibration and heaviest dense frequencies. When you feel a headache, or migraine, or a strong attack to your crown, there is a funnel of energy sent to deliberately lower down your ability to think and impair your individual thinking and thoughts to make you susceptible to the suggestions of other individuals opinions, comments, or remarks. The nasty pesky feeling of being constantly intruded by a thought or voice in your mind that does not respect your own individual feelings opinionated voice. Hence this is why, only listen to the voices attached to your own feelings that is true. Its like going out to the world and letting people tell you or speak for you when they dont know you or know what you want to do or say. The voice in your head may have grown in power, with time, experiences, environments, and situations that was not ideal to secure your feelings and help you feel better. Instead you were surrounded by people who only have the intention to meet their own internal agenda, and take take and keep taking from you.

As you lose your ability to express your voice, you are trampled by all this soul crushing greed and people who saw you like a personal shopping mall that had no price, or value and no boundaries to say stop, that is enough, you have no right to continue treating me with disrespect; and the wrath of the collective begins.

You stopped being able to discern the voices source in your head, piling layers and layers of thoughts from random strangers, people who left you a bad vibe, and doubtful thoughts, fearful thoughts, scary thoughts, negative thoughts all interlace in your mind, making a static radio-waves of confusion, your mind is a sensitive organic computer that registers even the tiniest bit of information of your surrounding without you becoming aware with it or not. The ambience and energy of the environment you stand in physically or the people you have met personally may have left an imprint into your organic mind as it registers all information, data, and content of your surrounding and locks them up as memories in your mind. This memories are then replayed subconsciously in the background of your awareness and the voices that has the strongest weight, emphasis, and strength becomes louder and louder in your mind.

When you were small as a child, your mind simply registers a lot of information in your surrounding, the voices of your environment becomes the voices that plays as characters in your organic biological computer you call your mind. Your brain delivers memories that triggers you to connect and communicate to your personal experiences base on your past. If you find yourself in the same situation that becomes greatly intensified, the experiences you have endured is not the first time, the first time you endure the situation is when you were younger, only as an adult, your mind registers it slower and intensely, until the feelings trapped in your body gets released into expression of anger, disappointment, frustration, and impatience.

The voice in your head tends to grow louder until you hit the rock bottom or brick wall so that you start recognizing the pattern that is negatively affecting you, and change your behaviour so that you can begin to become aware that you can respond to the voice with your feelings you want to feel. But before that happens, you need to grab the voice in your head by the balls and say “WHAT?” really loudly and make sure the voice is telling the truth instead of running away hiding because they have been found.

Its like finally catching someone whispering to you what you have to think or do or feel and then realising the whisper is really sabotaging your happiness and you feel really mad and angry and you were going to catch that person who tells you the wrong information to sabotage your good feelings, personal satisfaction and great values.

Imagine painting a picture or art, then hearing the voice in your head saying, “Who do you think you are? Thinking you paint! hahahahah! You cannot paint!” So the voice in your head is denying your strength, ability and power to paint. The logic is not there, you were able to paint since young, you had A’s in Art class, you passed with flying colors. You get recognized as creative student. You enrolled in College or Art School. You get accepted in London College of Fashion. So why does the voice stayed inside your head and bully you to believe you cannot paint?

The answer is : Someone you know, knows that you can paint and is jealous of your talent and ability. Then they want you to stop doing what you are doing, because the thought of you doing what you do best, makes them feel unworthy, upset, mad, and really angry, that you are focusing on what you love that pleases you.

The point being is that the voice in your head keeps messing with you so that you no longer do what pleases you. You stop doing what you love. You start sabotaging all the things you use to love and enjoy doing. Because the Voice in your head stops you from accomplishing anything else or anymore success, because seeing you attain success drives them really really mad! They are really really upset if you keep doing what you love, and keep succeeding in what you do!

You have been bitten by the jealous bug! It is quite harmful, dangerous to say the least and life threatening! You could lose your dream in just one night! You could lose your values and beliefs just by entertaining this voice in your head! And I dont want that to happen to you, because it had happened to me! And we as human collective heart centered individuals wants to care about each other and want to see each other grow into strong individuals of peace and power as well as passion.

No one’s passion should die just because of another immature person’s jealousy.

Imagine living in a toxic environment since you were born as a child. No second is safe without a miserable comment or feeling from a relative or family member. Imagine especially if you were the introvert, or the youngest of the family. Think how the family may treat you, or speak to you, or address you. Are you taken care of, nurtured, and loved. Or are you competing for attention or shy away to the background so you won’t get hurt and attacked by the older siblings for their entertainment and pleasure to see you in pain, hurt and feel miserably.

So now, the voices in your head began as a child from the treatment you receive in your surrounding. Think of it as polishing. Every time you were treated badly as a child, that is one scratch. When your surrounding is toxic with a lot of verbal, emotional, mental abuse and violence, you get scratched mentally and emotionally.

The vinyl could be a fine example. When the machine that plays the vinyl is dusty, or unkempt, the vinyl use will be scratched. When continuously mistreating the vinyl, the vinyl became unable to function until it dies down.

What if you are the Vinyl, could you control what happen to you when you were mishandled by your environment? Probably not, because as a Vinyl or a little Child, you were not able to secure, protect and have the awareness that the things that happened, was not suppose to happen. So you carried this scratches in your mind and heart into teenage years and adulthood.

As you grow into an adult and mature, the scratches from your childhood still exist and still lingers in your subconscious as stagnant memories. It could have also allowed you to stay manifesting the environments you were becoming normalized to.

The voice in your head merged with your own voice until you recognise your self worth as an adult or maturing individual. Developing your unique identity, and personal voice as well as ability to perceive the truth when you recognise your own feelings, you began to match the frequency and vibration within your body to create a resonance, a harmonious change and uplifting vibe to increase your feelings and high frequency to think well of yourself.

As you hit a mark where you feel continuously satisfied and happy with yourself and life, suddenly the energy hit the stagnant memory in your subconscious memory and trigger the old scratch that hurts you when you were younger, and you could feel all the feelings coming back to you overclouding your current present moment.

So just imagine you are cleaning the pool and not realising you never clean the bottom thoroughly. You start to see so much murky dark dirty soil at the bottom of the pool mixing with the good vibrations you created. This murky dark dirty soil is your childhood trauma memories that are stagnant in your subconscious. It has been forced to come out when the space to create more excitment in life could not be due to the space occupied by the past unresolved scratches in your childhood.

The voices in your mind, begins to be triggered by experiences that happens simultaneously to your current life, you start to hear negative thoughts, but through new circumstances, can either be in your mind as memory triggered, or just people making you feel bad.




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