This book is about the journey of life by a millennial girl who turn into a headstrong woman ending her 20’s in 2018. Despite the odds of being a scapegoat and an outcast of her ex family. She had a huge heart that was terribly terrorized not by only her ex-family, but friends and strangers. She was conditioned to be kind despite being treated cruelly and unfair by the people who surrounds her and wanted to know how did she come up with brilliant ideas, and ability to make her wish come true. She ran away to another country when she was 19, came back to Malaysia only to again be physically abused by one sibling, her ex mother chose her friend that ruined all her confidence, strength and healthy self image, she was surrounded by sociopath after sociopath. After realising that the abuse which happens to her as a child was extremely severe, she confronted her ex father about the molestation that occur when she was a little girl. She received a death threat from her ex brother and from that day onwards, she decided enough was enough and cut all contacts with the entire ex family despite the ex parents attempting to bribe her with money and constant put downs and accusations and lies to make her stop talking about her past and stop her from healing through expressing herself on the youtube channel: Andromeda Love Story. The book you are about to read is a book created to grind out the evil eye sent by her ex family in order to destroy her. After 3 times near eviction, almost 7 days hunger, being penniless and broke within 1.5 years struggling with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Meredith Mynrose is Confronting the Evil Eye that has been hiding in her entire life by her Ex-Family’s Gang Abuse towards her since her Childhood. In one of her Videos, She spoke, “No one should feel guilty or suffer for leaving abusive relationship,” received an attack from a commentor from her past. She made her last Police Report not many days before this book came alive, and will be published in only 7 days. The story you read may not speak of Meredith’s story personally, but will be a step by step guide to use what Meredith learn in order to get out of the Evil Eye’s clutch in the Soul, Spirit, Mind & Body. May Divine Intervention sets to Keep Innocent Good Spirits Secure, Protected and Safe. I dedicated my Book to All Innocent Spirits who needs Relief, Peace and Love, I pray that you are Safe, and Strong out there. Remember to Use Faith and Surrender with Grace.

She rebuild herself when she was 17. She ran away to rescue herself when she was 19. She came back to Malaysia before she turned 21, thinking that her family was treating her better. Truth be told, they will never change. After having one sibling physically hit her in the face in 2010, another sibling threatening to kill her in 2015, and despite leaving the ex family in 2015, being stalked and harassed my two females in her past, she had more than enough and made the last police report to stop any and every harassment coming her way. She writes this book to talk about her combat with insanely over controlling people in her ex family, treating her like a subject with no will but to obey the commands of any abusive authority in the ex family. Her human rights tarnished, degraded and attacked over and over again til she was unable to make sense of why her life feels destroyed, uneventful, and hopeless.This is her third time rising up from the ashes, when she was 17, 21, and now turning 29 at the completion of this book.

This book will be sequels to other books. This layer will be the base stone of all the book meant to come. We have been building the Treasure Your Heart book since 2015. Treasure your heart is very surface driven makeup of life. This Book is the one that touches the core of life. Treasure Your Heart is a Guide and Knowledge to Care For Your Life. Your Future The Next Love Story is The Soul Revolution of Your Darkest History and Liberation of Your Spirit. We go down deep in the Mud and Dig our Values, True Beliefs, and Personal Power from the clutch of a jealous and envious, destructive evil eye that came to control us since we were born and targeted by any evil matriach or evil patriach or evil authority that were meant to care, nurture, and protect us from harm, to instead harming us, abusing us and making us into a spiritual slave, to their dark void of humanity. In This Book, step by step we take that action to move our soul with whatever will we have left, to rise up, climb up, and begin this exorcism of evil from our heart of genuine love and care for ourself and others like us who has compassion, empathy, love and virtue. From the voice of evil that destroys us, to the voice of love that nurtures us. The Evil has lost the game, They have forfeited this game, The rule of the game is for Evil to stay hidden, now that we have come into true awareness and see evil in our midst, they cannot control us, because we face up to them and say I WIN. MY LOVING EYE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CONTROLS ME.

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