This book is largely created to understand why and how the evil eye, jealousy and envy of anyone could carry such strong power to destroy a persons life. It is also to bring back the true meaning of survive, revival and resurrection of a broken dream, a broken heart, and a broken spirit.

It is my honor to be enduring the experiences I have walked past, and now it is time for me to tell the story that may help you understand the chaos, havoc, and destruction of your personal lives, so we may begin the cycle of life in plenty of love, abundance, and joy.

It is possible to have your life not in shambles and not broken. The wheel of time is fair, and justice. All the bad times in your past has served a purpose to assist you to build stronger fences, stronger boundaries and firmer platform for you to build your future on.

So with this introduction, I present to you the book that reveals the past, and the future, and what you can begin to be – in this present moment.

It is my hopes this book helps you as much as it is helping me to bridge the love into the soul and spirit of innocent people who needs just a little bit of magical whisper to say, I believe you can keep having faith, and dreams, and never let any voice stand between you and what you love.

I love my life, despite anything that has happened in the past, I am adamant, and courageous to keep believing that my future will be lovely and I wish your future will be a love story to share with the world.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer & Peace Visionary

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