Universal Healing : Black Magic Healing Session

This session is only for clients who have personally worked with Meredith Mynrose.

This session is only limited to the work within the timeframe stated. 1 hour 30 minutes. It may include additional advice after the session ends or the insights receive in the duration of 14 days, 7 days before and 7 days after the session. But additional message should not exceed more than 35 minutes of updating the client after session.

During the session if there is an overtime, the overtime will be charged. Maximum up to 45 minutes. Additional charges are states below.

This session is Level 3 Healing session. This session is not a guarantee that the client’s issue dealing with black magic can be cured within 1 session. Usually there are too many layers of dark magic upon the client’s and there is no instant recovery. Just like putting on weight over years, your energy can put on many layers of darkness. So each time you enter a spiritual healing session, its similar to working out spiritually and sweating off the excess darkness in yourself, your environment, and your chosen area of focus during the session.

I am not an expert in every black magic healing, but I have survived and personally experienced recovering and healing myself from black magic targeted to me. Some black magic forms are through intentional hex and curses from enemies, toxic relatives and blood related family, business competitors, and types of demonic spirits such as Jezebel, Black Mamba spirit, Different type of 7 Sins Demons, Chimera, and whichever else that is attaching and leeching on the person and giving them torture, pain, agony and etcs.

Clients who have had a love spell casted on them, who had been targeted for their ability to build their wealth and independence by a love scam artist, black magic by spouses, by business competitors and co-workers in the same company due to evil eye and competition for promotion, by housemate disagreements, curses sent by enemies that is not of close acquaintances. Unfortunately in Malaysia, there is people who use black magic to harm innocent people. And if you are faithful and you seek answers, relief, help and protection. I hope the Universe and God will help you find me so I can channel the support and assistance you need.

Apart from what I wrote here, I also understand that there are people with different capacity of affording my sessions. Unfortunately I am not everyones healer, but if you wish to get recommendations on products available, is where I can guide you instead of a healing session. Which you can find on etsy or instagram under mynrose imperium.

I use different methods to assist my clients, I call on different specific ascended masters and from different belief systems. I also recommend magical defense practice and shielding for the clients.

I don’t use black magic to heal black magic. Partially because I dont agree in this conduct. What I use is also Universal Healing, Universal ethics and moral codes of love and light and righteous Justice. I help to alter the energy and re-align with the support of Angels and Prayers and Words to energize and heal your soul and spirit. (In the area of your focus)

If you find yourself in this page, and reading this session to understand this, I want you to know that, I have been dealing with Level 3 healing without being compensated equally and it is draining to give energy and not grow along with my clients. Sometimes clients are not honest and despite my Universal Healing session is focused on healing trauma and toxic people. There are many local Malaysians people who have intentionally refuse to admit 1. Their level of Desperation 2. Their suspicion they have encountered Black Magic 3. Their denial that the healing is a serious matter and deluding themselves and harming the person they seek help.

So if you ask me, its easy to lie, but when you intentionally conceal a serious matter and issue and when confronted or asked to be transparent and honest and still you may have persuaded yourself it is something you refuse to take responsibility for, then the connection you as a client have with me, will be disrespectful and dishonorable. Hence, there is no chance a session will resume or to be had. Thus it is better for me to be frank and direct when dealing with anyone in this case.

Some people would take and arm and a leg if given the chance. In this order, I am offering an official service from my practice to deal with Black Magic healings to my clients, so that they dont accrue negative karma when they behave unethical in a session by withholding important informations that would protect themselves and the healer, me. As much as I am a healer, I am not agreeing to being harmed in the act of service.

I only offer this service as a direct confirmation from my source of light and love, the universe, that its time for me to uplevel my service and get enough compensation for the amount of work and effort I put into my sessions in helping clients like yourself.

The Fee for 1.5 hour of Universal Healing for Black Magic issues is RM3000 equivalent to USD $750 and GBP 550. The Conversion of Currency is set by my healing practice. Additional fees wil incur if using Paypal or other money transfer facility if international.

For paypal it is 5% for transaction and another 5% for conversion fee. Unless you request a MYR currency invoice, you dont need to pay for currency conversion fee in the invoice. But your paypal will process the fee for conversion from home country currency. i.e: USD or GBP or Euros to the MYR currency.

Additional overtime if beyond 1.5 hour is twice the pro-rate. 45 minutes RM1500 x 2 = RM3000

Maximum hours for Black Magic issue per sitting/ per day is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

For first time clients who has not been a customer of mine before, a Deposit of RM2000 is applied.

The Deposit is only refundable if there is no other other follow up issues after 1 session. It is up to the healer, (me) to determine the case by case scenario. This deposit also protects me from client who may abuse the time and push for more energy when it has reach its maximum limit of the healer for this session.

Usually this deposit will be used to pay the uncrossing and protection spells that will be placed or any other custom spells involved. This deposit may also be used to pay for any lesser level of healing session such as the basic trauma healing session level 1. One method that has been really helpful to stop black magic attacks has been candle ritual spells for me and I recommend it to clients who have endured this black magic attacks.

You may also request to use this deposit to purchase the supporting healing products for cleansing ritual and protection spells.

There is another clause to this offer of healing session. If your income is more than MYR300,000 a year, then based on the energy of your afflicted situation, the healing session will be revised. If your income is between 300k – 600k a year, the session will be double the current fee. Making it RM6000 per 1.5 session or RM12,000 per 2 hours and 15 minutes session. The similar fee structure applies to those who earns every at RM 300,000 tier and above.

Logically and Energetically, I cannot deal with large energy from a client who can afford to pay the fees base on their wealth. Your energy determines the amount of compensation and balanced exchange for my healing practice to not be in a minus degree. As much as you have the focus to heal and expand your energy, it is fair to determine that the energy I have to channel and share must be as harmonious with the client’s wellbeing and physical lifestyle & comfort.

What happens after the first session?
Usually my clients and I have known each other for years, and we have created custom plans on the direction and approach of healing client and the area of focus they wish to pursue. One of the basic plans for Black Magic healing program with my practice is to enroll for a continuous 10 sessions package. This means to prepare a fee for 10 sessions upfront and be mentally and emotionally ready to participate in this session(s). This sessions will be held every 20 days to 30 days. With exception of previously agreed terms with the healer (me). This makes it a long term healing procedure energetically.

Sometimes there will be a situation where we, both me and the client are engross in the session and the critical time to catch the energy healing will arise, making the overtime seem as an opportunity to strike a deeper healing. Hence it is not rare that the sessions will have an overtime, so please be financially and mentally prepare if this does happen. I will always ask if you feel you are able to commit to the overtime before we proceed to add the extra during the session.

The program for 10 sessions will be charged at RM2400 per session x 10 = Minimum of RM24,000 payment upfront. Time allocated will be confirmed with healer beforehand. This will be Maximum 10 months, Minimum 6 months program. If client’s earning bracket is higher, the fee will be revised.

For clients currently working with me, your follow up sessions will be rated at RM2400 per session. Some of you dont require a full commitment to 10 sessions. And from my preference, it would be a once off session in different multiple time variables. For example, 1 black magic healing session in every 4 months. If time exceeds the limit, then extra overtime rate will be billed. {In certain cases, the discount will be unavailable if the divine guides me to withdraw the discount offer due to certain sessions being much more heavier and drastic than expected.* -16th March 2022 Update}

This will then be deducted from the current program fee while a pending pro-rate be billed to you for payment within 1 months time. If this was the last session, out of the 10th session the extra will be required to be paid immediately before any further time is added to the session.

Because this healing session is offered as a new service, more terms conditions and clauses to this service and program will be updated. Terms and Conditions of this service will always rely on the Healer (myself) discernment and what I find is Fair in Exchange.

This session is only offered to those who have had personal contact with me, if you have yet to work with me, you can ask me for a First Consultation session. Email meredithmynrose@gmail.com or Contact via Phone at +601116341337. If I don’t answer, please send a text message.

All sessions are currently conducted online.

By Purchasing this Universal Healing Session you agree to
the terms  & conditions and are aware of
the code of ethics we run in this service.

Terms & Conditions

Code of Ethics _ UniversalHealersProgram

Best regards
Meredith Mynrose

What I’m Not Doing For 2022

1. No Resolution
Why? Because my life goals are not determined by a new year. I’m constantly pushing and focusing on my weekly efforts to get a better version of life based on my current state of wellbeing, physical health and mental health. 

2. I’m not telling people my milestone and progress
The only validation I need is my own promise to myself that all my efforts and wins whether small or big is up to my own inner celebration. I’m not into getting other people to view my achievements as a way to co-validate my experiences. Even though it is nice to do sometimes, at this moment, I celebrate each small win with a gladful heart and gratitude to the universe in my most simple basic ways of being present and being thankful.

3. No New Year New Me Mentality
Life is a journey of loving and accepting who you are at this very moment. But growing up I’ve been shown we need to have a different level of perfection, vision and ideal to strive for. I would like to take this opportunity to just allow myself to mentally recognise that I am growing deeper into my existence, the dark good and bad. The light that I notice is growing within me in ways that I am more wise, patient, forgiving, and in the ways that I embrace my shadows and allow myself to feel angry, upset, sad, disappointed without judgment. 

4. I found peace in areas of my life where I’m still not perfect, and it’s still not where I had hoped for things to be.
I didn’t get the things I thought I really wanted in order to feel like I’m successful in the eyes of public image and society. Not the money, not the relationship, not the connection, not the recognition. But somehow, it doesn’t tug at my self worth, and my inner critic simply just gave me so much ample space to breathe and understand that, just because I don’t have these things that I think I need and want, it doesn’t mean my self esteem or self worth is greatly reduced. I think learning to stand in my own belief, that I’m holding a feeling, that is independent from anyone’s influence, opinion, validation, approval or feedback or response. It’s like I’m taking charge of my own existence and emotional response to the world, and despite how the world perceives or misconstrues their understanding of who they believe or think I am, I’m learning that I can choose if it matters to me or if it doesn’t matter at all. Because honestly, I dont think many people bother to learn about me, instead they just recycle gossip and bad character assassination from people I disconnected after realising they arent good for my mental health and emotional integrity. So, deciding if certain people or situations matter helps to erase their negative influence and energy baggage in my life.

5. I’m learning to let myself trust that my creative process of finishing my projects is in divine timing
I used to beat myself up so much and make myself feel down after doing something and then not finding my way to finish it or get it done and publish it to the world. One of the latest things I learn from Human Design is that I am a Manifesting-Generator; a multi-passionate person who is here to do and accomplish many diverse things. As you can see, i do do many many things. I think one of the drive I have is to know a purpose and then to execute it to a T. And sometimes delays happens that is out of my control, then I will put a pause on it. But its not abandoned. It just temporarily sit on the shelf waiting for me to feel its time to pick up the project again. 

6. Sliding Scale Mentality (Not Chasing Success)

I’m learning to put my wellbeing first, and I lay out my plans for the week or daily using what I’m capable of doing for that day and week. I observe my energy and ask what I feel good about committing to this week, and what I feel is possible for me to acknowledge and learn to do or give. Sliding scale mentality is appropriately liaising my energy commitment to tasks I wish to proceed doing in the week. This helps me to juggle things I want to do and things I enjoy doing. And this also helps me not to compile burnout energies. Sometimes I have a tunnel vision focus and because it’s too excessive and too much commitment, I lose momentum and then I leave my project for a few months. Sliding scale mentality is where you observe your current state of energy, focus and wellbeing for the week, or 3 days then every day after you change your commitment level based on your priorities and ability to make do with the hours you have. When I do things this way, I feel it’s easier to make myself feel satisfied with my schedule and level of inner celebration of feeling I accomplished something small or big, but I still did something I felt was worthwhile and full of purpose. It makes me feel I’m fully in the present moment and I’m anchored in my full being of light and love.

7. Being Friends with Time, Your Inner Child and Your Future Self
I feel like these things I mentioned to you from number 1 to 6 allowed me to be more visible with my energy and my consciousness, and to be more in alignment to my present moment. Like I’m developing my wholesome self, and I accept who I am yet to be, and who I currently am. I feel like when we are in this present moment and juggle all these small tricks of self love and deep inner love and acceptance, I feel like we naturally care for our soul without much struggle and pain. I feel like learning to embody who we wish to be by accepting who we are yet not the person we want to be, Is the most core deepest self acceptance and embrace that gives us the power to change the smallest increment of no to the smallest increment to yes. It’s almost like accepting our awareness that we don’t know, and we accept the shadows of our light. We understand we have life’s blindspot, and we are ready to learn them by going within and embracing the smallest details that make up who we are that we have let go or forgotten. It will take patience, courage and time to reach your soul so you can feel like you are on a journey of wholesomeness. So I hope, with these lessons I learn firsthand in 2021, you too can generate a wholesome journey in Year 2022 and for the rest of your life. If Universal Healing catches your interest, do find out more by sending me a DM or check the link in bio.

Wishing you a beautiful year ahead. You are gorgeous in all your imperfections. Because as you can see, there is plenty of room for you to grow and blossom.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Bonding to Betray someone to prove Loyalty defeats the meaning of Being Loyal

Bonding to Betray someone as a sense of Loyalty defeats the definition of Loyalty

Its okay for some people to agree hurting another person is worth doing because both of them benefit from doing such acts.

To them, between each other, they feel okay to make a decision and come to a conclusion someone would take the fall for their evil deeds or doings. That someone would suffer base on their decision to hurt. Calculated apathy is when a sociopath conspires with another person to take their side and choose to selectively use their apathy and revoke any sense of compassion to justify a punishment to another individual.

They feel fine conspiring to make someone receive burden. Due to their own wickedness, greed, distorted sense of power and authority, vendetta. They love doing that. They love creating fear havoc suffering. This type of people have a special ending in life. Its not pretty. But thats why they try to erase every good light on earth. They know they can never truly enter heaven or the higher planes. Thats why they punish kind people on this realm.

Their souls are wicked. They lost it. There is no redemption or redeeming themselves. All they can do is attack and hurt and destroy. Thats their gameplan and masterplan. Whoever who was victimised by them, I pray they get to execute karma on this wicked souls.

#023 Orion Channeling Build Yourself 17 Aug 2013


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Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020

Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020

  • Financial Fulfilments through Clear Action Steps
  • Make sure the Opportunities serves you and not the Opportunist
  • Taking risk and leap of faith to get out of comfort zone and risking your ego, to see wether or not your dreams are feasible.
  • Overcome inner struggles
  • Clear steps approaching
  • Seeing from a new and different perspectives
  • Stepping over the negative energy of unsupportive and jealous people no longer minding their presence or attempts to get to you
  • Think about what you really want and clear out doubts and start taking actions
  • Opportunities will not come as ultimatum or ask you for sacrifice. Make sure you are not forced to see any opportunities as desperate once in a life time plea. Many eager opportunist are waiting to jump on your ship and hijack your boat and take charge and pretending to be captains.
  • Be wary of once in a lifetime opportunities that people seek you to go ‘all in blind trust’
  • Energy thief are unsuccesful in getting away with your personal powers and attributes. They will fail.
  • A lot of clear insights coming into your mind. Enhance by working with your crown chakra and be constantly grounded. Make time to heal write and speak to trusted confidante.
  • Clear solutions to old problems

Watch video here https://youtu.be/7pzYBks4sAM