Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020

Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020

  • Financial Fulfilments through Clear Action Steps
  • Make sure the Opportunities serves you and not the Opportunist
  • Taking risk and leap of faith to get out of comfort zone and risking your ego, to see wether or not your dreams are feasible.
  • Overcome inner struggles
  • Clear steps approaching
  • Seeing from a new and different perspectives
  • Stepping over the negative energy of unsupportive and jealous people no longer minding their presence or attempts to get to you
  • Think about what you really want and clear out doubts and start taking actions
  • Opportunities will not come as ultimatum or ask you for sacrifice. Make sure you are not forced to see any opportunities as desperate once in a life time plea. Many eager opportunist are waiting to jump on your ship and hijack your boat and take charge and pretending to be captains.
  • Be wary of once in a lifetime opportunities that people seek you to go ‘all in blind trust’
  • Energy thief are unsuccesful in getting away with your personal powers and attributes. They will fail.
  • A lot of clear insights coming into your mind. Enhance by working with your crown chakra and be constantly grounded. Make time to heal write and speak to trusted confidante.
  • Clear solutions to old problems

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Is Your Transparency Your Achilles Heel

There are some people who are genuinely transparent that they begin to reflect the vulnerabilities of others. They are so see through that the person in front of them mistaken that person as a reflection of them, at the same time, its like an animal fighting at their reflection in the water. But the water is calm and still, just like person who is impressively transparent and reflective.

Many and most people may not resonate to this post, because it would have taken a great deal of personal healing journey for them to be able to be adaptive and become clear and still to the point that this type of people have achieve a state of enlightenment where they reflect other people’s vulnerabilities and weakness that they become unusually intimidating to unawakened souls and humans. Souls that are still stuck in the superficial mindset and physical reality instead of the higher realms of enlightenment where it values non physical and materialistic experiences.

At the same time this small percentage of people who may not realise that their transparency, honesty, luminescent selves are creating enemies around their surrounding, people who are projecting their darkness, their shadows, their inner wars, their unharmonious being ness. This people is yet to recognise the power of their transparency. Most of the times this type of people are wallflowers who works very hard to not step over people’s toes, to try so hard to blend in and hide their unique selves. They learn that being outstanding is unsafe, they keep being shunned for being special, for being brightly peculiar.

In my eyes, the things that makes this small group of people stand out is the very thing that makes them great visionaries and great leaders. They carry beautiful divine wisdom and creativity that is here to flourish the way of life in this planet. They may be called as indigo children’s, and rainbow children’s. Some of them may even be crystal children’s that had been exposed to trauma at a young age or raised by parents that are abusive and it makes them cower their gifts and hide them away in fear of being punished for feeling special.

If this is you read onwards. Because you have learnt to blend in, you mastered a certain phase where you let people’s freak fly, and at the same time you know you don’t resonate to other people’s behaviour, values and interest, you are a wallflower, blending in like a chameleon as you were conditioned to believe and think in order to feel safe, you cannot outshine anybody else or show your unique special selves. It has made you at peace with entertaining your presence without the need of others attention. Instead you only choose to show your personality to certain people who are very close to you.

You are special. But you have learn to hide it. To make people around you comfortable. So you wouldn’t be attacked and abused for shining. You work so hard to remain incognito. To a point in your adult life you question, until when are we going to play small and hide our passion, gifts, and talent. Until when are we going to be afraid of what people see in their reflection of us? Until when are we going to allow the mediocrity of humanity to have an upper hand of the divine spark blessed within us. Until when are going to allow mediocre human to intimidate us for having a gift that we had to hide for our own safety. But now we are an adult in a modern world. No longer in the era of witch hunts. No longer in an era of blasphemy. Instead freedom of speech is something much celebrated in this century. So many taboo things are being voiced out as concerns. But why is the freedom of special being ness is questioned and still walking on eggshells.

There are many unique souls who had to face the wrath of jealous, bitter, angry people who feels intimidated by the blessings they have. How did they respond to it? Did they let the rejection, shame, mockery, put down control their true being ness? They possibly struggle with their self worth and their self esteem on their journey of becoming true to themselves. But, most of the icons of this century and past centuries, did not give up. Becoming an iconic person requires that individual to utilize their transparency into an initiated transformation. Just imagine if this transparent individual recognise the power of their authenticity, and they use this power to break mountains and trailblaze into a new path no people had ever traversed. This is what most people are afraid of. An Iconic person will venture into unknown territory and build a new world. Most times this new world brings benefit to the community. It solves a certain issue held by the community. Or it just brings much progress into that community.

So what does Transparency means to being an Achilles heel to Iconic Wallflower Humans to-be?

Embark on the Opportunity to Discover Your “Self”

Discover your Individual Strength without having to rely on the permission or the comfort of the people around you. Recognise the power you could use within you instead of denying yourself the permission to utilise your skill, talent, gifts on the fear that it would rub people the wrong way. Let those people deal with their emotions themselves. You are not responsible to become an emotional caretaker to other adults. You may have done that as a child raised in a abusive home or toxic environment, but as an adult, give yourself the respect you deserve and permission to naturally shine, rather than letting you gifts, blessings wither away with time you practice incognito and a wallflower.

Talking about transparency as a personality to the point that other people are putting the weight of their shadows, insecurities, and self doubt on-towards you. Instead of making space to hold other people’s personal burdens and vulnerabilities, wouldn’t you rather have a handful of self respect to appreciate your inner beauty, strength, faith, and confidently act on your true realised blessed power?

Think about all the people who place their vulnerabilities, their self doubt, their weakness as assumptions towards you due to the fact that you were an active transparent soul who lets other people use you as a mirror and cause you to question who you are, or to the point where they lay their shadows onto your reflection for you to carry. Isn’t it suffocating to keep letting people abuse your transparency and entertain the lie they tell you base on their personal intimidation towards you. Why are you afraid of proving them wrong? That you are not their reflection, instead your calm and stillness, don’t have to entertain or make space for the bitterness of others. Learn to reject from self love. I don’t care what new “new age gimmick” that says don’t reject but allow. Love and don’t hate. I think its important to reject disrespect and rudeness. When certain people who are intimidated by you approach you and try to give you their advice in life masked in malicious kindness, I think its important to be aware of their malice and reserve your polite respond away and be on guard.

People with Transparent souls also have Silent Confidence, These silent confidence attract insecure people like honey to bees. You bring comfort and warmth to anxious and insecure people who wears a confident and a attractive mask. Transparent people easily give away their power to the abuse of this false toxic people without knowing how they can ever put a stop to it. Perhaps its been groomed into them as children’s to be in the quiet background and let toxic personalities shine in the spotlight. That is why toxic people always find confidence in being rude and disrespectful to put down wallflowers. Its an easy way for them to get an ego booster.

What if as a transparent wallflower, you learn to reject their putdowns, rudeness, disrespect, not in a violent way, but to acknowledge you don’t agree with their point of view and prefer if they don’t make opinions about you when they hardly know your potential and capabilities.

Your transparency can only be an Achilles heel or a personal weakness when you let other people define the meaning of your calm, collected, stable mannerisms. You aren’t shy are you. If so why do you have confidence instead of anxiety. Why are you able to feel calm and still when people express their bad behaviour towards you trying to put you down. Because you know its not true. You know they are reacting from a reflection they see within themselves.

“How People Perceive You Without Knowing You Is A Reflection Of Their Own Enigma,” Meredith Mynrose

Learn to Reject the Definition or Meaning people give to you about who you are. As a child being non-compliant, non-argumentative, hassle free, obedient, simply agree to anything has been a character in your personality where it stops you from further harassment, harm, danger, attacks. In this situation there is no perks of being a wallflower when you have a powerful presence to bring much more light to the world you live in. “Blessed power”

Believe that what ever you intended to do is an inspirational gift from Divine that is supported throughout your life here on earth.

Your Transparency if you have it, with your ability to be cool, calm, collected, and ability to reflect within yourself around people who have ideas about who you are before truly knowing you, makes you an opportunity to tap into becoming an Icon and Individual of your own making. Discover your “Self” apart from the people who have made suggestions that they know who you are and what you are all about. You can break the Achilles heel and make it your superpower. To know your blessed power, strengths, unique, special individuality that makes you find the gratitude in knowing the beauty of your spirit and soul. Life isn’t a competition, but many people look too much outwardly instead of within. They compare and compete among people and fail to find their individualistic gifts. They put their weaknesses into the wallflower as a scapegoat. If you have been scapegoated because you were a wallflower, and you’re a transparent soul who struggle to understand why people have control over your identity, perhaps its because you did not take the reigns of identifying who you are letting others do that for you.

Your Achilles heel can be your Superpower because you can use your Transparency to express who you are. Telling people who you are is something you should actively learn to do as a recovering wallflower. Lay claim over your personal identity and strengths. Use your ability to be transparent as an opportunity to express yourself as you see fit or as you like. In your childhood expressing your unique, special selves has caused you to be in harms way. But as an adult, you have to learn to recognise the threat may still be there, but you do not have to put up with abusive male or female in your environment. You have a choice to express yourself and be happy.

As a child you may not have the wisdom or the tools to handle the threat when you shine and be yourself. But as an adult you already know you can learn to reject other people’s definition of who you are, their assumptions, the insecurities they place towards you, the doubts they try remark towards you.

Your Transparency is an opportunity to Express your True Personality. Then you can consciously let the right people into the VIP section of your Life. And then you don’t have to put up with pretentious people who tries to re-arrange your personality to make them comfortable and secure in the presence of being intimidated by your unique beautiful god blessed life.

Instead of being the container of other people’s insecurities, as you pro-actively choose to utilize your transparency as an opportunity to express your personal personality, you get to attract and choose friendships and people who match your positive beautiful spirit within you. Then your transparency and personality is something you get to celebrate and enjoy with people who love who you are as your special and unique self and vice versa. And the people who have been burdening you with their doubts, insecurities, assumptions, negativity is expired old news.

This article is written to the individuals who resonate to the idea of being transparent and attracting negative people making negative remarks about them when they feel its untrue but do not know why it happens. It happens because of the fact shared above. Childhood trauma makes you put up with it, being a wallflower for safety, letting people define who you are, not feeling safe in expressing yourself, dimming your light in fear of intimidation and harassment by non-special people who are insecure of your uniqueness. There are stages and difference of being a wallflower. Some wallflower are plain mediocre and likes it, some wallflower personalities wish to express their true selves and are struggling to understand why they struggle with it. In the above article, I wrote about wallflowers who had to become one due to being conditioned to feel safer in the background but know they have more to give to the world. I hope this article helps some of you find healing in realising that the people who come into your life to give you comments about who you are, are perhaps jealous and insecure in themselves and uses you as a scapegoat to their insecurities and bitterness. And you can learn to reject other people’s definition of who you are. If they say you aren’t good enough, perhaps its a true deep reflection of their own truth in their life. What do they know about you anyway. The answer is nothing. They aren’t capable to be a judge in your life if they don’t know you and never tried to.

Cheers to your journey of becoming your own individual selves and becoming a true icon no matter how small or big your service to the world is.

With Love & Regards

Life is a Journey of Discovering Your Inner Light

Hate Blame Jealousy {Fear}

Love, Accountability, Support {Faith}

Life is a Journey of Discovering Your Inner Light & Faith. Despite Everything You Can Heal & Thrive.

Human minds, emotions and psyche are so intricate, delicate, and complicated. Its hard to pin point a personal problem just by logic.

When emotions, other people, and insecurity gets involved, things involving the life of humans can get twisted and messy pretty quick and deep. It takes an intense observation, self reflection, piecing the puzzles together, to find a harmony again in that human.

Trauma especially is hard to fix, as it combines multiple accounts of people, place, situation, cause and effect as well as memories. But it is not impossible. As humans are pretty resilient.

Recently I binged watched this Netflix Series called Spinning Out. It shares on a relationship between a mother and her two daughters who are invested in Competitive Ice Skating. The mother and the eldest daughter has bi-polar disorder. Watching this series allowed me to see the intensity of the breakdown of the nervous system of the mother and daughter separately. I can see the struggle some people diagnosed with bipolar disorder goes through. The intensity of fear and the intensity of euphoria when they are under medication and when they aren’t under medication is a stark contrast. I just want to put a disclaimer in this blog and article. I am not a professional therapist or a psychiatrist. I don’t prescribe medicines and I do not fully engage in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I am a self taught holistic coach, and I gather answers from being deeply observant of people, their life, their struggles and I apply my own healing experiences that comes from my own personal healing success to my clients and audience who reads my articles and blogs as well as them who watches my videos on my YouTube channel. I make this statement so that this article is not liable to any mishap happening to any of the users of this website.

Okay so moving on. I do not support or condone the use of medicines as I had always seek alternative course of healing such as using herbal medicine to treat depression such as St Johns Worth that also treats my anxiety. I also know when I needed help with my hypertension which causes me to rely in the modern medicine and take the high blood pressure medicine for it. I personally understand medicine does have side effects especially when taking the wrong one. That is why each person is fully responsible to ensure they research the medicine they are being prescribed, to ask the side effects of the medicines they are taking. But overall, mental illness or ailment concerning the health of the heart, mind and body, could come from unresolved trauma that is taking a toll on the mind, heart and body because it is not being laid out in the open for processing, healing and closure.

What is similar between all of this mental illness is how the nervous system responds to an environment they find threatening {fear/paranoia} or a situation they find uninteresting {depression/lifeless}. But to what context do this apply to all humans who struggle with mental health issues. Sometimes the mental health issues is passed down through generations and at other times it is through excessive negative environment conditioning the human individual to give up their voice, desires, individuality in order to be a submissive, oppressed, dominated individual.

The nervous system responds to energy in the mind, the energy in the environment, the energy the people around the person gives, the energy the person keeps giving attention to. When the nervous system carries unresolved trauma, unresolved conflicts, constant conflicts that is ongoing and continuous in their life, their reaction and response to turbulence, confrontation, conflict becomes very unproductive, very stagnant, and very unresolved. As it piles up to a maximum optical point that starts to take over the harmonious function of other parts of that persons life. Their quality of life deteriorates. They cannot harmoniously balance their life and function with harmony. They will struggle in certain areas in their life until they cannot maintain a strong front in their daily life until they feel like they are left behind in this world watching the world leaving them. In this case, the person needs to address their personal struggles through healing them or having a therapist that can help them ease the burden they are carrying in their life, wether it is through mind, emotion, or inner psychological wellbeing.

Now we have the basic understanding of mental health and its core struggle, I would like to share my take on watching and picking up nuggets of healthy reflection on struggles of people dealing with bipolar disorder that I watch on Netflix and using as a reference. The Netflix series is called “Spinning out”. When I first saw the trailer for this new series. I hated it. Because I didn’t want to be triggered with my old fear and energies that I thought I was still sensitive by. But somehow a nudge says lets just watch it detached, and not put myself in their shoes. It was enlightening but some of the scenes could really affect some people. Like how 13 Reasons Why Netflix series affected people who have experiences self-harm and may trigger them to remember past pain. Sometimes TV series do more harm than good to unsupervised viewers. So from my knowledge the readers and viewers of my content on this internet is individuals above 20 years old. I hope that if you are of a younger age you seek help from your school’s psychologist or to get referral from your General Practitioner Doctor you often go to when you are sick for a Therapist with the consent of your parent.

After settling down with the idea that I will watch the series as an educational research, I was able to observe the struggle that a person with bipolar disorder has. It almost look like a Complex PTSD trigger as well. As a person who are struggling with complex ptsd they have episodes too. To those who don’t know what an episode is, its a term that entails a situation where being triggered by a color, memory, people, smell, they are recalled into their darkest past and memories, and their nervous system goes into a fight mode, and they have a delusion or a psychosis where they cannot get out of until their attention shifts to a different energy in their body or they pass out crying or find a way to self soothe.

Understanding the struggles faced by the eldest daughter in the Netflix Series, Spinning Out, her name is Katarina. The casting of the actress is perfect as she definitely portray the eyes of intense darkness. Some people who struggles in life carries the intense eyes that has darkness that doesn’t have an end. But when the spark returns in their spirit, their eyes glimmer and shines. I specifically remember a toxic person I come across who struggles with their self esteem and has frequent episodes with abandonment. That person too has dark pitless eyes. When I say toxic person, its not a general depiction of people who suffers with mental health. I advise readers to accept unhealthy and when the individual hurts another person without having self control it can be considered toxic.

The episodes the character has in this tv series, was triggered by nasty comments, competition, jealousy, and hate for others blessings and talent. The character Katarina had her mind psyched out by her competitor, and did exactly the thing the competitor told her not to do. Which was looking down when she was lifted up in their pair skating routine on the ice ring. So to combine the source of the episode the character struggles with is that

  1. being psyched out by competitor
  2. the character did not detect the malicious intent of the opposing party
  3. the negative commentator voice is rolling like a tape recorder in that character’s mind
  4. the character gets distracted with the malicious comment not to look down and sabotage herself and keeps falling
  5. the character feels frustrated after falling many times and resorted to flee to isolation and self harm

There are types of episodes in people struggling with mental health, wether they self harm or they harm another person close to them.

6. The mother of Katarina, when she has an episode, she harms her youngest daughter.
7. The difference with Katarina is that she harms herself during her episode trigger.
8. The mother blames her eldest daughter Katarina for causing her to give up her opportunity to enter the Olympics for Ice Skating.
9. The mother hates Katarina and places blame and avoids admitting her personal jealousy towards her daughter. Every time Katarina excels, the mother feels inferior and **spoiler alert** The mother sabotages the daughter, Katarina during her competition to change her routine in the last minute causing the daughter to fall onto the ice and crack her skull open causing her trauma to continue skating competitively.

I want you readers to Look at the words Below


I also want you readers to see a pattern in your life, in your self when you self sabotage, and in others who sabotage you. The energy of hate, blame, and jealousy causes so much disharmony that hurts the people like yourself.

When I notice this words that make up the constant struggle in a toxic person who hurts their children or themselves. I reversed this words and found. # LOVE # ACCOUNTABILITY AND #SUPPORT. I do see the character Katarina receiving Love, Accountability and Support in her journey of fighting to achieve what she places a new focus, attention and desire on. She receives Love and support from her friend who persuades her not to give up. She realise she needs to be accountable for the thoughts and feelings running within her. She starts to pro-actively change the voice in her mind and she changes her actions to support her dreams and desires. She didn’t listen to the blame, self hatred, and let the jealousy of others keep her from pursuing her dreams. She realise she is talented, she could do it before, and she can do it again. She just has to keep trying till she gets it right. She recognises her own weakness and she took control of her weakness by monitoring and taking care of her bipolar disorder, and she places a new energy of possibility. She believes she love herself enough to go for what she wanted. She knew if she change her actions and make a different choice, instead of running away to London with her boyfriend and give up her Skating dreams, she embraced the opportunity that present itself to be paired with another skater. She didn’t take the easy and safe route. She instead face her fears of her trauma of falling, and she battles with the fear where her struggles with her mother causes her to self sabotage and finds a way to support herself through making herself be better.

Find Help. To Be Accountable, To Help You Change Your Life.

In Mental Health, Accountability is the Gateway to Freedom. I believe this was what had helped me when I was depressed and suicidal when I was 17 years old. I realise that I was suffering with emotional turmoil in my relationships with my mother when I was younger. I was blamed for stuff I cannot understood. Existing was just as equal as a punching bag. It was horrible. But when I realise things that makes me inflict self harm, actions that makes me the last in my class, I realise I’m only letting my environment drown me. Instead of letting the hate, blame and jealousy around me suffocate and drown me. I had to fight the energy and place focus on knowing that I am nearing my Adult age of 18 in the country I live in. After you become an adult you are responsible for yourself. I end up studying as much as I can and I passed all my papers in my last year of High School. I told myself, passing all the papers means I can go to college. If I don’t pass my papers, I won’t be able to go college and be away from the toxic in the family. It drove me through the frustration and struggles of the past. I was being accountable for my behaviour and actions. Just like Katarina when she believes she love herself deeply and know she deserves another chance to find a way to break free from her fear, pain, struggles.

I had to reparent my inner child, I had to educate myself a more harmonious, loving, supportive way of being and living, despite the negative harassment to hate myself, blame myself, and make space for the bitterness of others to engulf me. In life, there will be people who overextend themselves towards you, and are secretly jealous of you because of their lack of faith and enormous amount of fear that they need to pour that towards you. They find relief pouring their malicious kindness to give you an advice or comment masked in bitter jealousy. They blame you for their unhappiness and seek to control your happiness by destroying it and making you sabotage and destroy your happiness.

This is where the frame of your mind, emotions, inner psyche needs to understand all the above and tackle your mental health struggle. To be responsible and accountable for what energy you let into your mind, spirit, heart and body. This takes constant inner reflection, observing your habits, actions, mood, and observing how you respond to the world outside you, wether you are putting up healthy territories to protect your mental health with certain actions, or you are taking healthy actions to increase the quality of your life. To a person who needs to protect their image of perfection, ego, and belief there is nothing wrong with them. Its impossible for them to take accountability for their life and what path they got on. So healing is a personal responsibility. No matter how many people around you are causing you to feel intense pressure. From my experience, when these people are unaccountable for their actions it makes it harder to heal but as you accept their lack of intelligence, wisdom and love, and expect nothing from them to change in order for you to find happiness, self love and inner peace. Since you stop relying on the change of behaviour of this toxic people who hurt you to help you find happiness, love and peace, you become more free in choosing what makes you feel fulfilled everyday, become content, satisfied, happy in life.

Accountability is giving yourself what your parents, guardians, caretaker could not give you. You learn to see what is missing in your life in your relationships. Is it Respect, Support, Kindness, Love? Learn to give it to yourself. But before doing that, learn to see how certain life choices and habits you take on while being supervised by people who unconsciously or consciously hurt you, is hurting yourself, creating a personal setback, and is harmful to you. Accountability is Supporting yourself through your personal struggle and not placing blame and hate to the people who are unable to give you respect, love, support, kindness that you expected. Apparently humans are not born in perfect families, and your expectation to be treated with respect, love and kindness apparently isn’t something valued by certain people or members of your family. Hence, accountability is to replace the blame you place on any toxic members of the family and allowing yourself to be free from their inner drama and negativity. I admit at times it is hard to hold on to the values others do not respect, but don’t lose faith. Just because other people cannot see your worth, doesn’t mean its not there. Just because of how other people treat you lower than you perceive you are, and they put you down. It doesn’t mean you are deserving of it. At times, this mistreatment only reveals that person’s true spiritual enlightenment or lack of. They are incapable to treat people with respect, due to their own inner flaws, insecurities and personal setbacks.

It is up to you to build a support system that can help you be accountable to yourself to keep helping you to show love to yourself as a way to respect your life on this planet in this century. Eventually everything you do, become, invest in is leading to self love and to increase the quality of your life and wellbeing. But the clarity needs to begin from understanding your personal mental health struggle. What is the source, how can you combat and curb it from destroying different areas of your life. How can you be accountable to your personal life crisis. As everyone has different life obstacles, life tragedies, life sufferings, no answer is made for everyone. Healing is a personal journey that each person is accountable for. Healing is also a Personal journey of Self Love and Self Respect. As you realise how much you deeply love yourself and respect yourself, you put a standard in your life you abide by, and follow with conviction, because it makes a statement of your self esteem, your self worth, and it supports you in realising who you believe you are.

Life is journey of understanding your personal fears and environmental influenced fears and its a journey for you to carved or create into self belief, faith and love. If you are here reading this, and you are interested in healing your mental health so you can be happy, you can grow to love yourself and build loving environment around you, that you can live in a symbiosis relationship with the planet and earth. That you want to build your reality into a loving universe. I wish you all the best and hope you find all the support and help you need in order to take this great next big step into making your life your own that you are proud of living in.

From the energy of Hate, Blame, and Jealousy among all the other negative ones. Towards the energy of Love, Accountability, and Support. I hope that the article and blog above help you to clear out certain elements in your mind to help you take initiative in assisting in your personal healing journey. To help you to recognise and realise your personal inner struggle and soothingly interject yourself from continuing to hurt or harm or sabotage yourself. Instead becoming accountable, supporting and more loving towards yourself despite the toxic or hurtful people who maybe holding malicious jealousy towards you due to your blessings, talents, dreams, desires, and happiness.

The main character Katarina in the Netflix Series “Spinning Out” overcame her mental health difficulties when she remembers the consequences of her spiralling out into her trigger. She recognises how harmful it is to endanger herself and others around her, which she finds out after she realises how she loves her friends, her boyfriend, sister, mother and coach. She had to stumble a few times in her road to recovery, just like anybody its normal to stumble in your healing journey. But be persistent in your journey to heal your mental health and recover from any trauma that you endured in your childhood or trauma in your adult life. Wether it is due to people, event, or a inherited mental health struggles. I hope that you can hold on to a faith you can personally nurture in order to overcome it all.

If anything, let this life become a journey where you discover your inner light and faith.

It might be time if you have unresolved trauma’s to perhaps soothe your nervous system by attending to your inner world’s needs. Your nervous system is holding the active reactive energy of your past that may keep you trapped and suffering from the pain in your old sad painful memories. The opportunity that comes when you face your deepest fears, trauma, and personal obstacles is that you get to learn how to clear it, unburden yourself by the past baggages, and clear your nervous system from sabotaging your happiness instead reprogramming and soothing your nervous system to have faith, hold on to positive beliefs, connect it to optimistic perspective and you get to climb up higher in your personal quality of life.

If you would like to reprogram your nervous system, heal your inner child.

I invite you to a Universal Healing session with me:

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  5. Achieve a Wholesome Heart

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I Know Who I Am, and I Know Who I Am Not

Hey earth lovers, Its the 1st of January here. {I finished writing this on the 5th Jan😍} So I wish you all a Good and Memorable Sweet New Year. With new year coming we always tell ourselves small little promises and grand new plans. Promising of changes, promising of improving your life, promising yourself of the things you will achieve in the new year. I don’t want to ruin the parade of people who have made New Year Resolutions, so I will just share an interpretation I pick up over shifting to a new calendar year, 365 days from the year before.

I think some people may agree that growing up means growing older, but recently growing older gave me a new perspective. Growing older means your priorities when you finish high school, finish university, maintaining a job or career, and growing older when you are connected to another person as a family, as a friend, as a co-worker, as a service provider, as a citizen. I realise everyone of us lead different lives. We connect with different people. And people as seasons, come and go and some of them stay for life or just for a while. But most definitely they leave a mark on our life, wether good or bad.

What I am learning to grasp understanding how life works and my minuscule effort to find stability, prosperity, be a good economic participant in my country and planet. Is that your plans in life is futile. But it does not mean its wasted or useless. It just means the universe keep twisting the plot of your life to bring you what you didn’t think you would experience. But to experience it had shaped and moulded your entire being in this life on earth.

The bad moments in your life was a tough life lessons that prepared you to acknowledge lessons you have learn in your past to curb you from bringing the mistakes into your future.

Try thinking about it, if you have gone through so much life mistakes in the past few years as I have, and less we judge ourselves the better. This mistakes are what made us wiser. And making mistakes and trusting someone or a situation isn’t wrong. I repeat making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad human or a wrong in any way. So don’t beat yourself up for past failures, or putting trust in people. You can still take responsibility of your life even when other people did not take responsibility for not meeting your expectations and making false promises to you. You don’t have to look at other people failing you. You look at your next step of action afterwards. How you brush yourself off and pick yourself up in life and moving on from the past events good or bad.

In certain times the struggle to move on is real. I promise you I have personally felt that. So in this article I want to share with you how shifting your perspective is really darn important to bring yourself into a healthier mindset and holding on to hope, positive belief, and being an optimist even if the past may have haunting lingering vibes, the attention you clear out and hold in replace of the past can help you feel enormously better and to a point you become productive and able to utilise more of your day making new moments, new memories and new experiences with new people, new places and new everything.

Base on my last article about Is Your Mind Your Enemy or Is Your Mind Your Cheerleader? I talk about how the voices in your mind is influenced by your environment or social circle, which maybe supportive or filled with criticisms. In this article I want to share a perspective and an energy where I also stumble across while having a conversation with the universe and my higher self.

One thing that allowed myself to be set free from other people’s definition, expectation, presumption, assumption that held me back for so long. We all have issues. *laughs*. Is that people reveal about themselves the way they treat and speak to you, and it is up to you to reflect within you, and come into a conclusion or a self realisation of who you think you are, and what has made you who you are. At times people say, accuse, assume, spread information or tell you certain things about yourself that makes you doubt and question your moral, your integrity, your principal and your values. And they try to place their beliefs and values onto you, and this may happen as they come into awareness of themselves through you. Through the energy you carry that are naturally triggering other people to self-reflect and put out those words that may confuse you, when you are clear of who you are and who you are not. You are able to discern the words people say and not let the words distract or confuse your entire being.

“How People Perceive You Without Knowing You Is A Reflection Of Their Own Enigma,” Meredith Mynrose

Let me adjust your perspective here, some people could usually do as above, but after a situation of negativity, shock or trauma, they tend to doubt themselves and let the words from their toxic environment enter and drown their mind and they are unable to resurrect themselves and they battle mental health and mental distress. So even a strong healthy person can sometimes struggle with letting or not letting other people get to them via words and how other people treat them. Sometimes we are sensitive from some situations and we cannot generally keep our guards up and protect ourselves from toxic people who just waits on a vulnerable moment to pounce on you and put you down. So if this is you, where you were once vulnerable and you let someone else’s negative energy drown your healthy mind into toxicity. I hope this article help you find some relief and healing. So you may carry a productive energy into this year of 2020.

I Know Who I Am And I Know Who I Am Not.
When I was younger, I was so sure of myself and putting my guard up and reading people’s intention was so much easier when you were a wallflower and you grew up not getting as much attention as your peers. You tend to read people easier, you tend to gauge people’s intention and keep them at arms length or away from you. But as you grow out of high school, going to college and even growing into the work force. People tend to have many more layers in their personality. Some take up a notch so they manoeuvre their personalities as a survival mechanism in order to get what they want, they portray a personality that people generally trust and put blind faith in. But usually these are the ones that are vindictive, hurtful, abusive people. They are the ones who needs to be admired and adored but cannot take it when another person naturally attracts attention for their healthy good values and qualities.

Sometimes we cannot run away from people who wears many layers of mask and personalities and shift their chameleon faces in order to reel us in and take us by surprise or shock and in any desperate attempts to gain our faith so they have access to our wellbeing, status, financial background, social network and others. This really fucks us up when we recognise how evil certain people could be. The reason why moving on from toxic people is very hazardous and beyond imaginable pain is due to the fact that they intoxicate our very spirit. They enter into the deepest core of our mind and divert our survival mechanism into serving their every greedy desire to the detriment of your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental capacity.

They Make Us Put Our Pursuit to Personal Happiness At The Back Row of Our Life and Instead They Reprogram Our Entire Being To Serve Their Agenda With our Obsolete Knowledge. They Groom Us To Ask Them For The Permission To Be Happy and Worthy. As They Rearrange Our Life Priority To Be Subservient To Their Needs.

It took a lot of effort to get to the mental state I am right now especially since I have recently personally endure a great loss in life. Despite so, I still think that every journey I take and every journey I advance and conquered there is a lesson to be shared, so I help others up, from going through situations others are still suffering, suffocating and struggling in.

What You Don’t Want To Do

There are people in this world who would manipulate someone in doing something they don’t want to do. They terrorise this person’s freewill through constant pity ploy, sympathy, tugging on their heart strings of empathy, and using righteousness, guilt, playing the victim of life’s misfortune. They cannot accept the answer “No.” They say whatever need saying in order to get a “Yes.” They create suckers to their lies. Relentless, desperate pursuit to take someone’s life as their own. They destroy anyone in their way to their journey of chasing blessings that belong to others. They pour nightmare into innocent people’s lives just to gain that piece of wealth, property, project, business, recognition, social acceptance. So if somehow you have found yourself in the midst of this situation. Know that you are specially blessed and you are going to find the strength and resilience to become more knowledgable on who you really are and who you really are not. What you really want to do and what you really don’t want to do.

Anchoring Your Heart’s True Desire back into The Part of Your Mind that serves your Individual Purpose. Respecting Your Body Ability, Personal Capability, Heart’s Desire, Emotional Interest, Mental Attraction, Respecting Who You Are Means to allow yourself to recognise if it pleases you to do something, or irritates you to your core to do something, especially when being influenced, tricked, pulled, begged, coerced, forced, oppressed to do something that your body honestly feels trapped, triggered, controlled by another person rather than you. Looking into yourself to check and see if you wish to do so, to check if you had a choice or a freewill or the freedom to make a decision, was hijacked by the abusive toxic person who is trying to control you, who you are, your mind, your interest, your heart’s desire.

One word we can sum up the above is “Being Disrespected and Having Your Choices Taken Away From You.”

Toxic people will stop you from being in charge of who you are. And that is how certain people will struggle with knowing who they are and what they want after being discarded or left by the toxic humans, devil incarnate. Their mind was ransacked by someone so disrespectful and so intrusive, their charming pleasing nature was just a mask to welcome innocent people to enter their version of hell on earth. Because allowing them to enter to nurture your spirit with false kindness was selling your soul fragments to the devil within their inner shadows, slowly they influence you to be the worst version of yourself and open up old wounds you have healed like a pandora box. They hide the key, they hide your wisdom, they hide the genuine loving caring voices you built and nurtured. They lock your true voice and intuition and they replace your true voice with the sabotaging, critical, paranoid, negative, pessimistic voice.

Knowing Who You Are Is Knowing Your True and Real Voice and Sacking The Annoying Pessimistic Voice Inside Your Consciousness. The Devil’s Whisper.

Mental Territory. Mental Boundary. Mental Defense.

Let’s talk about Mental Defense. When was the last time you consciously defended your mind from obtrusive questions. When was the last time you got insulted with certain assumption, question, accusation. And how did you defend your mind from the hard hitting negativity.

Acknowledging a mental boundary where there is an invisible line crossed based on disrespect and intrusion of your privacy. The healthy barriers in your mind were terrorised with a hugely disrespectful toxic human. In other words insolent and brash as well.

Healthy Barriers of your Mind.

Part of the struggling in mental health decline is that so much shock, trauma, mental wound is unspoken, and unaddressed. Knowing who you are requires a Healthy Mental Barrier. People who struggled with mental health and suffers C-PTSD and other types of mental illness. Has deteriorating mental barrier where they are unable to contain certain aspect of their life and themselves in proper mental compartments. Because mental abuse is real, its hardest thing to heal.

If you were ever with someone and suddenly you just felt like your head and mind felt off and trying to shake the negativity and heaviness away. It could be that the presence of that individual was weathering a mental storm that affected their surrounding and yourself.

Knowing who you are requires you to build the foundation of yourself. In order to do that. The Basic Individuality of who you are needs to already be clear and present. But how could you be mentally healthy when your mind’s basic individuality was terrorised by a toxic human who was utilising you as a personal servant to their personal agenda. Dismissing every individuality that you were born with in order to make space for another host human life. In this case, your individuality was sacrificed for the human parasite living off of your life. They terrorise your basic human existence.

People who suffered severe mental depression, they are unable to make clear discernment on the real truth, but when they get the opportunity to process the trauma or shock with someone who can guide them in a healing session or therapy they get to put their experience into perspectives. This allows them to arrange the emotions that was turbulent to keep because they were unable to find clarity. Clearing negative life experience helps to clear the weight pressuring the mental health of that individual. It eases their mental stress and assists to lead better quality of life.

Having a Healthy Mental Territory changes the entire game in your life’s existence. Its like having a working fence to keep out things that isn’t welcomed. Imagine having a farm with a durable, reliable, working fence that keeps good things in and bad things out. Having a healthy mental territory allows the harmonious flow of your life to increase the quality of your life. Everything works well, life is just peachy.

How to achieve or get this “Healthy Mental Territory”?

It depends. Some adults grow up in a stable childhood where they get to be raised in a healthy mental territory. And some adults who grew up in an unstable childhood, they never got the chance to have this healthy mental territory hence they struggle with having a life they desire and can maintain and build into their personal joy and happiness. They grow up with more mental toxicity than other adults who were raised in a stable and safe home. There are some adults who had healthy mental territory but their mind was ransacked and vandalised by toxic people pretending to be kind individuals and befriend them under false intention. Then their healthy mental territory was vandalised and destroyed by this fake toxic people. Then they struggle to function with healthy mental territory which affects their livelihood and quality of wellbeing.

There are two parts we can begin with this. Healing Childhood Trauma and Healing Adult Life Trauma. Some mental trauma occurs in childhood and repeats as a life cycle of negative patterns. Some other mental trauma happens as an adult later in their life and repeats as a self sabotaging quality that deprecates.

Mental Boundary means to be in control of how the trauma affects your mind, emotion, body and nervous system and entire psychological being. It means to be aware of your response to the external events and people. Mental boundary means to be grounded in the present moment that you can review your healthy mental territory and utilize your mental defense when required and as needed on the spot. This is your healthy survival mechanism that was shut down, hidden, intimidated, oppressed by each individual who has disrespected and abused you into mental health decline and affecting your quality of life. Achieving a control of your mental boundary is you sitting on top of your mental freedom and freewill to direct where your mind expresses itself. In shorter words, you are in control of how your mind is affected by disrespect and abuse to the best of your wellbeing. Its your ability to recognise abuse and to respond quickly to defend yourself from being mentally abused and so forth.

With a very active Mental Boundary you get to experience knowing who you are, and knowing who you are not. Because you were able to become alert of the healthy mental territory you need to uphold and at the same time you could defend your mind by being aware that you can kick Mental Defense into gear to stop the negative influence of your environment and people in it. Mental boundary allows you to be pro-active in taking care of yourself and your life, from danger, harm, manipulation, malicious intent, and keep toxic people further than at arms length. When you know who you are not, and you are in charge of your mental boundary, defense and territory, when someone expects you to do something that is not aligned to who you are. You get to quickly trigger survival mechanism to defend your mind, heart, identity and personality and wellbeing, to block that person from using you for their benefit. You don’t give them the time of day and the benefit of a doubt. You quickly just brush them off and ignore their appeal and approach to you, whichever way they attempt to get close.

And by knowing who you are, you get to choose the people who you respect and admire and surround yourself with. And you will recognise the people who isn’t like you, who respects the same values in life and who has the same principal in life they uphold. Wether they have similar integrity, strength and beliefs, you will find harmony in knowing that you have choices when it comes to allowing people to get close and associate to you. People cannot just offer themselves to be your close friends and confidante. This is utterly important and utterly your choice which isn’t something you should give this decision to toxic people to make. As they can enter your life and start telling you what you should and should not do. This shows their desire to control you instead of respecting you. That you should let them be your best friend, sister, client, mentor, partner, colleague etc. This is a huge red flag which should be taken as serious as an earthquake warning. Because they will leave you in ruins.

All the bad experiences you have socialising in your life as an adult, that may cause you to doubt yourself and who you are. The experiences that have made you traumatised and shocked, take that experiences as a bitter pill of life that fuels you to be more authentic and know more of the power you make in your life daily with a strong healthy mind. I hope with this article, and learning about how to get to know yourself a little bit more, you allow you to move on from your past easier. But now I am so sure that you know a little bit more of who you are and who you are not. If not, you are welcome to have a Universal Healing session with me and we will work together in helping you heal and get your mental health in a much better condition. I wish that your new year of 2020 will be sweet, memorable, a year of encouraging bodacious vibes of love and light.

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Love, Light, Blessings
Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer & Peace Visionary

Is Your Mind Your Enemy or Your Cheerleader?

Hi earth people.

In this week of the decade ending and a new decade is dawning, I would like to share a perspective and a healing that was gifted to me by the Universe. Through a lot of inner rummage, inner declutter, and internal paradigm shift, I was allowed this epiphany to take place. I was able to enter a space of consciousness of curiosity and question. Where I recognise and ultimately able to point a state of negative mental consciousness that decide to infiltrate my nervous system and attempt to hijack my state of peaceful and harmonious wellbeing.

At times in our life, moments per moments, we each have our own personal triggers. It can be people, places, situations, and memories. We often hear how people mention, Do not react but respond wisely. At times certain type of humans in this world anticipate in your negative reaction in order to fulfil the prophecy of their own making. To make you look bad, to make you look dumb, to make people misinterpret who you are. They intentionally attempt to transfer their delusion and inner denial by warping your image and knowledge of yourself. They secretly and covertly groom you to doubt your potential, capability, self knowledge, and self esteem. Toxic people tries very hard to search for your most personal button and then trigger it so they can pass blame or shift attention from their insecurity and give the impression to others by smearing your image, reputation, identity and distort who you are.

Another term for this behaviour is to gaslight. A person who denies the truth, and ultimately terrorises your light through conducive, strategic, insidious and manipulative trick to rearrange the attributes of your character, behaviour, and flow of unique self. An egocentric person would utilise neuro-linguistic-programming in a malicious way to groom the target or person to self sabotage and accept and confirm an opposing belief as truth. Now the target or person’s natural beliefs are in contradiction with the new programming entered into their subconscious without their permission. It is a trick to capture the nervous system of that individual when they are most vulnerable and fendless. It can be coming from someone approaching you to offer help, it can be an authority figure who shows empathy and wishes to give supportive advice, it can be a person known to you who shows a great deal of compassion and warmth out of nowhere. The element here is grooming the target for trust and then blindsiding them from looking face forward at the betrayal happening in real time. By utilising the trust gain from the action of gaslighting and benefiting from the initial impression of compassion, trustworthiness, loyalty, empathy, warmth and so on. They manage to disorient the person’s way of thinking, thought and self reflection by using the values you cherish to associate similarity and create a bond to their nervous system which benefits and rewards the toxic person, energy vampire, parasite, and human leech. And at the same time, the target does not know any better and I repeat, they are expected to be fendless, unable to defend themselves. Its like the energy vampire pick up the rapport, similarity of their target by chameleon, imitation, copying their beliefs and values, but only by corrupt intent. To charm, seduce, trick, and rob the value of that person or target.

I had the experience of crossing path with a person who surprisingly pop into the writing of the blog, even though unintentionally. It does support the framing of this writing. My point to showcase the above example is to show how if you are a threat and do not recognise someone else’s inferiority, intimidation, blame-shift, covert cynicism, and you showcase naivety, all for one and one for all attitude, humility, and blind trust without proper service to your intuition and spiritual healthy radar and compass. You will miss the attempt this toxic person does to groom your nervous system to self sabotage, invalidate, devalue, doubt, question and ridicule your strengths, confidence, skills, talents, and personal life experience and past achievements. They will turn your mind into your worst enemy. I had the *with sarcasm* lucky charm to bump into a fresh toxic person who make me question my healing gifts and passion and quickly recognise the behaviour of self doubt, explanation, fending her point of view, and being thrust into obliging her beliefs and abandoning my own life experience, past success and achievements in healing trauma in myself and other clients I have served in the past. In a shorter version, the label we can place to this attribute of this person’s action is a simple definition of hypocrite.

So now the question here is, Are you aware of your Mind’s motivation? Do you know what fuels it? Do you feed your mind with hope, faith, love and joy? Or do you fret, doubt, question, criticise, and a defeatist. Are you a pessimist who judge the outcome before you even gave it a shot. The sound of your voice in your mind could be multiple jumble of toxic people attempting to rain on your beautiful life’s parade. When was the last time you had an idea and your inner child, your spirit and your soul, wholeheartedly believe in it and took the initial step and action to give it a go without any ounce of pessimism? This is where recognise the voice in your mind can really trip up if your mind has been your enemy all along or has been your cheerleader.

The negative naysayer in your mind could be the construct of many critics in your life giving their worthless advice and opinion, and being polite and not rude to entertain it has allowed it to place root and grow in the tree of your mind into loud pessimistic fruits of negative perspectives in life. And that may have been the cause to hinder you from being optimistic and valuing your true voice, true soul’s desire and wishes and true dream to come into realisation.

Your mind is the enemy.* Until you learn to brush it up to become your best friend, motivator, supporter, cheerleader, and spiritual compass. Your mind is the vessel that can create a beautiful world. A peaceful reality where you choose what belongs in your world and what doesn’t. Polishing your mind means to study the content of your subconscious and psyche. So when you come face to face with an oppressive hypocrite, your mind can detect the frivolous, trivial, insidious and manipulative hypocrite in front of you trying to “NLP” your brain into wackiness. And you know their warmth, support, impressive compassion and a show of camaraderie isn’t really authentic, but their attempt to gaslight the current social circle to believe they are authentic versus painting a bad picture towards you. Which lament a negative light on towards you without your recognition. Now as you face and acknowledge the hypocrisy, their attempt to paint you negatively, to gaslight you into self sabotage and self doubt can be reversed or become fully ineffective. Your nervous system will not be triggered to the warp of that toxic person’s real intent, but become very reflective and grounded in the knowledge of who you are. There is no desire to be defensive, but to just be at peace when face with someone else pointing out your so called demon’s. Their attacks will backfire and they cannot re-arrange or humiliate, or sabotage and attack your self esteem in order to one up who they are. Your nervous system have been programmed to respond to hypocrites, the pessimist people who pretends to be optimist, to cynical people who pretend to be compassionate.

At times our nerves may have been taken over by shock or surprise, and we can’t knowingly and consciously respond but to react the way the environment and people outside influence us. For that, as we calm down and ground ourself, we can forgive that predicament and recognise, even with that event where someone tries to defame, smear your reputation, and prove to others that you are a bad human, or insecure. Your true character can never be distorted. Eventually people who were fooled by the hypocrite will come into realisation how a narcissist or a sociopath’s mask will fall off and the entire truth will be revealed.

Your mind can be your cheerleader. It will take time to put your mind from chaos into harmonious order, but I believe that each person is given the challenge that they will triumph over. There is a divine blessing in your personal life’s ordeal. There is a higher level of wellbeing that comes after certain struggle with mental illness, or life’s challenges. It is not wrong to admit vulnerability. It is true courage to speak the truth and not sugar coat spirituality and only hold on to positive life views that becomes imbalance. The threat is in your mind. As you recognise the unwanted negative perspectives and voices in your mind. You recognise and remove it with a optimistic and conscious inner voice to shower the fear, hopelessness, pessimism with love, tolerance, patience, understanding, forgiveness, support, warmth, you reclaim your mind and transform it into your best friend and loyal cheerleader and supporter. Versus the actions of the hypocrite in the past who mask their kind intention with positive values but intend to sabotage your growth, wellbeing, and good character. You take back your mind from their manipulative false agenda who sees you as a force to be reckon with. Whichever vulnerabilities or insecurities you face from stepping fully into your power, give yourself an action plan to change the outcome of your fear and doubt. Instead of backing up into sabotaging patterns, start to clearly recognise the negative self limiting pattern and with each small step, learn to carry love, hope, faith, and courage into each moment in your daily life until you get to where you desire to be that makes you feel at peace with your beautiful personal power of welcoming goodness, love, abundance, joy into your life.

As you discern the threat of your mind, and compare the logistics, you can find the root source can be many events repeated in a negative cycle, and this is how you trace the root through the negative pattern in your life as fruits to the negative seeds placed by the experiences that has shaped and empowered the negative thoughts, perspectives and beliefs that holds a strong root to sabotage you from attaining your true happiness and manifesting your dream into reality. Sometimes grooming negative patterns can and may happen as an adult through insidious covert pattern in work or adult life. And at other times the enemy in your mind could have been groomed or nurtured into a habitual pattern of inner shadow since childhood. If so, deep trauma healing work is suggested.

When your mind is the enemy, and you have the ability to transcend the personal attachment and become detach and observant to comprehend the predicament your mind faces, you have the power of choice. To fall down the same rabbit hole over and over again, or to pause, and hold your thoughts, and pause and hold your emotions, and pause and hold your beliefs. Then look at all three of them, and recognise which is not in sync or in harmony with your truth. Your true belief, true perspective and true experience as well as true feelings. See the contradictions, attack the fear with compassionate logic. Attack the hopelessness with a reservoir of initiatives. Have you even at least try before feeling hopeless. Have you at least open your mind to possibility before sinking in helplessness. Have you even tried to check the opportunities available and showcase your capabilities before admitting defeat. I bet most of you will answer NO. The mind keeps you in a threatened position, because it fears the light, the potential, the possibility, the power that is attached to hope, faith, endurance, resilience, tenacity. I bet you had longing hope and beliefs and at the same time struggled with believing you deserve love, joy, abundance, happiness. Because the critic in the mind who plays a character of your personal enemy have taken reigns in your deepest unconscious and subconscious level of awareness. It wants to keep you imprison and in a stagnant rut.

How to break the chains of the mental imprisonment that makes you always unhappy unfulfilled unsatisfied and unable to break free from your minds tough fear conditioning?

Take ownership of those fear and polish it til it shines.

Meredith Mynrose

The threat of staying in a rut in an unchanging predicament. The threat of being stagnant can be explored in a new eyesight and vision of exploration, adventure, curiosity, hope and possibility. The enemy in the mind that gives you the furious opposition to stop you from exploring, taking an adventure, living, fulfilling your greatest purpose and destiny, could it be its a voice of insecurity of another person that you let grow into strong weed planting its deep fearful roots in your mind and making you mind into your greatest enemy that forces you to stay unhappy and sad so that you do not infuriate the insecurity of that person. When your happiness is a threat that you pick up from the insecurity of others, you tend to live your life in the shadow of other’s approval and permission. It will be hard for you to reach joy and livelihood when you graze the parameter of a state of happy and not fully leaping into it. The threat of not fulfilling your heart, of playing small and dimming your light. Unchain yourself from being responsible for another person’s happiness while sacrificing your own. Respect your spirit deeper than ever before to give your soul the permission to reward itself with the possibility of flourishing life. Tap deeply into your soul to recognise that life is a gift and the way you use your days in life is what you leave as a legacy after your death. Life is not permanent, memories are, but memories can be created, but it takes intention and willpower to create the memory you want to daily for the rest of your waking life. Would you weigh the consequences of living in helpless fear and sadness or living in intentional faith, hope and possibility and be resilient, tenacious, and brave to keep choosing faith over fear daily.

The journey of reclaiming your mind takes time, but with persistence, your reality and the way you see life will get better, and your nervous system will respond to life’s predicament with a difference from before. You will improve your hope, belief, tolerance, increase self compassion, subdue fear and work through any negative emotions, perspectives or voices in your psyche. You will be more self forgiving, and increase a loving nurturing inner voice. You will entrain your mind to speak lovingly, in soothing tones, and you would be able to become independent in articulating your life’s choices and make small changes that rewards your life in positive outcomes and personal achievements. You start in small increments daily, weekly or monthly. You tackle a personal obstacle in small pieces and keep a mental diary and priority to make your mind your best friend, supporter, and a cheerleader. There may be setbacks, and you may lose rhythm and flow, or some negative circumstance maybe make you feel like your efforts backfire, but do not lose faith, and understand its just a way of life. Things doesn’t go smooth all the time in life, why would you think training your mind to be your best friend would be the same. Allow for mistakes and setbacks to happen, but know that like your favourite piece of clothing, your mind and heart is the intelligence and compassion your wear everyday. Learn to respect it, cherish it, nurture it, care for it and attend to its needs. Learn to discipline it, to harmonise it, to give it small mental leap of faith everyday with supportive mantra’s and affirmation. Hold on to respectable virtues and positive admirable qualities in your personal character. Keep cheering your mind towards what makes your heart glow, happy, and what makes you heart continuously feel love. Instead of letting fear drive your mind, redirect your mind, heart and inner psyche towards faith, and keep changing the way your mind thinks until optimism is in the centre of your mind, vision, voice and emotions.

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With warm wishes and marvellous vibration of love and light, I plant positive seeds and beautiful thoughts for everyone so that the year of 2020 will be beautiful, abundant and kind in all ways