Meet Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer & Peace Visionary


Hi Sweet Souls & Peace Visionaries

Have you ever felt a craving for peace and prosperity and freedom in your life?

Have you ever felt like you need to change your lens and focus on a better resolution and happier outcome?

Throughout all my childhood, I have craved for peace in my surrounding and peace within me.

Only til I realize, I could maintain inner peace and whatever the world does around me, cannot affect me if I choose to control what I invest and respond to with my own energy, emotion and thoughts.

My journey to my spiritual goals was not an easy feat. Every one of us has past history and skeletons in our closets that we don’t even remember.

After migrating to New Zealand at 19 years old, discovering The Secret & Law of Attraction, applying them to manifest my dream house, job, and several vacations to Australia and Europe. I hit a roadblock in my spiritual journey, and my career goals shifted from running a full time handmade skincare brand to transforming into a life coach and spiritual healer full time.


My career went 180° turnover, but I was absolutely prepared for it in little ways that I know of. My life wasn’t only about spreading joy and happiness with my fabulous creations, but now I have to teach people how to survive personal nightmares and show people the steps of how they could attract their own happiness and joy through personal enlightenment. Plus side, add adulthood, responsibilities, and learning a whole range of social disorder people that we call sociopaths or energy vampires.

I learn about complex post traumatic stress disorder and have both feet into the world of adulthood. Life wasn’t peachy anymore. That terribly sucks.

What I do realize is that, my own personal healing was not done and that I reach a culmination point of my own success. There were hidden obstacles that still hinders me from receiving my full entire success and my subconscious programming was pulling me down. I unconsciously manifested different sociopaths that horrifyingly tells me I wasn’t enough, wasn’t going to be successful, and this bitterness ate me alive. I did not know how to respond to these circumstances and I fell into an unpeaceful resentment to those who told me that I wasn’t worth it. My mind was gas-lighted, distorted and my character was assassinated. My dream shattered and I couldn’t launch more projects until I confront the past and finalize a personal closure.


I only knew the term sociopath after coming back from London at a spiritual event which was filled with people like them. I scratched my head wondering, “oh there are fake spiritual people in spiritual events misleading the new age culture”. I was passionate about building world peace and becoming an advocate to speaking on inner peace as a way to attract external harmony. What I got in return was the biggest challenge of my life. Universe sent me boat loads of sociopath, narcissists and psychopath to test my intelligence, patience, and wisdom. I shattered. I didn’t respond with peace, but with anger and sadness. My superwoman mentality was twisted into a jolted victim. But now I understand, all of this darkness and poison was my material to build world peace. I have the experiences that I can turn into powerful knowledge, better understanding, and stronger in-depth outlook on life. 


There was a big piece missing in my spiritual outlook, I no longer carried my vivacious and attractive happiness vibe, but I was hesitant, unsure and quite lost. So I began again in my spiritual journey and personal enlightenment in the hopes that I will rebuild who I am, slightly better than I was.

In that journey, I uncovered so many hidden gems of wisdom and I utterly recognize the depth of my heart that I couldn’t acknowledge until I was brave enough to confront the huge voice commanding misery and sadness and isolation.


What I didn’t recognize was that, this challenge is leading me to a dream beyond comprehension. Because many years ago before I built my skincare brand, I went through a huge downfall after leaving New Zealand. I was depressed, I got obese, and I got into a horrible fight with my sibling. This time, this round, after returning from London, I was confused, things were worst than before, my entire relationships with everyone was burn down to the ground. I could trust no one, but I had a business to run and I didn’t realize that this journey was alright, it was okay for me to experience negativity in my life. Understanding that, people, life events, and things I dont like is just like a weather that will pass by. That my fear, rejection, persistence, judgment and resistance to it, becomes a magnet.

I had trouble accepting what had happened to me. My expectations of reality was crushed, and I came across a major psychopath(s) who gas-lighted my true reality and changed my preferences and my boundaries were overall violated. I had to rebuild my personality and identity from ground up and heal from scratch. This time, to hopefully have qualities that cannot be destroyed or tarnished. I know that negative circumstances appear so that I learn to step into my power and birthright. And its okay to experience strife, pain, struggle and agony. What comes next is peace and love if we can muster the faith to believe in a better more lovelier day. Hope was my cure and key to keep going.

“Accepting The Negative Reality, was my Ticket Way Out of Misery, Unhappiness and Sadness; It was also a Ticket into my Heart to change my life and to listen to my own voice.”

I have learn to develop acceptance, and forgiveness to the worst situations possible. Sometimes the ego wants to hold on to the pain and keep remembering the mistakes other people do to me. But I choose to invest my mind into creating beautiful energies, and to paint beautiful visions and to pour beautiful emotions into my sweet soul. I remember how it was to be fully in the present, detached from past history, detached from negative perceptions, and to embody the full presence of love, happiness and peace. And this was a new magnet for me.

“Happiness & Innocence is a Quality & Trait that will enhance Speedy Manifestation”

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No longer holding burden from other source allows me to feel free from blame, guilt, burden and sorrow of others.

The trauma and excuse that fed my past suffering to hold onto other people’s burden, baggage, pain, and resentment was released. When I accept sociopath are responsible for their own life and actions. That when I don’t resist their projection, they can’t hook onto my light and feed on my sweet soul anymore.

“I stopped letting other people’s delusion dictate my reality and I start to actively respond and clear any negative voices that pushes me away from my desired life and happiness,”

I want to share my knowledge and wisdom to be happy and achieve inner peace to as many people who resonates. My goal is to help people come back to the present moment. And to make them free and able to put their clear mind and clean energy to create beautiful experiences every day. And so the light they pour into the world in currency of joy, peace, and love, will ripple bliss and more blessings spread onto this world.

I started my skincare brand with the slogan, there is such thing as world peace. I believe that you have the key to unlock your own inner peace. I want to help you do that. World peace begins with yours and I believe my genuine effort to serve each individual who cross my way with integrity and authenticity can grow beautiful and free as well.

This is my story. If you like to work with me, you can check my session link. You are welcome to follow on my journey on my YouTube channel for free information as well.

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