meredith mynrose



Meredith Mynrose

Spiritual Teacher – Universal Healer – Peace Visionary

From Psychic Readings, Energy Healings, Channeling and Mediumship, Meredith skyrocketed her skills and abilities through the strong committment to polish the metaphysical skills in order to heal herself and the people who seeks her for life transformation. With a life background filled with childhood trauma and backed with hope and faith for a good future, Meredith unlocks a door of past abuse, childhood trauma, psychopathy and secrets in her past. The present and future is staged by the baggage hidden in the past. Surrounded by sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists in her adult life, she became isolated and a hermit to find answers on the reasons of this attraction. Realising that she was oppressed and forced to be a people pleaser, sex kitten, covered in manipulative religious abusers, with issues such as pedophilia, scapegoating, black sheep, traumatised into silence, Meredith connects to spirit to find relief and truth. The truth is bright and piercing and helps Meredith to build a powerful foundation of self belief and trust to speak with conviction against the social oppression happening in many cultures, religion, nation and country across the world in her youtube channel as an international and world stage platform to spread awareness on the taboo and hidden crimes in family and relationships as well as social conditioning happening behind the scenes. Using psychic investigation Meredith reveals the covert secrets of the condition in her past as a child in Penang, Malaysia and what happened throughout her childhood from a Psychopathic Parents, in extreme religious manipulation. The Pedophile ring around the world, and the cultural norm in many nations to close a blind eye to Child Abuse, and Patriarchy Oppression. Domestic Violence, Police Ignorance, Dissapointing Justice System delivers havoc and suffering to the citizens around the world that are in general acceptance to let being oppressed and abused continuously.

Supported by the Psychic Skills to Investigate and Seek Truth, Connected to Divine Spirit to spread wisdom and relief suffering, Meredith is touching hearts around the world to embargo peace in the soul of a seeker that seeks inner peace and answers. Using multi-skills to find answers and resolutions to heal and resolve a hellish situation, Meredith is able to find the root of the situation, and heal the soul from the oppression through guiding the soul back into achieving a state of power, love, confidence, creating mental defense and asserting boundaries into their life and their past memories. 

Having gone through Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Childhood Trauma and Betrayal of Adult Social Trauma, Meredith went through a huge revolt of soul upheaval to remove all past baggage of unfinished business with the toxic upbringing in her childhood and teenage years. Meeting Pedophiles, Pimps, Drug Dealers, Prostitutes and Psychopaths around Kuala Lumpur and in different countries questions the background of her family’s toxic nature. Only using deep spiritual meditation and healing sessions on herself that she uncovers the truth of her psychopathic egg donors past. Family secret tends to be scapegoated to one child when parental figures are in denial of their sins. Selling prostitutes, cocaine, drugs, associated to pedophilia and child rape and accusing the irrational and insensible blames onto a scapegoated child brings trauma into the childs future. Psychopath parents creates mentally unhealthy childrens that carries the burden of their sinful parents past evil doings and these children who grows up tends to have complex post traumatic stress disorder in their adulthood, and trouble to socialise as their reality is distorted by the false ideas engrained and forced into the scapegoated individual. Shame, Guilt, Responsibility, and Irrational way of thinking is forced on the individual that then creates mental health illness that creates low vibration and poor livelihood for citizens around the world. This could create suffering, or transform the individual into another psychopath that will begin to create a spark of more evil doers around society in any class or ranks.

One of the most often issues found in the healing sessions are the broken boundaries and the inability to stand up to oppression in relationship conditions. The client’s view of relationships is mostly one sided where the emotional burden is placed on them for not being enough kind, giving, or ability to please to the extent of their social oppressor’s satisfaction. People pleasing syndrome, Self-sacrifice is the nature of most of the client who seeks Meredith’s counselling and expertise. Another type of clients are the clients whom always attract conflict and drama that makes them seem violent, agressive and hard to contain their anger. When weeding through the emotional layers of the past, uncovering old toxic anger will allow the clients to come into peace with the true reasons of the violence, aggression and conflict attraction. Love will prevail in each resolution with the client’s pasts.

Meredith guides her clients to strengthen their inner voice, strong self projection, ability to be self confident in their true identity and become powerful and peaceful in who they choose to become without the nuisance and noise of the external influence, projections and oppression. To become authentic, real, genuine and true despite any circumstances that comes into a crossing with their life and present time. Free to make a decision for their best and highest good at all times. To realise mistakes are teaching her clients to create a healthy boundary to secure their life and future.

Working with clients around the world, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Finland, Israel, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, Meredith continues to assist and guide clients to heal through receiving clarity and peace and rest the painful memory and experience into solace and surrender. Sociopathy is one common situation that happens to many nations across the international border. Guiding her clients to create Self Awareness and Mental Defense allows her clients to form strong boundaries to protect and treasure their hearts. This liberates and free’s the soul from harm and her clients are able to then project happiness, joy and peace into their life in their presence and surrounding. Meredith guides her clients to empower themselves against Social Oppression so they may achieve the ability to become Free Spirits and achieve their Life long goals, dreams and to pursue their destiny. 

17th July 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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