A Floating Adrenaline & Choices in Perception

A Floating Adrenaline & Choices In Perception

Pure energy wether you chose it to be a negative or positive perspective you are channeling it to your body. Your mind is the gateway where your body received a positive impulse or negative impulse. 

You have to learn to be assertive and confident in channeling your adrenaline towards the true vision. You must be very sensitive to your freewill and choices. To decide which area of your life you would like to bring a lot of positive energy into. You have to understand which unique perception belongs to you and you desire and love to empower. 

Persist to love the perspective and perception you truly desire to bring into your life. Learn to fight and refuse to be drag down by a negative vision and negative perspective supplied and input by negative people and sources. 

Take control of your freewill like taking control of the car you are driving. Be authoritative with the direction you want to go in life. Dont let other peoples forceful perspective derail you from your desired life. Find a strong inner force within you, this is passion, anger, justice, love, conviction, fire of faith that will channel the creation of your reality. 

Everyone has a life force. It is all equal. But your life force may have been gaslighted. You are sabotaging you life. Now you can learn to support your life. With choices of positive beliefs you can nurture for your own growth and self improvement to create a reality you love and deeply appreciate and grateful for. 

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