What I’m Not Doing For 2022

1. No Resolution
Why? Because my life goals are not determined by a new year. I’m constantly pushing and focusing on my weekly efforts to get a better version of life based on my current state of wellbeing, physical health and mental health. 

2. I’m not telling people my milestone and progress
The only validation I need is my own promise to myself that all my efforts and wins whether small or big is up to my own inner celebration. I’m not into getting other people to view my achievements as a way to co-validate my experiences. Even though it is nice to do sometimes, at this moment, I celebrate each small win with a gladful heart and gratitude to the universe in my most simple basic ways of being present and being thankful.

3. No New Year New Me Mentality
Life is a journey of loving and accepting who you are at this very moment. But growing up I’ve been shown we need to have a different level of perfection, vision and ideal to strive for. I would like to take this opportunity to just allow myself to mentally recognise that I am growing deeper into my existence, the dark good and bad. The light that I notice is growing within me in ways that I am more wise, patient, forgiving, and in the ways that I embrace my shadows and allow myself to feel angry, upset, sad, disappointed without judgment. 

4. I found peace in areas of my life where I’m still not perfect, and it’s still not where I had hoped for things to be.
I didn’t get the things I thought I really wanted in order to feel like I’m successful in the eyes of public image and society. Not the money, not the relationship, not the connection, not the recognition. But somehow, it doesn’t tug at my self worth, and my inner critic simply just gave me so much ample space to breathe and understand that, just because I don’t have these things that I think I need and want, it doesn’t mean my self esteem or self worth is greatly reduced. I think learning to stand in my own belief, that I’m holding a feeling, that is independent from anyone’s influence, opinion, validation, approval or feedback or response. It’s like I’m taking charge of my own existence and emotional response to the world, and despite how the world perceives or misconstrues their understanding of who they believe or think I am, I’m learning that I can choose if it matters to me or if it doesn’t matter at all. Because honestly, I dont think many people bother to learn about me, instead they just recycle gossip and bad character assassination from people I disconnected after realising they arent good for my mental health and emotional integrity. So, deciding if certain people or situations matter helps to erase their negative influence and energy baggage in my life.

5. I’m learning to let myself trust that my creative process of finishing my projects is in divine timing
I used to beat myself up so much and make myself feel down after doing something and then not finding my way to finish it or get it done and publish it to the world. One of the latest things I learn from Human Design is that I am a Manifesting-Generator; a multi-passionate person who is here to do and accomplish many diverse things. As you can see, i do do many many things. I think one of the drive I have is to know a purpose and then to execute it to a T. And sometimes delays happens that is out of my control, then I will put a pause on it. But its not abandoned. It just temporarily sit on the shelf waiting for me to feel its time to pick up the project again. 

6. Sliding Scale Mentality (Not Chasing Success)

I’m learning to put my wellbeing first, and I lay out my plans for the week or daily using what I’m capable of doing for that day and week. I observe my energy and ask what I feel good about committing to this week, and what I feel is possible for me to acknowledge and learn to do or give. Sliding scale mentality is appropriately liaising my energy commitment to tasks I wish to proceed doing in the week. This helps me to juggle things I want to do and things I enjoy doing. And this also helps me not to compile burnout energies. Sometimes I have a tunnel vision focus and because it’s too excessive and too much commitment, I lose momentum and then I leave my project for a few months. Sliding scale mentality is where you observe your current state of energy, focus and wellbeing for the week, or 3 days then every day after you change your commitment level based on your priorities and ability to make do with the hours you have. When I do things this way, I feel it’s easier to make myself feel satisfied with my schedule and level of inner celebration of feeling I accomplished something small or big, but I still did something I felt was worthwhile and full of purpose. It makes me feel I’m fully in the present moment and I’m anchored in my full being of light and love.

7. Being Friends with Time, Your Inner Child and Your Future Self
I feel like these things I mentioned to you from number 1 to 6 allowed me to be more visible with my energy and my consciousness, and to be more in alignment to my present moment. Like I’m developing my wholesome self, and I accept who I am yet to be, and who I currently am. I feel like when we are in this present moment and juggle all these small tricks of self love and deep inner love and acceptance, I feel like we naturally care for our soul without much struggle and pain. I feel like learning to embody who we wish to be by accepting who we are yet not the person we want to be, Is the most core deepest self acceptance and embrace that gives us the power to change the smallest increment of no to the smallest increment to yes. It’s almost like accepting our awareness that we don’t know, and we accept the shadows of our light. We understand we have life’s blindspot, and we are ready to learn them by going within and embracing the smallest details that make up who we are that we have let go or forgotten. It will take patience, courage and time to reach your soul so you can feel like you are on a journey of wholesomeness. So I hope, with these lessons I learn firsthand in 2021, you too can generate a wholesome journey in Year 2022 and for the rest of your life. If Universal Healing catches your interest, do find out more by sending me a DM or check the link in bio.

Wishing you a beautiful year ahead. You are gorgeous in all your imperfections. Because as you can see, there is plenty of room for you to grow and blossom.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


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I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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