Bonding to Betray someone to prove Loyalty defeats the meaning of Being Loyal

Bonding to Betray someone as a sense of Loyalty defeats the definition of Loyalty

Its okay for some people to agree hurting another person is worth doing because both of them benefit from doing such acts.

To them, between each other, they feel okay to make a decision and come to a conclusion someone would take the fall for their evil deeds or doings. That someone would suffer base on their decision to hurt. Calculated apathy is when a sociopath conspires with another person to take their side and choose to selectively use their apathy and revoke any sense of compassion to justify a punishment to another individual.

They feel fine conspiring to make someone receive burden. Due to their own wickedness, greed, distorted sense of power and authority, vendetta. They love doing that. They love creating fear havoc suffering. This type of people have a special ending in life. Its not pretty. But thats why they try to erase every good light on earth. They know they can never truly enter heaven or the higher planes. Thats why they punish kind people on this realm.

Their souls are wicked. They lost it. There is no redemption or redeeming themselves. All they can do is attack and hurt and destroy. Thats their gameplan and masterplan. Whoever who was victimised by them, I pray they get to execute karma on this wicked souls.

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