Is Your Transparency Your Achilles Heel

There are some people who are genuinely transparent that they begin to reflect the vulnerabilities of others. They are so see through that the person in front of them mistaken that person as a reflection of them, at the same time, its like an animal fighting at their reflection in the water. But the water is calm and still, just like person who is impressively transparent and reflective.

Many and most people may not resonate to this post, because it would have taken a great deal of personal healing journey for them to be able to be adaptive and become clear and still to the point that this type of people have achieve a state of enlightenment where they reflect other people’s vulnerabilities and weakness that they become unusually intimidating to unawakened souls and humans. Souls that are still stuck in the superficial mindset and physical reality instead of the higher realms of enlightenment where it values non physical and materialistic experiences.

At the same time this small percentage of people who may not realise that their transparency, honesty, luminescent selves are creating enemies around their surrounding, people who are projecting their darkness, their shadows, their inner wars, their unharmonious being ness. This people is yet to recognise the power of their transparency. Most of the times this type of people are wallflowers who works very hard to not step over people’s toes, to try so hard to blend in and hide their unique selves. They learn that being outstanding is unsafe, they keep being shunned for being special, for being brightly peculiar.

In my eyes, the things that makes this small group of people stand out is the very thing that makes them great visionaries and great leaders. They carry beautiful divine wisdom and creativity that is here to flourish the way of life in this planet. They may be called as indigo children’s, and rainbow children’s. Some of them may even be crystal children’s that had been exposed to trauma at a young age or raised by parents that are abusive and it makes them cower their gifts and hide them away in fear of being punished for feeling special.

If this is you read onwards. Because you have learnt to blend in, you mastered a certain phase where you let people’s freak fly, and at the same time you know you don’t resonate to other people’s behaviour, values and interest, you are a wallflower, blending in like a chameleon as you were conditioned to believe and think in order to feel safe, you cannot outshine anybody else or show your unique special selves. It has made you at peace with entertaining your presence without the need of others attention. Instead you only choose to show your personality to certain people who are very close to you.

You are special. But you have learn to hide it. To make people around you comfortable. So you wouldn’t be attacked and abused for shining. You work so hard to remain incognito. To a point in your adult life you question, until when are we going to play small and hide our passion, gifts, and talent. Until when are we going to be afraid of what people see in their reflection of us? Until when are we going to allow the mediocrity of humanity to have an upper hand of the divine spark blessed within us. Until when are going to allow mediocre human to intimidate us for having a gift that we had to hide for our own safety. But now we are an adult in a modern world. No longer in the era of witch hunts. No longer in an era of blasphemy. Instead freedom of speech is something much celebrated in this century. So many taboo things are being voiced out as concerns. But why is the freedom of special being ness is questioned and still walking on eggshells.

There are many unique souls who had to face the wrath of jealous, bitter, angry people who feels intimidated by the blessings they have. How did they respond to it? Did they let the rejection, shame, mockery, put down control their true being ness? They possibly struggle with their self worth and their self esteem on their journey of becoming true to themselves. But, most of the icons of this century and past centuries, did not give up. Becoming an iconic person requires that individual to utilize their transparency into an initiated transformation. Just imagine if this transparent individual recognise the power of their authenticity, and they use this power to break mountains and trailblaze into a new path no people had ever traversed. This is what most people are afraid of. An Iconic person will venture into unknown territory and build a new world. Most times this new world brings benefit to the community. It solves a certain issue held by the community. Or it just brings much progress into that community.

So what does Transparency means to being an Achilles heel to Iconic Wallflower Humans to-be?

Embark on the Opportunity to Discover Your “Self”

Discover your Individual Strength without having to rely on the permission or the comfort of the people around you. Recognise the power you could use within you instead of denying yourself the permission to utilise your skill, talent, gifts on the fear that it would rub people the wrong way. Let those people deal with their emotions themselves. You are not responsible to become an emotional caretaker to other adults. You may have done that as a child raised in a abusive home or toxic environment, but as an adult, give yourself the respect you deserve and permission to naturally shine, rather than letting you gifts, blessings wither away with time you practice incognito and a wallflower.

Talking about transparency as a personality to the point that other people are putting the weight of their shadows, insecurities, and self doubt on-towards you. Instead of making space to hold other people’s personal burdens and vulnerabilities, wouldn’t you rather have a handful of self respect to appreciate your inner beauty, strength, faith, and confidently act on your true realised blessed power?

Think about all the people who place their vulnerabilities, their self doubt, their weakness as assumptions towards you due to the fact that you were an active transparent soul who lets other people use you as a mirror and cause you to question who you are, or to the point where they lay their shadows onto your reflection for you to carry. Isn’t it suffocating to keep letting people abuse your transparency and entertain the lie they tell you base on their personal intimidation towards you. Why are you afraid of proving them wrong? That you are not their reflection, instead your calm and stillness, don’t have to entertain or make space for the bitterness of others. Learn to reject from self love. I don’t care what new “new age gimmick” that says don’t reject but allow. Love and don’t hate. I think its important to reject disrespect and rudeness. When certain people who are intimidated by you approach you and try to give you their advice in life masked in malicious kindness, I think its important to be aware of their malice and reserve your polite respond away and be on guard.

People with Transparent souls also have Silent Confidence, These silent confidence attract insecure people like honey to bees. You bring comfort and warmth to anxious and insecure people who wears a confident and a attractive mask. Transparent people easily give away their power to the abuse of this false toxic people without knowing how they can ever put a stop to it. Perhaps its been groomed into them as children’s to be in the quiet background and let toxic personalities shine in the spotlight. That is why toxic people always find confidence in being rude and disrespectful to put down wallflowers. Its an easy way for them to get an ego booster.

What if as a transparent wallflower, you learn to reject their putdowns, rudeness, disrespect, not in a violent way, but to acknowledge you don’t agree with their point of view and prefer if they don’t make opinions about you when they hardly know your potential and capabilities.

Your transparency can only be an Achilles heel or a personal weakness when you let other people define the meaning of your calm, collected, stable mannerisms. You aren’t shy are you. If so why do you have confidence instead of anxiety. Why are you able to feel calm and still when people express their bad behaviour towards you trying to put you down. Because you know its not true. You know they are reacting from a reflection they see within themselves.

“How People Perceive You Without Knowing You Is A Reflection Of Their Own Enigma,” Meredith Mynrose

Learn to Reject the Definition or Meaning people give to you about who you are. As a child being non-compliant, non-argumentative, hassle free, obedient, simply agree to anything has been a character in your personality where it stops you from further harassment, harm, danger, attacks. In this situation there is no perks of being a wallflower when you have a powerful presence to bring much more light to the world you live in. “Blessed power”

Believe that what ever you intended to do is an inspirational gift from Divine that is supported throughout your life here on earth.

Your Transparency if you have it, with your ability to be cool, calm, collected, and ability to reflect within yourself around people who have ideas about who you are before truly knowing you, makes you an opportunity to tap into becoming an Icon and Individual of your own making. Discover your “Self” apart from the people who have made suggestions that they know who you are and what you are all about. You can break the Achilles heel and make it your superpower. To know your blessed power, strengths, unique, special individuality that makes you find the gratitude in knowing the beauty of your spirit and soul. Life isn’t a competition, but many people look too much outwardly instead of within. They compare and compete among people and fail to find their individualistic gifts. They put their weaknesses into the wallflower as a scapegoat. If you have been scapegoated because you were a wallflower, and you’re a transparent soul who struggle to understand why people have control over your identity, perhaps its because you did not take the reigns of identifying who you are letting others do that for you.

Your Achilles heel can be your Superpower because you can use your Transparency to express who you are. Telling people who you are is something you should actively learn to do as a recovering wallflower. Lay claim over your personal identity and strengths. Use your ability to be transparent as an opportunity to express yourself as you see fit or as you like. In your childhood expressing your unique, special selves has caused you to be in harms way. But as an adult, you have to learn to recognise the threat may still be there, but you do not have to put up with abusive male or female in your environment. You have a choice to express yourself and be happy.

As a child you may not have the wisdom or the tools to handle the threat when you shine and be yourself. But as an adult you already know you can learn to reject other people’s definition of who you are, their assumptions, the insecurities they place towards you, the doubts they try remark towards you.

Your Transparency is an opportunity to Express your True Personality. Then you can consciously let the right people into the VIP section of your Life. And then you don’t have to put up with pretentious people who tries to re-arrange your personality to make them comfortable and secure in the presence of being intimidated by your unique beautiful god blessed life.

Instead of being the container of other people’s insecurities, as you pro-actively choose to utilize your transparency as an opportunity to express your personal personality, you get to attract and choose friendships and people who match your positive beautiful spirit within you. Then your transparency and personality is something you get to celebrate and enjoy with people who love who you are as your special and unique self and vice versa. And the people who have been burdening you with their doubts, insecurities, assumptions, negativity is expired old news.

This article is written to the individuals who resonate to the idea of being transparent and attracting negative people making negative remarks about them when they feel its untrue but do not know why it happens. It happens because of the fact shared above. Childhood trauma makes you put up with it, being a wallflower for safety, letting people define who you are, not feeling safe in expressing yourself, dimming your light in fear of intimidation and harassment by non-special people who are insecure of your uniqueness. There are stages and difference of being a wallflower. Some wallflower are plain mediocre and likes it, some wallflower personalities wish to express their true selves and are struggling to understand why they struggle with it. In the above article, I wrote about wallflowers who had to become one due to being conditioned to feel safer in the background but know they have more to give to the world. I hope this article helps some of you find healing in realising that the people who come into your life to give you comments about who you are, are perhaps jealous and insecure in themselves and uses you as a scapegoat to their insecurities and bitterness. And you can learn to reject other people’s definition of who you are. If they say you aren’t good enough, perhaps its a true deep reflection of their own truth in their life. What do they know about you anyway. The answer is nothing. They aren’t capable to be a judge in your life if they don’t know you and never tried to.

Cheers to your journey of becoming your own individual selves and becoming a true icon no matter how small or big your service to the world is.

With Love & Regards

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