Is Your Mind Your Enemy or Your Cheerleader?

Hi earth people.

In this week of the decade ending and a new decade is dawning, I would like to share a perspective and a healing that was gifted to me by the Universe. Through a lot of inner rummage, inner declutter, and internal paradigm shift, I was allowed this epiphany to take place. I was able to enter a space of consciousness of curiosity and question. Where I recognise and ultimately able to point a state of negative mental consciousness that decide to infiltrate my nervous system and attempt to hijack my state of peaceful and harmonious wellbeing.

At times in our life, moments per moments, we each have our own personal triggers. It can be people, places, situations, and memories. We often hear how people mention, Do not react but respond wisely. At times certain type of humans in this world anticipate in your negative reaction in order to fulfil the prophecy of their own making. To make you look bad, to make you look dumb, to make people misinterpret who you are. They intentionally attempt to transfer their delusion and inner denial by warping your image and knowledge of yourself. They secretly and covertly groom you to doubt your potential, capability, self knowledge, and self esteem. Toxic people tries very hard to search for your most personal button and then trigger it so they can pass blame or shift attention from their insecurity and give the impression to others by smearing your image, reputation, identity and distort who you are.

Another term for this behaviour is to gaslight. A person who denies the truth, and ultimately terrorises your light through conducive, strategic, insidious and manipulative trick to rearrange the attributes of your character, behaviour, and flow of unique self. An egocentric person would utilise neuro-linguistic-programming in a malicious way to groom the target or person to self sabotage and accept and confirm an opposing belief as truth. Now the target or person’s natural beliefs are in contradiction with the new programming entered into their subconscious without their permission. It is a trick to capture the nervous system of that individual when they are most vulnerable and fendless. It can be coming from someone approaching you to offer help, it can be an authority figure who shows empathy and wishes to give supportive advice, it can be a person known to you who shows a great deal of compassion and warmth out of nowhere. The element here is grooming the target for trust and then blindsiding them from looking face forward at the betrayal happening in real time. By utilising the trust gain from the action of gaslighting and benefiting from the initial impression of compassion, trustworthiness, loyalty, empathy, warmth and so on. They manage to disorient the person’s way of thinking, thought and self reflection by using the values you cherish to associate similarity and create a bond to their nervous system which benefits and rewards the toxic person, energy vampire, parasite, and human leech. And at the same time, the target does not know any better and I repeat, they are expected to be fendless, unable to defend themselves. Its like the energy vampire pick up the rapport, similarity of their target by chameleon, imitation, copying their beliefs and values, but only by corrupt intent. To charm, seduce, trick, and rob the value of that person or target.

I had the experience of crossing path with a person who surprisingly pop into the writing of the blog, even though unintentionally. It does support the framing of this writing. My point to showcase the above example is to show how if you are a threat and do not recognise someone else’s inferiority, intimidation, blame-shift, covert cynicism, and you showcase naivety, all for one and one for all attitude, humility, and blind trust without proper service to your intuition and spiritual healthy radar and compass. You will miss the attempt this toxic person does to groom your nervous system to self sabotage, invalidate, devalue, doubt, question and ridicule your strengths, confidence, skills, talents, and personal life experience and past achievements. They will turn your mind into your worst enemy. I had the *with sarcasm* lucky charm to bump into a fresh toxic person who make me question my healing gifts and passion and quickly recognise the behaviour of self doubt, explanation, fending her point of view, and being thrust into obliging her beliefs and abandoning my own life experience, past success and achievements in healing trauma in myself and other clients I have served in the past. In a shorter version, the label we can place to this attribute of this person’s action is a simple definition of hypocrite.

So now the question here is, Are you aware of your Mind’s motivation? Do you know what fuels it? Do you feed your mind with hope, faith, love and joy? Or do you fret, doubt, question, criticise, and a defeatist. Are you a pessimist who judge the outcome before you even gave it a shot. The sound of your voice in your mind could be multiple jumble of toxic people attempting to rain on your beautiful life’s parade. When was the last time you had an idea and your inner child, your spirit and your soul, wholeheartedly believe in it and took the initial step and action to give it a go without any ounce of pessimism? This is where recognise the voice in your mind can really trip up if your mind has been your enemy all along or has been your cheerleader.

The negative naysayer in your mind could be the construct of many critics in your life giving their worthless advice and opinion, and being polite and not rude to entertain it has allowed it to place root and grow in the tree of your mind into loud pessimistic fruits of negative perspectives in life. And that may have been the cause to hinder you from being optimistic and valuing your true voice, true soul’s desire and wishes and true dream to come into realisation.

Your mind is the enemy.* Until you learn to brush it up to become your best friend, motivator, supporter, cheerleader, and spiritual compass. Your mind is the vessel that can create a beautiful world. A peaceful reality where you choose what belongs in your world and what doesn’t. Polishing your mind means to study the content of your subconscious and psyche. So when you come face to face with an oppressive hypocrite, your mind can detect the frivolous, trivial, insidious and manipulative hypocrite in front of you trying to “NLP” your brain into wackiness. And you know their warmth, support, impressive compassion and a show of camaraderie isn’t really authentic, but their attempt to gaslight the current social circle to believe they are authentic versus painting a bad picture towards you. Which lament a negative light on towards you without your recognition. Now as you face and acknowledge the hypocrisy, their attempt to paint you negatively, to gaslight you into self sabotage and self doubt can be reversed or become fully ineffective. Your nervous system will not be triggered to the warp of that toxic person’s real intent, but become very reflective and grounded in the knowledge of who you are. There is no desire to be defensive, but to just be at peace when face with someone else pointing out your so called demon’s. Their attacks will backfire and they cannot re-arrange or humiliate, or sabotage and attack your self esteem in order to one up who they are. Your nervous system have been programmed to respond to hypocrites, the pessimist people who pretends to be optimist, to cynical people who pretend to be compassionate.

At times our nerves may have been taken over by shock or surprise, and we can’t knowingly and consciously respond but to react the way the environment and people outside influence us. For that, as we calm down and ground ourself, we can forgive that predicament and recognise, even with that event where someone tries to defame, smear your reputation, and prove to others that you are a bad human, or insecure. Your true character can never be distorted. Eventually people who were fooled by the hypocrite will come into realisation how a narcissist or a sociopath’s mask will fall off and the entire truth will be revealed.

Your mind can be your cheerleader. It will take time to put your mind from chaos into harmonious order, but I believe that each person is given the challenge that they will triumph over. There is a divine blessing in your personal life’s ordeal. There is a higher level of wellbeing that comes after certain struggle with mental illness, or life’s challenges. It is not wrong to admit vulnerability. It is true courage to speak the truth and not sugar coat spirituality and only hold on to positive life views that becomes imbalance. The threat is in your mind. As you recognise the unwanted negative perspectives and voices in your mind. You recognise and remove it with a optimistic and conscious inner voice to shower the fear, hopelessness, pessimism with love, tolerance, patience, understanding, forgiveness, support, warmth, you reclaim your mind and transform it into your best friend and loyal cheerleader and supporter. Versus the actions of the hypocrite in the past who mask their kind intention with positive values but intend to sabotage your growth, wellbeing, and good character. You take back your mind from their manipulative false agenda who sees you as a force to be reckon with. Whichever vulnerabilities or insecurities you face from stepping fully into your power, give yourself an action plan to change the outcome of your fear and doubt. Instead of backing up into sabotaging patterns, start to clearly recognise the negative self limiting pattern and with each small step, learn to carry love, hope, faith, and courage into each moment in your daily life until you get to where you desire to be that makes you feel at peace with your beautiful personal power of welcoming goodness, love, abundance, joy into your life.

As you discern the threat of your mind, and compare the logistics, you can find the root source can be many events repeated in a negative cycle, and this is how you trace the root through the negative pattern in your life as fruits to the negative seeds placed by the experiences that has shaped and empowered the negative thoughts, perspectives and beliefs that holds a strong root to sabotage you from attaining your true happiness and manifesting your dream into reality. Sometimes grooming negative patterns can and may happen as an adult through insidious covert pattern in work or adult life. And at other times the enemy in your mind could have been groomed or nurtured into a habitual pattern of inner shadow since childhood. If so, deep trauma healing work is suggested.

When your mind is the enemy, and you have the ability to transcend the personal attachment and become detach and observant to comprehend the predicament your mind faces, you have the power of choice. To fall down the same rabbit hole over and over again, or to pause, and hold your thoughts, and pause and hold your emotions, and pause and hold your beliefs. Then look at all three of them, and recognise which is not in sync or in harmony with your truth. Your true belief, true perspective and true experience as well as true feelings. See the contradictions, attack the fear with compassionate logic. Attack the hopelessness with a reservoir of initiatives. Have you even at least try before feeling hopeless. Have you at least open your mind to possibility before sinking in helplessness. Have you even tried to check the opportunities available and showcase your capabilities before admitting defeat. I bet most of you will answer NO. The mind keeps you in a threatened position, because it fears the light, the potential, the possibility, the power that is attached to hope, faith, endurance, resilience, tenacity. I bet you had longing hope and beliefs and at the same time struggled with believing you deserve love, joy, abundance, happiness. Because the critic in the mind who plays a character of your personal enemy have taken reigns in your deepest unconscious and subconscious level of awareness. It wants to keep you imprison and in a stagnant rut.

How to break the chains of the mental imprisonment that makes you always unhappy unfulfilled unsatisfied and unable to break free from your minds tough fear conditioning?

Take ownership of those fear and polish it til it shines.

Meredith Mynrose

The threat of staying in a rut in an unchanging predicament. The threat of being stagnant can be explored in a new eyesight and vision of exploration, adventure, curiosity, hope and possibility. The enemy in the mind that gives you the furious opposition to stop you from exploring, taking an adventure, living, fulfilling your greatest purpose and destiny, could it be its a voice of insecurity of another person that you let grow into strong weed planting its deep fearful roots in your mind and making you mind into your greatest enemy that forces you to stay unhappy and sad so that you do not infuriate the insecurity of that person. When your happiness is a threat that you pick up from the insecurity of others, you tend to live your life in the shadow of other’s approval and permission. It will be hard for you to reach joy and livelihood when you graze the parameter of a state of happy and not fully leaping into it. The threat of not fulfilling your heart, of playing small and dimming your light. Unchain yourself from being responsible for another person’s happiness while sacrificing your own. Respect your spirit deeper than ever before to give your soul the permission to reward itself with the possibility of flourishing life. Tap deeply into your soul to recognise that life is a gift and the way you use your days in life is what you leave as a legacy after your death. Life is not permanent, memories are, but memories can be created, but it takes intention and willpower to create the memory you want to daily for the rest of your waking life. Would you weigh the consequences of living in helpless fear and sadness or living in intentional faith, hope and possibility and be resilient, tenacious, and brave to keep choosing faith over fear daily.

The journey of reclaiming your mind takes time, but with persistence, your reality and the way you see life will get better, and your nervous system will respond to life’s predicament with a difference from before. You will improve your hope, belief, tolerance, increase self compassion, subdue fear and work through any negative emotions, perspectives or voices in your psyche. You will be more self forgiving, and increase a loving nurturing inner voice. You will entrain your mind to speak lovingly, in soothing tones, and you would be able to become independent in articulating your life’s choices and make small changes that rewards your life in positive outcomes and personal achievements. You start in small increments daily, weekly or monthly. You tackle a personal obstacle in small pieces and keep a mental diary and priority to make your mind your best friend, supporter, and a cheerleader. There may be setbacks, and you may lose rhythm and flow, or some negative circumstance maybe make you feel like your efforts backfire, but do not lose faith, and understand its just a way of life. Things doesn’t go smooth all the time in life, why would you think training your mind to be your best friend would be the same. Allow for mistakes and setbacks to happen, but know that like your favourite piece of clothing, your mind and heart is the intelligence and compassion your wear everyday. Learn to respect it, cherish it, nurture it, care for it and attend to its needs. Learn to discipline it, to harmonise it, to give it small mental leap of faith everyday with supportive mantra’s and affirmation. Hold on to respectable virtues and positive admirable qualities in your personal character. Keep cheering your mind towards what makes your heart glow, happy, and what makes you heart continuously feel love. Instead of letting fear drive your mind, redirect your mind, heart and inner psyche towards faith, and keep changing the way your mind thinks until optimism is in the centre of your mind, vision, voice and emotions.

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