Universal Healing Session Year 2020

Dear Friends

How was your Year of 2019?

Its that time of year to review, reflect and take stock of your memories of the year before we all enter a new year, much anticipated since I was a young girl. Somehow year 2020 was a year that is categorised as a modern, symbolic, futuristic, forward-thinking, and an emblem for success. 

Looking back have your life been been smooth sailing? What are the highlight year of your life? The good and the bad? Life is sometimes confusing, unpredictable, and hard to get through. Sometimes sad things happen, certain people may struggle and suffer in silence and alone. Life could be bleak and dark. But that doesn’t have to be permanent. Change is constant. Utilizing your personal perspective and the energy you hold in your heart is what allows and makes you become the person who is capable enough to triumph through your life’s ordeals. You can support your personal healing, tap into your inner child, and align to your higher self so you can simultaneously work towards your desired future.

For this I would like to quote a french phrase and a title of a song by Edith Piaf, “La vie en rose,” in English it means, “Life in Rose coloured glasses”. My personal intrepretation to this would be, despite any malaise that happen in your life, can you bear to envision and embody love, hope, faith in the face of sadness, darkness, and life’s turbulence? Maybe if you are not in that spectrum and you feel stagnant, stuck, unexcited, do you think you can benefit from some guidance and assistance in painting the year 2020 in your life?

I feel that every human may have sadness, happiness in different seasons in their life and their personal experiences that would morph and shape their personality, identity and character in life. The important part is, will that person for example in this case, is yourself, are you able to carry faith throughout the stormy weather of life, will you keep loving and keep believing even when every circumstances challenges you.

The Endurance, Tenacity, Resilience to believe in yourself in your journey in life, to forego your heart’s true longing. Even when it feels like the world is against you. No one’s life is ultimately perfect, but eventually these same people will have a choice to learn and create a circumstance in their life where they build a life that is perfect for themselves. Base on their self belief, inner knowledge, and the ability to envision how they want their life to be, while allowing universe to unravel events that takes or give in their journey. 

So allow me to ask you to reflect within now, do you have any perspectives that you are carrying in life that has affected you from stepping into your personal power, self love, ability to shine and believe that you deserve love and abundance. Are you right now capable, to carry a perspective as bright as when the sun shines through the window of your eyes. Are you able to appreciate, utilise this clear perception in life that allows you to take positive daily actions, allowing you to continuously work towards your life goals so you may achieve your life’s true desires. If you are, that is fantastic! I am glad that you are doing amazing and I hope you continuously have that success in life. If you are not, please read on 🙂

Everybody stumble sometimes in life, and its okay to ask for help, guidance and assistance. Its like visiting a new country and getting lost, and asking someone familiar in that area for guidance and help. You are seeking knowledge and wisdom, so you can go through your life experience and achieve a state of liberty and serendipity. Where life just flows without much effort and you keep achieving a state of bliss and peace matching your inner rhythm in life. What if this state of serendipity can be tapped by exploring your mind, emotions and inner energy? Because it is possible to reach this state of serendipity by going through the energy clutter in your soul. Some of your obstacles may be distorted beliefs, confusing life experience and smudged perspective you unconsciously carry in life. All this can easily be cleared with a Universal Healing session, if you are willing to dig into your psyche and understand yourself in a deeper level. A level that makes you reach inside of you and bond with your soul and inner child. 

As a healer, I am the last person who has a perfect life. My life has been filled with one shit storm after another, but I understood how my decision to undertake this path will have an effect over the things I attract and manifest, as I learn to grow my faith, the challenges in life grow as well. It doesn’t mean I do not have the passion or skill to assist and guide my clients, it only means that I am actively using my spiritual skillset to be of service to those around me and the ones who seeks the steps and ladders, guides and compass that I too use to get to a destination that is in circumference of inner bliss and peace. Self contentment and serenity. We are all on a journey of self evolution, reaching a target of spiritual enrichment.

With the ability to tap into your inner psyche, you are able to organise your inner energy, so that your heart will glow with happiness, feel content and fulfilled. Providing you with a wholesome life. Can you see your life clearly? Would you like some help and guidance with your life’s vision?

No one was born perfect, but the perception of imperfection is what allows each person to find their unique calling in life. Enabling them to reflect on their weakness and sadness and misfortune, it may motivate them to alter the course of their life so that they begin to use their willpower and desire to achieve a state of true self and self realisation. Are you motivated to improve your life in more ways than one? Has your options to serve your highest best interest propelled you towards the right path in your current life, now?

At times it takes losing something to finally learn to appreciate it and sometimes it takes feeling so much pain for us to recognise we have the power to make a difference in our life, by standing up with deep inner love for believing we actually deserve better in our life. Certain losses are inevitable in all lives. But life will continue to be unraveled, and either we learn to adapt to the circumstances, and keep refreshing our perspectives in life, or we stay stuck in the past and struggle with the things we cannot overcome, combat and come into peaceful terms with. Eventually, the domino of life starts over, and experience and life lessons give you the wisdom for you to conquer your personal ordeals.

Some people get so lost in their life circumstances that they fall into the victim mindset. They feel like the world is against them. That negative spotlight keeps you on the outskirts of the life you truly desire. If you can discover your inner light and inner power, you can use your circumstances to your advantage instead of letting it swallow you like a quicksand. Life can support you instead of feeling like its out to get you. You can experiment and explore your past failures, disappointments or unease and find out what makes you feel like you fit perfectly in the life you truly and really desire by building circumstances with pure intention that allows you to propel greatly and grow exponentially and feel good with yourself and have strong supportive firm roots and foundation in your present self and your true state of wellbeing.

If you find yourself here wondering, what’s next?

I invite you to a Universal Healing session with me:

  1. Tackle your Life Obstacle and be prepared to manifest your desires
  2. Focusing on Clarity Mindset, Emotional Detox and Nervous System Re-programming
  3. Train your Inner Child to support your Desired Reality
  4. Improve Your Wellbeing, State of Presence, & Mind and Spirit.
  5. Achieve a Wholesome Heart


Are you ready to explore what Universal Healing session with me can do for you?
You are welcome to book your First Consultation Session.

Your next option is, if you feel you are ready to take the leap, you can take part in the Year 2020 Session offer where you receive 1 session free when you purchase 2 session with me. *with additional 3% discount making it $388. 

Are you interested to sign up to our Healing Program? It is 10 Sessions over 3 months period. You are welcome to reach out to me at meredithmynrose@gmail.com for details and a 10% off discount from the Program fees. till 31st March 2019 only for clients who purchase a session between 23rd Dec 2019 – 7th Jan 2020.

In case you are interested in the meaning Angelic number 388
Angel Number 388 tells you that the Ascended Masters and your angels connect with your higher-self and inner-wisdom in order to give you guidance, support and love along your path. Use your personal creativity in a constructive and productive manner, and put your skills and talents to work to achieve your heart’s desires. Trust that you will find success in your chosen endeavours.

“If you pursue your own ideals and enjoy what you do because that is how you choose to think, success will come to you in ways and abundance beyond your dreams.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

Click here to Book your First Consultation session. USD $200.00 

Click here to Book your Year 2020 Universal Healing Session promo. USD $388.00

Thank you for being an amazing supporter and I send love and blessings to you. May you have a fulfilling Year of 2020 filled with joy, love, abundance, and friendships!

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Warm wishes!

Meredith Mynrose

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