Happy New Year 2019 to Peace Visionaries and Friends !

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As I was reading my header in my YouTube channel. Love your Inner Child, Build Your Love Universe. The difference on toxic peoples behaviour around me is that. They attempt to steal our inner child and make us abandon our loving universe so they can have it all. Have you ever experienced that? That someone becomes so happy around you at the same time you recognise feeling so small and ignored by the person enjoying too much of your time, attention, and presence?


Protect your Inner child, because immature adults who sees your amazing good high vibe life finds a way to enter your life with fake motivation to introduce you to more happiness, but they are purely shallow and toxic under that big smile, warm hug, and full acceptance and good behaviour. Gaslight is a very dangerous social disorder behaviour to trick someone to believe in a delusion.

As we heal and put our power, boundaries, values and beliefs back into place. We can be assertive in our bold power, beliefs, boundaries and values. And hold no fear in what we know is ours to protect. We dont need to feel guilty or obligated to feel inappropriate form of intimidation or harassment as we understand the malicious type of people in society who desperately wants to feed on our inner child and goodness.


We can protect ourselves and our lives from desperate toxic people trying to cling to us for dear life. We can let them go even if they dont want to let us go. We can move on even if they dont want us to move on. We can learn to not care even if they aggressively demand that we must care. We can secure our joy even if there are toxic people who wants to destroy our joy.


We can love and live our lives even if toxic people needs us to hate and stop living our life that we build nurture and created from our own hearts aspirations desire and will. I hope this year you find your Inner Child, learn to love the f*ck out of it and wear your Inner Child proudly.


Smile Grin and Be Enthusiastic about beautiful things that can happen in your life. And know that when you stumble down, the journey to get up is as fantastic as meeting and greeting a new friend, a new experience to discover more strengths about yourself in your life. May this year brings you clarity and wisdom for you to build a relationship and healing for your Inner Child.


As you respect your most vulnerable feeling, you step into your most highest authority to not let anyone F*ck with your Innocent and Beautiful Inner Child. Unless you are Toxic I cannot help you with that. Until you recognise you are unhealthy and toxic. Then learning to be more empathic and kind is your goal this year. To the rest of us. Keep building a relationship with your higher self and your inner child. This relationship is your eternal soul blooming into being. Who will you transform and evolve to this year? Cant wait to see.

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Love, Light & Blessings
Meredith Mynrose


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