Chasing for Acceptance

We do a lot of things for acceptance

“Chasing for Acceptance,”

But we dont know the most powerful acceptance is from ourselves.
Other peoples acceptance is subjective to how we redefine self love.
What choices we make in our live.
Who we naturally are.
Our behaviour, dreams and goals.
These are the basic inundated things that we must naturally accept.
The expectations of perfection, high idealism, the notion of chasing many different types of standards set by others. If they cant meet those standards. Why should you bend over backwards to meet those scrupulous standards set by mean angry jealous sad people who are merely doing so as an act to sabotage your performance in life.
You have been blindsided.
You have been fooled.
You have been knee-jerked.
Revert the standards to those individuals who bullies you to change your limits.
Why do they believe they have the right to enter your life and energy and change around your natural standards, natural abilities and natural way of beingness.
The bullies and mean people are irrational because they are lying to you and lying deeply to themselves.
Grabbing your standards and claiming it belongs to them. Stealing your healthy boundaries and your impulse and responses. Obstructing your rights to own your memory history and upbringing. These bullies gives irrational standards because you have something they desire.
The standards you have now and at that time was perfect for you. Harmonious for you. And the people who dont know their own potential need to steal yours in order to create their own potential. They do this through tricks, fooling you, conning you, scamming you, lying to you, irrationally attacking you. And you fell for it. Deeply.
Your mind just falls completely into the zone of naivety and gullibility. You cant question their standards can you? Because they were excessively hostile. They were prepared to attack you if you ever question their standards and get into an argument with them. They will fight you. They force you to fear them through intimidation. They need you to act weak so they can act strong. They need you to act dumb so they can act smart. They need you to act cowardly so they can act brave.
These are desperate souls in people who do not have any light in them. They are forever stuck like such. They just keep lying to themselves. But we dont have to play the game with them anymore. We know who we are and we can heal what went wrong because we dont lie to ourselves to protect our ego. We love truth, we are willing to face our fears, we are willing to accept the reality and then change ourselves to create the reality we want and need and love.
Stop chasing invisible marbles. Those marbles are false ideals thrown by irrational idiots who tricked you and fooled you. Admit you were tricked and fooled and maybe even scammed. Learn to accept what is and what has been. Learn to see what could be and what can happen. The only thing you are responsible for is accepting your truth. Not accepting other peoples lies as your truth even if they force you.
Entertain them if you must or walk away. But hold on to your intuition. Learn your truth and keep at it. Accept who you are and what you think and how you feel and what you know and what you want. Accept who you are now. Accept how people respond to you is not your problem. You are not responsible to keep peace with other people. Let people carry their own problems either with you or other people in their own lives. You dont have to offer to console people if its nothing to do with you.
Start cherishing your emotional warmth enough to make it a VVIP area for only people who are invested to love and care for you in return. And know the lines between socially accepted warmth, not too much eager to love and care. But moderated version of a basic humanity concern or care or warmth or friendliness. Accept yourself. And dismiss anyone who wishes for you to unconscious or consciously reject parts of you which are good healthy and true. Never let them play mind tricks for letting them insert their dirty words in your mind tricking you to perceive wrong views of yourself.
Those wrong views belongs to those bullies. They are dampening your spirit by dumping their distorted energy into your mind and sabotaging your healthy standards because they have none. Release all negative views left by haters and people who envies you and return it to where it originally belongs. Clear your crown chakra. And reinstate your true vision of who you are and how you organically accept your true spirit self. No longer chasing acceptance from your environment, surrounding, family, peers, society.
You build the internal engine of self acceptance. You control your own limits and standards through your own preference. Ask yourself for your own validation and permission and referral and advice.
Do you like this?
What do you like?
How would you like it to be?
What do you want to change?
What can you not be bothered to change?
Are you happy?
Are you not bothered?
Are you irritated by the expectation to change?
Can you decline the change and accept who you are now and what you like now?
Who is saying no?
Why are they saying no?
Do they think they are the boss of your life?
Are they paying your salary?
Then do you want to entertain this control freak?
Does this psychological bully thinks they can force you to change who you are in order for you to lower your standards and sabotage your healthy boundaries?
Which if yes and it has happened. Ask yourself, where has my boundaries been sabotaged and degraded?
In which area of my life have I tolerate unsatisfying presence and quality of life.
Where is my voice in all of this.
Find a connection to your voice and connect it to the majestic holy lions roar. Break all oppression on your spiritual voice. Take it all back in to your soul. Be in charge of what you accept in your life. Not be influenced by negative or toxic people or bullies on what they want you to accept. Recognize when they do the mind trick to con you with their deceiving words and immaculate copy of your voice. They are chameleons who imitates your intuition. Your spiritual voice holds your true standards and your true boundaries. And your true sole authority. Roar as A Majestic White Lion with Love and Pride and cut all flesh and energetical connection to the bully, abuser, predator and hit the kill-switch to anyone who dares to part with your voice and controls it.

“Dont use your power of self acceptance to trade with other peoples fear and self rejection.”

Dont use your power of self acceptance to trade with other peoples fear and self rejection. Dont trade your faith with someone elses fear. You have been conned before with sweet pretty little lies. Lets be wiser. Start recognizing fake people when they come near to give an advice. You dont have to entertain them. Get bored, admit you are not interested. Dont accept their presence. Build a wall. Dismiss them and keep your attention to what you think is better. Yourself, your daily plan, your happiness. If it doesn’t make you happy, abandon it. No need to walk over eggshells to make someones feelings not hurt. You are not responsible to accept people if you dont want to. Healthy selfish or self-centered-ness is acceptable.

Everyone is an adult like you. You are not responsible to be a mother or nurturer or caretaker to anybody. Especially not to anyone you have never known before or not interested to get to know. Dont feel obligated to accept angry adults wanting you to love and accept them. Dont trade your self acceptance love faith happiness with a toxic persons self rejection hate fear sadness. 

Dont get tricked into chasing the toxic persons acceptance.
Love is a mutual work and investment. Not a one way street.
Leave when respect and love is no longer served.
No need to have cognitive dissonance or reality versus delusional lies. If reality is showing disrespect dont hope the toxic person can change with your love and patience. Dont volunteer to rescue toxic people. Learn the boundaries of a healthy relationship. You dont have to be fooled to recognise when a fool is fooling you.
Recognize the game and end it before they play you into their trap and web of toxic lies.
Reject this people. Leave. Go minimal or no contact. Stop chasing for their acceptance because they are only turning the tables around. They were chasing for your acceptance when they first met you. Because you have something they dont. They trick you to exchange your soul essence.
And they trick you again to start thinking low of yourself. Then they turn the tables around and show you how they are better than you and how they know better than you, and how they have better than you.
All this is a mind trick to make you feel inferior and forget the truth about who you are and to make you reject who you are. You slowly throw the things you value, end your career, destroy your passion, abandon your interests and you feel undeserving for your friendships, sabotage and hurt your relationships, the toxic person force you to feel unworthy and to reject your luck, blessings, natural abundance, support system, friendships, opportunity, future. Because while you are tranced and hypnotized to reject yourself, they possess parts of your soul essence that would give them the quality of life they desire from you. They get to live your life.
They possess your valuable admirable lifestyle. They target you to throw you off your ship and wear the captains hat when they never even worked and prepared to be a captain. They will keep doing that, barging into other people’s ships, pretending to want only to work and give their all to the captain. Then slowly they climb and enter the captain’s cabin and pretend to be the captain until its high tide and they kill the captain to take ownership of the ship and the crew. A fantastic tale for an example, but toxic people are pirates.
Its time for you to wake up to recognise the things you values, loved and have lost.
Its a full on trance a form of black magic and hypnotism to get people to not see the truth because of their charming ability to blind the target, you, to abandon all common sense. Be wary of this people for chasing for their acceptance will bring you years down the road of losing your soul even having your soul trapped in the devils hands “figuratively + spiritually” speaking.
“When you meet people like this acknowledge their evil core and know their evil motive and they cannot touch you when you already accept the truth about them without hoping or expecting or projecting benefit of a doubt that lying to yourself that people are generally good. People are also generally bad. So use your weapon of suspicion without spare. Better be safe than sorry. Shine and Shield people.”
Blessings & Love

Meredith Mynrose

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