BREAKING THE “CRAZY” CURSE or LOVE SPELL with Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists.

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BREAKING THE “CRAZY” CURSE or LOVE SPELL with Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists.

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As per the title today I am writing about breaking the crazy curse. Fortunately for me, and hopefully continues to be, after working hard to mature in my outlook in life, that was split in sanity versus insanity during my research with Complex PTSD. I was able to determine a very specific subconscious and subliminal energy attraction. This is towards tolerating individuals with tendencies to act insane, crazy, and to tolerate approaches, rants, perversion, attachment, squander, entrapment, puppetry, and other words that I will mention along the way of this article.

In my life and work-line that I begin as a coach and healer, I began to accustomed and be customized with feeling a sense of expansion “toxic affection & acceptance” that didn’t make sense, and until now I was able to pin point what it actually is, through my study of personal history, the people I attract, the client’s stories, and the trouble we might have.

An act of perversion that was tolerated, and the quiet shock to how the individual expect us, or their target to behave in a weak minded sort of ways. Such as submissive. And in the act of shocking us, we were groomed or expected to tolerate the insane behaviour or irrational attitude, or crazy antics or behaviour of the perpetrator.

One case I have with a client, where he spoke of his mother, how she could not control her emotions and would act dangerously. He didn’t recognise how his mother’s behaviour has made him vulnerable to the crazy actions of his peers and colleagues. How he would tolerate it.

In today’s spiritual lessons or outlook, we didnt understand how we combined crazy and powerful together, that allowed our reality to be enmeshed in the freewill of a deranged parental authority or supervisor, or boss, or higher up than us in any establishment wether work or home. Or husband or wives.

“Crazy doesn’t mean powerful”

Children’s that were raised in an unhealthy environment, associated with any single or couple parents who have mental illness, they have a threshold different than other childrens their age, they have learn to be accustomed to the environment they tolerate and being exposed to daily, as a form of accepted territory and boundary, til they grow up they recognise that, something is painstakingly wrong, and they need to learn to know that certain attitude, behaviour, action, motivation from certain people are judged as wrong, unacceptable, and disgusting, or repulsive and sleazy. But their childhood mind and awareness cannot discern this aspect and they may feel trapped in their belief system that were engrained during their childhood and the belief system that is shocking them at a later time in their adult life. Alerting them of discerning the different separation of both situation. Just because during their childhood, they were groomed to tolerate, entertain, submit to the crazy antics, or negative attitude behaviour by the people in their surrounding, it does not mean that they need to behave the same in their adult life, so their mind is alerting them of the shock, but their body, muscle memory, impulse, core energy is trapped in their childhood memory. Allowing perpetrators, predators, abusers, of many strangers along the walk of life, to enter their life and create the same toxic patterns to them, leading them to feel victimized over and over again.

Dangerous people are not easily spotted. Deranged people knows how to cover their tracks, they know exposure means that they cannot feed their sins, darkness, sleazy underhand pleasures. So deranged and dangerous people need to create a persona that would allow them to access people, childrens, women, young girls or boys, or man as well so that they could project a mental virus into their target, and catch their target off guard as to then become a means of exploitation for their life and needs.

This can be a man who needs sexual pleasure, a women who needs financial freedom, a parent that needs a emotional punching bag, any individual who needs sexual satisfaction, any individuals that needs extra source of income, any individual that needs warmth, empathy and reason to get out of loneliness and boredom, any individual that needs to associate to another persons wealth, status, intelligence, beauty, attraction, popularity.

Being Exposed to Crazy Conduct

If life was a ticking time bomb, awareness of something that isn’t right, outright disrespectful, a total disgrace and immoral actions, then the person living that life would have control to explode like a time bomb in awareness that their state of harmony, state of power, state of well-being, state of safety and state of self worth and self respect would be in dangerous waters of being approached by any sleazy, disgusting, insane, crazy, individual who expect that they are the target of an insane behaviour and they are expected to be submissive, to entertain the crazy delusions, deranged behaviour and expectations that were not created on mutual agreement.

Certain people will conduct themselves in a crazy deranged manner, and expect their target to submit, obey, fear, lose their voice, lose their consciousness and allow the predator or perpetrator of crazy abuse sleazy actions motivation intent, to follow through with their deranged ideas and delusions that would fuel the predator, perpetrator, abusers lust, hunger, greed, wrath, anger, ego.

For a child who was not groomed to tolerate deranged person in their childhood and learns to know to recognize a ticking time bomb, a powerful burst of anger as a healthy notion of self worth, self respect, and applying healthy boundaries. They may have been influenced by healthy parenting, and supportive network of caring protective environment. Thus they are able to recognise an energy expansion that enters their energy, and can pinpoint the direct deranged, crazy, abusive, intention and can then burst their ticking time bomb before any damage, harm, abuse can go any further. They recognise the deranged, crazy, irrational expectations and put a stop to it before it goes further. They are alerted by the danger, they are aware of the inappropriate approach, they are woken up or recognise a gut instinct that tells them, your empathy, openness, kindness, warmth, is being exploited, distorted, bent over backwards, so the predator or abuser could move the needle of the compass, move the direction of the connection, move the direction of the journey, move the direction of your awareness towards the brink of darkness, towards a path that you can no longer return, towards a path that risks your self respect, your self worth, your dignity, your sense of well being. That ticking time bomb should and could explode if you were taught to protect and defend yourself from further exploitation of the deranged, dangerous, crazy, irrational, insane, abusive, exploitative predator. This predator could be a stranger, a friend, or relative or close family or even a partner or a work colleague.


Learn to Not Be Shocked of EVIL

One of the ways this deranged, dangerous, crazy predators win is to stun you and shock you until you no longer have any control of your bodily motion, your heart rate, your motivation, your intuition, its as if the approach of their intention sets the course to force you to become submissive, obedient, wipes your mind away from who you are and your soul and life’s priorities. Just imagine this is an act of black magic, hypnotism, a trance that would force you to let go of your spirit and surrender your soul, body, mind towards the attacker.

Learn to believe the evil you see, learn to believe the intention without second guessing or giving any benefit of a doubt, learn to not project your own kindness, goodness or sincerity, and learn to erase your own expectation of the person in front of you, wether it should be a caring mother, a protective father, a loving brother, a supportive sister, a helpful co-worker, a friendly driver, a good teacher, what ever verb you use to associate the person in front of you, remove it, erase it and accept the evil motivation that they clearly wants to pursue, that has the energy to shock you as you never expect them to behave in that manner or way. They may want you to do some acts that were not right, like speaking to you like they are having a secret relationship with you, such as love, they may make a face to create sympathy, so you would let go of your personal boundaries and life so that you could help them deal with their life issues and problems and help or rescue them. They may create drama, chaos, and accident and blame you for starting it and get other people onlookers to judge you, blame you. They may be entertained by provoking you, harassing you, teasing you, degrading you, criticizing you for pure fun and pleasure. They may intentionally reject you in front of everyone you know in your social circle, to create a rift and to toy and play with your self worth and self respect. They may isolate you from anyone who wants to befriend you and take you all for themselves. There are many instances where you might be targeted by dangerous, deranged, crazy individuals in your adult life.

Evil, Crazy People can trap you in a TRANCE


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When reality doesn’t seem real. When your expectation of the person in front of you, does not proof the behaviour, attitude, action, words, intention that is being revealed in front of you. The first thing any victim or targeted individual will feel is that, “Is this my fault” “Did I make the first move” “Did I do something to deserve this”, this is a classic hypocrite projection by the deranged, crazy, individual, to BLAME YOU, as they will NEVER admit fault, or take responsibility for their DERANGED behaviour. The first thing now here is to recognised your self worth and self respect, and respect your voice and intuition knowing that if you feel offended, and you feel seriously scared and afraid, hold on to that voice, because this voice will become your physical boundary. It will then turn into a realistic boundary. Because your voice will not be enmeshed with the predator’s evil aura masking your voice to become theirs and slowly suppressing your voice and suppressing your feelings and suppressing your gut instincts and suppressing your beliefs and self worth, and they oppress your soul and feed your soul, by acting deranged, dangerous, abusive, crazy, by attacking you while you hold a different vision of the evil person as caring, kind, attractive, handsome, beautiful, all this “verbs” are a lie, a distraction, like giving a kid a lollipop while the predator molests or rapes the child.

In a trance, your voice is your shield and weapon, so its very important to not let the predator mask itself as your voice and tells you ridiculous things like, but I love him, but I like him or her, but he is so good to me, but we have a business together, but we want to do amazing projects together, but he takes care of me when I was a child, but he or she cooks for me and tuck me in bed, or he works to bring money for home and kids etc etc etc.

The voice that you hear can sometimes be a mimic of your own voice, it does not necessarily be your own. This is already called semi- possessed state. They will influence you to feel love to an abuser, to feel warmth to an abuser, to feel forgiveness to the abuser, to feel no negative emotions whatsoever to the abuser, this is evil black magic trance hypnotism dark arts and total motivation to possess your freewill, your blessings, your future, your positivity, your aura, your life force, this is the work of an energy vampire, extremely toxic person, and deranged, underline bold CRAZY.

In another session I had with another client, I get to see split personalities of her waking up from her trance, and sinking back into the trance when she recalls a reason to keep showing affection to her colleague. She has lost all affection to her partner, and have transferred that emotion towards the colleague who had put her in a black magic trance. The voice would always mimic hers and sink into her soul and use her voice as a puppet to control her behaviour, thoughts, motivation, but somehow she has a strong spirit that wants to break out from it, as she keep seeking help to break the curse or spell. This reminds me back when I was in London, where the organizer of the event that I drop out of had placed me under the same spell, and I got to see proof of the spell taking place in someone elses life. Its a crazy love spell.


For survivors of child abuse, who is exposed to deranged (crazy) person in their life as a constant daily exposure, wether it is a parent, a relative or sibling or teacher or friends at school who isolate and keep them all to themselves. The spell they might be under is a simple but evil projection spell that was placed onto their aura like casting a net. You have to learn to recognise the net in order to break or destroy the net and be free from the influence, from the projection, from being the puppet strings pulled by them. Your web of life may have been interlinked to the deranged person, feeding on your soul, spirit, energy.

The first time I attracted a crazy pervert was when I was in college. I didn’t ask for the sexual attraction, I didn’t ask to be together, but there will be people will expectations to meet their desires, by  using and abusing other people around them. This can happen to strangers too. Once I realized, over 14 years of learning and observing the things I attract, and recognizing this has basis in my childhood trauma. I come to understand how, I was forced to tolerate, and I was groomed or conditioned to accept my fate of being targeted of perversion at my home growing up. Inappropriate show of lust, inappropriate show of sexual degradation, inappropriate show of sexual criticism, basically a lot of inappropriate sexual advances or comments made while I was growing up. By female and male relatives.

Instead of being a ticking time bomb, which allowed me to have a sense of self respect, I was groomed and physically abused to forget and give into the sexual perversion. The challenge here is that your voice is your shield and weapon. Even though I knew it was wrong, and I was surrounded by deranged sexual psychological abusers in my childhood. I try my bestest to hold onto my voice. The deranged crazy relatives did not change and do not desire to take any responsibility or accountability. So the people who survive the crazy curse, the crazy love spell, we have to learn to use and master our voice and visualize and internalize a specific boundary to alert us that despite what happen in our childhood about having our boundaries broken and disrespected by deranged and crazy relatives, siblings, parents, strangers. We continuously have the power to groom and nurture our own voice and intuition to have decency, sanity, respect, morality, dignity in how we intercept what life brings to us, and who enters our domain. No matter the projection, the distorted reasons, excuses, the false facts, twisted lies, the drama, the havoc, the chaos, the evil, we don’t have to be shocked or stunned, and blame ourselves. We can trust ourselves, we carry ourselves with dignity, honor, self respect, kindness, love, and the evil wishes to distort our peace, love, harmony. But as we trust ourselves, we do not have to blame ourselves when an evil deranged person, wishes to target us, abuse us, exploit us, we do not have to hold an image of goodness, perfection, positivity, kindness of them, while having cognitive dissonance with the reality showing us that they are attempting to molest us, hurt us, harm our honor, harm our worth, harm our self respect with their action, words, intentions, attitude, behaviour, sleazy, disgusting, offensive, insulting, and repulsive presence. We can take a major stand and back our voices with our willing fists and our willing eyes, to acknowledge the evil that stand between you and them, and stand your ground without them pushing us to be submissive, because, there is no reason to fear evil, there is no reason to fear crazy, there is no reason to fear deranged people, the only power they have is the power of intimidation base on their lack of good spirit and good moral values. When we hold on to how we disrespect and devalue their behaviour and motivation, and we hold on to our ability to learn to forcibly look down, shame, and humiliate them for their bad attitude, repulsive, sleazy behaviour, you have nothing to be afraid of, you have nothing to lose. You dont have to give your power of your thoughts, your emotions, your belief system, your values, your self respect or self worth, your dignity, there is no need to surrender your soul to them for them to feed or feast. Because you break the curse, the love spell, the crazy spell, that the evil within the abuser, predator, parental figure, has no supreme authority, because all the eternal reasons that, their value system is messed up, they are irrational, deranged, immoral, unhealthy and as a matter of fact, crazy.

**Side note : If you don’t feel courageous enough, or feel that confronting them won’t be successful, you can however, keep your awareness of their deranged behaviour a secret, and find other alternatives to leave them immediately, create a white lie, an urgent matter, and leave them immediately, and ignore any further approach, and keep dismissing them, and keep heightening your awareness that the person is untrustworthy and their motivations are sleazy. Relax, don’t feel afraid, don’t jump into paranoia, don’t over think it, simplify it to become, a person you are organically repulsed by that you seen their true colors, and you are aware, and you can share this information with people you trust, and keep living your life, hold on to your life goals, your priorities, your joy, and your peace.

Crazy people dont have any power. Intimidation is their only trick. As they are predatory and can access psychic links, They will try to find your vulnerable spots to attack and intimidate. So this could be a chance for you to kill two birds with one stone when you become aware, and learn what vulnerability they are using to get on your nerves. Then heal it, transform it. Crazy people, they can lie, cheat, trick, twist facts, project false ideals, pretend, fake it til they make it, but they have no real essence to hurt. We have to learn to stop believing that crazy, deranged, irrational people have the power to dictate our lives, to punish us, to harm us, to stop us from having a happy life, to stop us from having independence, to stop us from having financial freedom, to stop us from living in the present moment the way we wish and will it to.

Learn to Discern Cold Hard Fact versus Idealized False Values Imprinted onto you as a Distraction

The fear that was programmed in our belief system, during our childhood memories can be challenged and motivated to change for our better benefit. In order to learn to keep having clarity, freedom, peace, there is always the work for self reflection, for observation, to tie the right puzzle pieces and strings together, to complete and finish a life lesson, so your trauma, wounds, past histories can be turned into wisdom, and knowledge to protect yourself.

There is unfortunately a lot of people out there who seems rational but very deranged when you get to know them, but fret not, you dont turn into them when you realize you are not them or what they expect you to be or become. Maybe the universe is just refining who you are by guiding you to experience things that you may not wish to, and assisting you to build healthier boundaries for your genetics so your generations will learn to be accustomed to healthier boundaries, healthier well being and lifestyle. Your future will thank you, for learning to be wiser.

If you like to work on this issue, or have some similar issues to heal, I highly recommend you to work with me in a Universal Healing session.

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Do you Naturally Attract Deranged, Crazy People? Learn to break the Crazy Curse or Love Spell.

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