HALLOWEEN All Types of Reading for $100 per hour session!

Hi beautiful souls! And P E A C E VISIONARIES!

From today 31st October until 5th November 2018, This amazing offer is in your hands!

I am offering all types of reading and sessions that I cultivate through the 8 years of doing healing, guiding, shamanic work to you on this date up til 5th November, for a flat price of USD $100 only. All orders placed by 5th November will be fulfilled by the end of November. So you can easily schedule your available time with me.

Standard terms & conditions of receiving services from Meredith Mynrose applies.




Basic Background about Me.

I’ve never felt more at home and real than sitting in my powers and beliefs that there is a magical tie and link to another existence that can surpass the restrictions and limitations of this physical earthly reality. All my life there was something missing, a knowledge that I needed to know about myself that through the help of a intuitive, I got the word Empath. Then I knew all the things I’ve been feeling was real and was not fiction. That there was valid reasons of my sharp senses and my strong response to danger, or hidden motivation lies beyond the faces of people in my life. Common folks calls it gut instincts, the new age culture calls it intuition, and the advanced intuitive’s calls it different kind of clairs, french for clear.

The clarity of the senses one by one was polished after I realize that as an empath I can bridge into many mediums of psychic abilities, extra sensory beyond the basic 5 sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Some people out there are born with higher depth of sight, higher depth of smell, higher depth of taste, higher depth of touch, higher depth of hearing. This means they can see premonitions, they can smell presence that are not seen in the eye, they can taste energy in the air, they can recall specific details by touching or knowing, and they can hear voices that no one else can. The names of this Clear Senses are Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Clair audience, Clairvoyance. There’s actually a little bit more than that. But unless you are honing your own psychic skills, you don’t need to know too much.

As I studied and explored my abilities and start to put names onto my skills, I could see my world forming and being arranged in an order that I understood. Something I was longing for deep inside my soul. I was giving specific detailed readings and new doorways for my psychic abilities opened, and it then turned into an ability to heal, as I was able to connect the dots in the invisible realm, I could solve problems through my clear-senses knowing the truth, by seeking the answers to solve my clients dilemma’s and ordeals. Surprisingly, my services also brought peace to the dead and especially the living. I was a medium to connect different worlds together.

My journey in my career have led me to use my abilities, that skyrocketed through 2011 and 2012, led me to provide intuitive life coaching, that I called soul coaching. At the same time I also channel light language and connect to my starseed roots. I am an Indigo Child, system breaker, and my starseed root is Andromeda, Peace bringer and a few more. With my abilities, I break the archaic system to set in motion advanced system to bring peace. This is established in my client’s life as well as a movement over the past years to expose narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. Due the fact that these groups of people are the root cause of many adults are not meeting their potential due to their childhood trauma.

In the past few years, 2014-2018. I was thrown into the deep end, and I had to uncover deeper planes of internal war & suffering, void of peace. I embark on a journey to heal Inner Child Trauma, and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I believe that I have put my skills to good use as I commit to writing, and sharing information and wisdom to heal people who seeks inner peace. World Peace begins with Inner Peace, and due to my passion to envision World Peace, I aim to provide steps to achieve inner peace to my clients, friends and my audience. Some of these steps are through offering my holistic healing services and new age sessions.

The sessions I have available are

  • Psychic Tarot Reading
  • Universal Healing
  • Angelic Reading / Channeling
  • Aura & Chakra Reading & Healing
  • Starseed Reading & Light Language Transmission
  • Past Life Regression & Healing
  • Light-worker Reading
  • Mediumship

For Halloween 31st October 2018, I am inspired to make this beautiful offer for my clients, audience and friends on social media to take part of this journey with me, where we can access a more authentic plane of existence.

If you make your order by 5th November, your appointments can be and completed in and before end of November 2018. Prices after 5th November returns to normal rates. Make your booking now to try this amazing sessions with Meredith Mynrose.

Refunds are only when provider of service and client could not set a schedule time. Which is quite rare. No refunds if change mind afterwards. You can also gift a reading to your friend.

To Book your Reading, Send a payment to PayPal link here : paypal.me/meredithmynrose

If you want 2 sessions, It will be 2 x $100 = $200. Any number of sessions you want, multiple it by $100 and you can send the payment to the link above. Maximum 5 per person. Contact me if you want to sign up to a program or buy more as gifts.

Appointments are conducted through Skype or FB Call. Video or Voice only up to the client. You can remain anonymous or shy if you are an introvert 🙂

Email meredithmynrose@gmail.com and let us know what sessions you wish to make appointment for. Have a magical day!

Meredith Mynrose

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