New Universal Healing Session Formats!

Hey peace visionaries and beautiful people 🙂

There are new formats for working with me on your personal, spiritual and life’s journey.

The first one I’m excited to introduce to you is the Email 1 Story/ Question Universal Healing Session.

I have done this session format to a handful of my supporters previously and only up til now, Im officially offering this healing session format to all the rest of my subscribers, followers and clients.

The email universal healing session is conducted through email only process. You can write to me a question or story including your feelings, thoughts, perceived obstacles, and in this story or sharing over email, the words written should be limited 2 medium length emails at 2500 words each email. You can easily check the word count on any free word count websites like

After receiving your story and question I will respond to you within 4 working days up to 1 week’s time. Depending on my schedule. So please bear in mind, this email session is not reliable for very fast answers. I will respond to your story/question for 3 emails. The First Email response is to your Story/Question. The Second Email response is to gather more details after the First Email. And The Third Email response is to conclude the Email session.

This Email Format Healing Session is USD 50.00 and to order this session you can click here.SINGLESESSION$200(3)

The second thing I am excited to share with you all is that I have decided to offer a 30 minute Universal Healing session. This session is provided to any of you who already knows what obstacle you feel that you face and need another key insight to what you may be missing out from noticing. If you have already dig down to what you perceive is an issue, and you have worked your way through accepting the vulnerabilities and may feel stuck in not knowing your next step or action to move to, You can choose this session as a problem solving and using this session to help dig through the mud of your life and gain clear step to your next move. Of course this session also applies to any other choices of personal discovery.

This 30 minute Universal Healing session is USD 100.00. To book this session, click below.


Lastly, The 1 Hour Universal Healing Session where things get real and tough for those who are truth-seekers and brave souls who are choosing to face their darkest fears and you who may go through dark night of the soul. OR if you just happen to want to ask for spiritual guidance on improving certain areas of your life. The 1 hr Universal Healing session has been updated to serve serious minded souls who are committed to invest in their personal spiritual journey and asking spiritual support and mentor to assist in awakening parts of the dormant powers they have left behind from any deep hidden trauma’s, lost childhood memories, reclaiming power from past psychological abuse, removing heavy gas-lighting, confronting personal demon’s and getting deep into ancestral roots and learning to re-organize and restructure any areas of life that has been damaged and de-constructed.

This 1 hour universal healing is more elaborated for soul purifying healing session where any past troubles are purified with awakening the higher wisdom and detaching the ego in order to embrace personal authenticity and self love. Due to the scope of the Universal Healing session from Soul Purifying, Soul Building, Soul Growth, the healing session will mix any of the 3 Soul Healing and Awakening Services base on the session during the one hour. Are you ready to invest in this personal journey?

This session costs USD 200.00 for 1 Hour Universal Healing. You can book your appointment by clicking the below.


We have also updated terms and conditions of acquiring services from Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer here.


I hope many and all of you are doing well and having an excellent day. I look forward to work with you in this new styles and format for Universal Healing session.

Best regards, Meredith Mynrose



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