Character Assassination is Not a Joke

I recently sat down and talk about Character Assassination, after finishing the talk on YouTube. I suddenly realize that there has been multiple accounts of people walking away with their attempts or fully committing to character assassinating who I was and recently it happened again. But this time I was smarter and faster in detecting the anomaly of this wretched human behaviour.

If you want to watch and listen to my “Chat on Character Assassination” that sounds more like a Rant covered Wisdom and Answers. Click here. Or just watch below.


In this blog, I would like to express the danger of Character Assassination onto any people who obviously never deserve this at all. Because most of the time, 99.9% Character Assassination is an exaggeration, misleading half truths and a form of extreme gas-lighting that sounds credible, but the undertone is to dispute someone’s reputation and good image. Also an attack to their integrity, common sense, and conscience.

I am speaking as I see another point of view. Character Assassination happen to people when their presence threatens the EGO of the person assassinating the target.

When the “Sociopath” is threatened by their perceived power or choices, they retaliate and “Emotionally Vomit” onto their Target using many tactic like word-salad.

Read about Word-Salad at this Blog by Thrive After Abuse

So what happens after Character Assassination?

Many things and 100% of them are Negative.

Character Assassination is toying and playing with someone’s sanity and credibility. Attacking their character is to destroy their sense of reality and to create a war within their mind that doubt, hesitate and frown over invisible falsely created accusation, and false reality. It may be false accusation and false reality, but what it really is, is actually a form of Mind and Soul Rape onto the target.

Character Assassination rapes the inner peace, the emotion, the psychological health and the mental health of the person targeted.

Long term affect of this action is to create Mental Health issues because the target has their conscience under attack, their character, integrity and common sense under attack.

The thing is, the target can never defend themselves, because they never see this character assassination coming.

This character assassination only comes from bitter, angry, resentful and egoistical and mentally ill and intentionally evil person that uses the base of many lies, many false accusation, many of their own inner turmoil, many of their own fault, blame, and mistakes and intention. They revert their evil intention into good intention and they try to steal your reputation, image, positive outlook, hopes, dreams, and ability to be present in who you are being.

This Sociopath or individual who desire to assassinate your character is possessed with Jealousy, Rage, Anger, Envy, Resentment, and they believe they are Entitled to take that power and decide to kill your truth, by killing your behaviour, by killing your character. They emotionally and mentally vomit their unresolved bitterness and problems onto you through the word-salad and gas-lighting.

Entertaining, Tolerating their jumbled and nonsense conversation is actually the hook and bait. To trap you inside their damned reality, and their damned emotional vomit and mental vomit.

When you see people who approach you with false motive. That they choose to throw their baggage onto your Reality, Aura, and Good Life and Good Vibes.

You can choose to refuse and not become emotional. Because you know that they approach you in order for you to invest in caring in what they want, what they think, what they say, and what they do.

They are light beggars. Unconsciously they are drawn to you, and attracted to you, because of your good spirit and good light. Despite it being something wonderful to be attractive. This attraction is not mutual because it is toxic for you, because it will drain and destroy you. This type of people, do not have their own source of faith, hope and love. Hence they try to guilt, siphon, leech and suck these warm qualities they cannot create on their own, by promoting entitlement and attempting to fool people that they are wrong to have boundaries, that they have no rights, that they cannot make their own decision unless this parasite agrees to it. So in another word, this parasite, sociopath, character assassinator is looking for a supply to feed their ego and livelihood.

I will be working more on this topic, as it came up again now, and I do have the outline for the program. So if you like, subscribe to this email list so I can inform you any related article or future updates on its launch.

I hope that you become sharper, smarter and wiser to detect any sign of people attempting to assassinate your character. And once we sort this BS out, we can focus on being happy and working on what we love to nurture and build!

Til next time!
Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer


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