The Jezebel Theory : Video Series

Hey Peace visionaries and guests,

I have created a video series that I believe may help you find some clarity on confronting types of Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath who are possessed or influenced by the spirit of Jezebel.

This is my theory on Jezebel as well as what I experienced and able to disentangle and enmesh from the bindings of the spirit Jezebel through my adulthood.

My aim to make this series is to help you prepare or recover from the insidious destruction that the negative spirit could do to you or have harmed you with. With understanding the content and information in this series, I wish that the video assist you in recognizing where you need to recall your power and dismiss the weakness that does not belong to you.

There are three parts in this series.

Part 1 : Jezebel Wants to Dominate, Control and Possess You
Part 2 : Learn to Devalue, Degrade, Dismiss, Reject and Abandon Jezebel
Part 3 : Step Into Your Supreme Authority

The titles are available for purchase through the links below.

Jezebel Theory Part 1.jpg

Duration : 1 hour

Buy Access for USD $17.99

2:54 We want to deflect that destruction, We want to become aware of Jezebel’s intention to destroy you after they discard you. We want to shield you from being destroyed, by understanding, and remembering and recognizing the methods they use and then pulling yourself away from that mindset or train of thoughts, because you are in control of your emotions, you are in control of your own thought patterns, you are in control of your body movements, you are in control of your spiritual health.

9:45 Jezebel, Narcissists, Psychopath or Sociopath they look at you like a Fridge Filled With Groceries, filled with ingredients and contents so they can feed on it. They dont see you as a human being with freewill. They dont see you as a human with heart. They see you as a human to be objectified, to plunder and to exploit, so that they can assume authority over the essences, that makes you unique that makes you authentic, that makes you naturally attractive.

Part 1 : Jezebel Wants To Dominate, Control & Possess You

Jezebel Theory Part 2.png

Duration 1 hour 11 minutes

Buy Access for USD $17.99


Jezebel Theory Part 3.png

Duration 1 hour 37 minutes

Buy Access for USD $17.99

Buy Access for All 3 Parts for USD 50.99

Running Time : All 3 Parts 3 hours 48 minutes

After your purchase, we will send you the information to access the video link through your email within 48 hours.


With Love, Peace and Blessings

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer

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