If One Sociopath Hates You, It Does Not Mean The World Hates You


Private Video / If One Sociopath Hates You, It Does Not Mean That The World Hates You

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Maybe this will help you see how you can maintain strong boundaries, without being manipulated with guilt or sympathy and not to feel like you deserve any hate for having standards and protecting your needs and safety from extortion by Sociopath’s pity ploy.

Start removing the false eye wear of obedience so you can be who you want to be, love the world you live in, and not perceive your self esteem is manipulated or controlled by people who abuse, manipulate, and guilt trip you. Believe in your worth and the worth the world can appreciate you, and push the hostile perception of sociopath.

Continue to love yourself, even if you perceive the world is not on your side because of the Sociopath’s influence. It could be people you use to know in the past. But they are no longer in your life, or you can limit their influence of how the world really really loves you and likes you for who you are. And the sociopath’s problem is their issue and not your own. 🙂

Its fine to Love yourself and Love the World, and block the Sociopath from your psyche, spiritual, mind, emotion, and physical reality. Build the World you super like, Keep finding pleasurable things to enjoy in life, and focus on the things you love.

Sociopath’s hatred is not your responsibility. Accept they are just jerks. And react no more than just neutral acknowledgement and awareness that. You can accept they are jerks and there is nothing you can do to change them. Its never your responsibility the way they perceive you must change for them. Sociopath can remain jerks. You can change your decision and find better people to befriend, trust, and surround yourself with.

There is a world out there that wants to love you, appreciate you, be kind to you, and embrace you as you are. Sociopath is just a bad sign to tell you that you deserve better than them. So go for it. Love your world, find the people who love you, and Live with Love in your Heart.

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