17 Wisdom from Year 2017


17 Wisdoms from 2017

by Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer & Peace Visionary

  1. I accept any attempts I perceive that sabotage my finances from previous memories and experience is only a temporary distraction to trigger me in healing my unforeseen vulnerabilities that I turn into lessons learnt.
  2. Being fooled three times is my fault when forgiving people who are not able to change their ways. Keeping my boundaries alive around mistrustful people is my responsibility at all times.

  3. People’s judgments to my predicament does not reflect on their power to make my experience awful. It does not matter if people don’t have the patience to understand my predicament. It matters that they control themselves not to disrespect me. It is not my problem that certain people attempt to punish me for not meeting their standards, low or high. Life doesn’t necessarily go the way we expect sometimes.

  4. People or friends who believe in a lie and rumors spread about you will eventually get the fair share of pain inflicted by the people they side with. They will personally experience the brutality of the accusation thrown by an emotionally and mentally unstable narcissists / sociopath.

  5. People can pretend to be powerful, but the most powerful people who pretends hides a deep insecurity and vulnerability which they need to promote and force people to validate through passive aggressive threats. The more you force someone to believe something, the more it is a lie. The clearer someone say something, the shadier it is.

  6. There are people with heart of gold. This people could suddenly enter your life at any moment. They are angels.

  7. Whether anything is good enough for you, follow your gut. Don’t let other people control what is good enough, or not good enough. Yet or not yet. Take the power of making your own decision of what is good enough for you. Only your gut will tell you if you are good enough. Hold your gut instincts as a life compass. If it feels good, go for it. If it feels bad, keep it away.

  8. People who watch you grow up may want to keep you small or locked in a certain label or identity. It could be a scapegoat or something negative and shameful. As an adult, your Identity belongs only to you. The labels and judgments people throw at you no longer affects you when you understand it’s not personal anymore. Your mind has rationality and common sense to discern who you want to be, who wish to become and what you are. You can separate how other people view you, and how you wish to view yourself. And you can keep upgrading your inner vision about who you are, untethered by the prejudice and influence of people in your past.

  9. You can always recreate a newer version of yourself. Whatever you want to be like, it’s up to you. Don’t let a lingering opinion degrade your lifestyle or personality. There is nothing wrong with your personality. People who criticize with no proof for improvement is only pointing fingers to their own vulnerability and flaws. They wanted to build their self-esteem by cutting yours down. No matter what is said about you, you can stand in pride, dignity and power to keep your ground and say it’s no big deal. Haters just wants to rain on your parade and wave shade to you all day.

  10. As a matter of perspective, people may want to control you from achieving your dreams by belittling your heart’s desire. They could mock and upset you in pouring love and attention into your career and interests. They may judge you and control the standards you keep that makes you feel good enough to keep doing what you love. Since they are able to manipulate your standards with their criticisms, they determine the way you play in the playing field. Eventually making you leave, cast out, forgotten, and isolated. When you let others determine and control your standards, you let them control the level of your performance and visibility in doing what you love. Despite people being interested in setting new standards and level for you to meet, recognize that this is merely sabotage to remove you from the playing field as proven with your hesitance and doubt to perform and take action at all. When you recognize that you are being removed from the game of life, subsequently you have to replace for the lost time. Come out stronger than ever before and show the world who you are. Determine your own future and capabilities to perform your talents and break a leg!

  11. When you are the most interesting person in your social circle or little suburban group network, you are in a different playing field than most adults in that social circle. Having a different set of courage and risk taking experience, your level of success does not compare to the individuals in the arena. Hence the name calling, degrading shaming, and competitive vibe surrounds you to cast you out, isolate you and control your future to be bleak, dark and hopeless. Your self-esteem and self-worth may be affected being surrounded by people who do not support you, appreciate you nor accept your beautiful unique traits and abilities. Recognizing your authentic talents in comparison with other people in your social circle determines your social standing in the group itself and elevates you in a healthier platform of self-belief and authenticity. Your status cannot be degraded by a group of jealous underachievers. Your reputation barely received a scratching, the truth will become apparent when all of the shame, degrading remarks and name calling falls back on the accuser. Your public image is intact.

  12. While there are many noises in this world, the only noise you should be paying attention to is to your own heart telling you want it wants and what it wants you to do. This is your soul speaking directing you to your highest surge of happiness. Do you while everyone is attempting to make you do them. Be yourself while everyone else is trying to be you. In the buzz of your life, pushing people who needs you to the point you lose your life’s priorities and not giving you any private space such as proper sleep, proper distance and proper privacy is a red flag that your heart is being robbed to feed the heartless sociopath pretending to be a friend. That is not a friend, it is a hungry ghost feeding on your hearts energy, minds attention, and soul and spirit. So when this happens, a new person comes into your life and demands excessive attention, turn around and walk away and close the door. Red flags are the number one notification of danger. Stay away from dangerous people.

  13. There will be people who knows of you who wants you to remain the same. They will create a big deal and a huge ruckus when you are exploring your adult freedom to create success and be in the spotlight for your creative talents or unique interests. This people who wants to hold you down are stuck in their ways of limiting your potential and aggressively controlling your self-worth and the creative value you put in this world. They are your number one nemesis and enemy who will guilt you into giving up your dreams for reasons that does not make sense only until you realize it is their pure jealousy, anger and hatred they hide underneath their concern, caring, authoritative voice to withhold you from achieving further success in your life. They will keep pulling you down until you no longer feel success is achievable or claimable. Know that this people cease to hold the power to literally hold you down in any way whatsoever when you know this one thing. Understand that once you achieve your further success, they will never measure up or be able to compete with you, mocking your self-esteem and trampling over yourself worth for their false identity they built around your kindness, generosity and warm heart. Your ultimate success would cripple their fake personality they throw around people they impress in their life. By your fame and popularity, people they discuss about you will later find out everything they are is a lie. How much of a fraud they end up to be? Shaming you, degrading you or mocking you until you are left destroyed, is their only way to save their face from further shame and embarrassment of using you as a person to establish their false success story to a group of people they wanted to impress and stand taller in.

  14. People who love you and support you will want to see you do well in your passion, interests and chosen career and projects. There are people who enters your life to boost your energy and self-esteem because they genuinely see the best version of you. Because they believe in you. Keep more of them around you. They are your new version of what family is.

  15. Life can feel like its caving in and you can’t breathe. A problem so condensed that it wipes away all light of hope and possibility. Realizing that problems don’t have to be a big deal when you have faith, everything will be sorted out, just like previous intense problems. All you have to do is put a thought out in your mind, saying show me the best option to take, for me to settle this. Be open to receiving insights that shows you the way out or through.

  16. Trust and vulnerability goes hand in hand. Giving trust is also giving power to someone. It is understandable, people who associate to someone they know through someone else gets some credibility in trust. The reminder here is that just because someone refer you to somebody, does not mean you should share the level of trust you give to the first person. Giving trust to undeserving people allow them to trample and have free rein on your power. So being alert of establishing proper boundaries to people who are referred to you through associating with friendships, or business contacts or travelling friends make it possible for you to protect yourself against people who conducts inappropriate behavior towards you or what you entrust them with such as house, or valuables.

  17. The thoughts you keep in your mind is a radio signal that attracts your reality. After PTSD or Depression or a Challenging phase of life. It might be very hard to change the frequency or tune of your mind’s thoughts. But if you practice the muscle of hope and love in your mind to continuously see possibilities and give weight to good things happening in your life. Your reality will match the density of your frequency you keep in your energy. Which is to attract positive possibilities that is running continuously in your mind as you put the weight of your soul on hope and love, including faith to see the brightest outcome entering your life.


For the Year 2018, The Mantra I keep in my mind is
Positive Things Can Always Happen To Me!

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy New Year of 2018! May you work to prepare for your destiny and receive all the joy you deserve!
xoxo Meredith Mynrose!


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Happy blessings!
Meredith Mynrose




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