You Are Being Pulled Out of The Swamp and Into a Free Clearing

Hello lovely earth dwellers and mission takers

By this time you already know there is a voice out there in this universe guiding you to your calling, specific purpose and identifying you as a starseed a soul that feels broken out of the matrix with your ability to perceive a thread that is unique and extraordinary that only you can see.

That thread that only you can see is a life purpose, that dwells in your heart, that triggers your core, and that smittens your heart to love and hold dear.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been working on a project aligned with the book I have been writing over the past 3 years called Treasure Your Heart. This project is a course called Serotonin & High Vibes : Achieve Your Dream Goals.

Nearing half mark of completion. The course dugged me into a new deeper pothole than I have ever realized. Talk about venturing spiritual healing and becoming a commander of a voyager to liberating humanities greatest struggles.

Caring for your heart, while sustaining a physical life on earth, without selling your soul to the Maya, materialism and the lust, sins or pop culture of baphomet worshiping. You have to fall deep in the rabbit hole when you come super close to your achievements and success, call it the rabbit hole of doubt, fear, fret, and all the things that could go wrong type of rabbit holes.

Before there is a good sunny day, like always, the storm aka shitstorm will blow your life out of proportion. All you safety channels are blown to pieces and shut off. Every comfort zones are now shield shut. You are forced into a new territory where universe and life is throwing you into the deep ocean to swim. This is a different new ocean. This is the liberation ocean. You are no longer allowed to paddle at the kiddie pool. You are not allowed to hold onto your fears as if they are your best friends. You are no longer allowed to keep using the supportive wheel for riding  bicycle. You are thrused into the spotlight. Into the public. Into the society. Into the green light. You are exposed. Raw. Vulnerable. Emotional. Mental. Obscure.

You had to go see for yourself what is the state of your life. After many years of wearing a cast over your heart. Like a broken leg that has healed but still the cast remains out of fear it will get broken again. The heart is now being called out. Remove your protective shield over your heart. Remove your plaster cast surrounding your heart. Let people see your heart. Let the world feel your heart. Let the universe access your heart. Stop closing your heart in fear that pain will break it wide open again. Let it break, let it shatter, let it be demolished. Let your heart quiver in fear, anxiety, and trauma, and let your heart feel all the emotions your mind refuse to allow your heart to feel.

Let also your heart feel the tremendous triumph, that you have won the battle field and war with your past. Let also your heart feel the tremendous victory that you have won the suicidal mission that you undertake of following your dreams and joy. Let also your heart feel liberated by your actions fueling your dream into creation and  manifestation.

Set your heart to soar free, because your heart has been in cage for so long, being protected by your fearful mind and fearful past. Let your heart get hit. Let your heart get punished. Let your heart be bleeding in front of the world. Never hide your heart again. Never hide your soul again. Its time to set your soul and spirit free. Let it free. Let it out. Let it fly higher than ever before. Let it know, that if it falls, You can reach down and pick it back up and protect, defend, and shield its worthiness, because you have learn not to let other people push your heart down, just so and in order for them to feel greater, worthier, and more important than you. For as you have learn and know that this people are immature souls, who have no hearts because humans who have real hearts cares about other people’s hearts. They don’t go around hurting people non-stop. You now have the ability to perceive the great wonder of non-consent. That you do not give consent to people who push your emotions down, to stand on your self belief, self worth, personal power and confidence. That you know they are only borrowing your image, only borrowing your values, and only borrowing your beliefs. That they are only leeches. That they are unhappy and miserable and you are not responsible to hold onto other people’s self hatred and demise. That if you truly love and honor yourself, you start to recognise that the people who make you feel low about yourself, is only projecting their disastrous sate of mental and emotional health to their surrounding. That they are morbid, unhappy and miserable. That the suffering you feel is a denial of the person who is unstable, and who wishes to direct punishment, and suffering to you. Triangulation through a method of using stranger to harm you, or a third party or an enabler. aka Flying monkey.


God, Universe, The faith of your choice, is pulling you out of the swamp you are in. Imagine the sticky, unbearable situation you have lived in. That you felt you had no choice, option or stuck with making the same decision over and over again. The universe prepared you a different runway, a different obstacle masked with a blessing in disguise.

The universe may refuse you from repeating the same decision over and over again. Your life will feel stop in a complete halt and you are oppressed with time, predicament, situation beyond your reach or understanding. All you can do is pray, release, surrender, observe, and listen to the sound of the answers arriving to your mind and thoughts. The answers are beneath the worries, the expectations, and the fears holding your heart down. The answers are simply fluttering like butterflies, such as joyful dreams that you believed you have lost, the happy connections that has soured relationships in the past. There are clean slates after being pulled out from the quicksand and muddy situations you have repeatedly find yourself in.

Twists, turns, downhills from your life, unexpected delays and change of plans and disappointments are re-directions guiding you to a secret passage that the universe hold the door open for you. You are being guided to a new pathway, a clearing that is specific only for you. Connect to the universe, meditate and connect to your heart. Sink into the feeling of love, watch your life unfold in the eyes of love. Detach from your life, dump hatred from your heart, create un-judgmental discords, let life be sucked into a blackhole of surrender and you hold onto your heart, faith and beliefs that you are going to be alright, while the world trapeze downwards and spiral underneath you like a vertigo. It is a paradox, while the world you use to know slips away, The God, & Universe is shifting your entire reality into a much more unforeseen beautiful miracle where all your smallest, littlest, to your grandest, biggest, dreams are unfolding in events that surprises you, lifts you up higher and abodes you in joy and fantastic vibes that you may question is this a dream or a reality. Where am I? What just happened? How could my entire life flipped in less than 1 entire week? It felt like a storm of spiritual whistle of judgement just push the bad baggage away, the pain and aches, the spirit is being massaged as holy descendant of earth and light and love.

I heard this very words, you are being pulled out of the swamp you were stuck in, with access to a clearing. Many many many souls are being pulled out of the swamp they were stuck in. Miracles are not fantasy or make belief. I write to you here, with full blown faith that miracle has happened to me. My heart blown wide open. I refuse to hold on to hatred of my past. I set my soul free from holding other people’s ego and fears. I don’t carry prejudice from anyone including myself. I let the universe ride the wave for me. I sink into the bottom of the ocean and no longer fight. I let myself be drowned by the worries, fears, frenzies, egos and biased prejudice of this world. I sunk so deep, so deep into my soul, and I let the universe catch me as I fall in surrender as a paradox. Surrender and hold on to your own self.


Your life is a huge miracle, life has a way of re-arranging every single thing, if you surrender your fears + others fears back to the jungle of recycling fears.


Your intentions are seeds that manifests. One by one, watch your small dreams that makes your big dreams manifests. It may take time, but this is already one miracle that just arrived for you to be on the path to your highest heart and dreams.


Keep your head high, your hopes filled with love, and let universe set life straight for you. Keep accepting and opening your heart to receive, every blessings meant for you.

You are worthy, you are loved and you have the rights to be blessed. ALWAYS.

Till next time,
Meredith Mynrose,

Universal Healer












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