Love, Safety & Home

Hi peace loving souls. Its me, Meredith Mynrose. I am sharing to you a peace of writing that is meant to serve you as a light beacon today. I hope you find love, warmth, sanity and knowledge in your personal journey in this world. Read on my earth lovers! 

Love, Safety and Home

God loves you

God loves you so much, you dont even know

God is guiding you

Guiding you to reveal yourself

The way you find your confidence, faith, strength

God is guiding you

Guiding you to find your voice

To find your heart, to find your love

To find your soul

God loves you

Especially in the darkest of times

Especially in the loneliest times

Especially in your emptiest times

There is an energy you cannot see

Always around you

Always there for you

But you cant see it

You may sometime not feel it

You may sometime forgotten of it

But this energy is there

In your journey, in this life

Towards your hopes and desires

Towards your happiness and bliss

Towards your power and satisfaction

God is there

Leading you to where you need to go

You may know where you want to go

But the divine plan rules and rocks

It will bring you down to paths you know you will never explore

Spiritual journey is not grained in stone

Its malleable and in motion and it morphs

It morphs to prepare and create your soul ready and prepared for your destiny

Underneath all the rubbles of your broken heart and dreams

Is there an eternal love for your desire and what you seek

Do you eternally seek the experience you deeply love, and desire

Eternally for eternity

Is it your hearts calling

Is it embodied in your soul

And tattooed into your heart chakra

Your desire is seeded by god

Your dreams are nourished by god

Your hopes is blossomed by god

Your light is ignited by god

Your definition of god can simply be love

Or everything else

But what unites all atoms in this earth? Its community, celebrating unique particles with different surfaces and purpose but same core, heat is love. 

The nucleus, the sun, the core is love

Unity is bound by love

Love unites.

Love brings it all together

Ignite love in your life

In your soul

In your voice

In your vision

Forgive And Declare Peace

Even if others without love are not ready for Peace

Be prepared for Peace

Declare your will for Peace

Declare your choice for Peace


Remove all delusions of war in your life

In your mind

In your soul

In your spirit

Declare peace in your crater of your life

Let there be a seed of love planted in your broken dreams, hopes, pasts and selves

Let your roots grow deep in self belief, faith, conviction and truth

Dig deeper in your truth and roots when the wind of delusion tries to erase you from this world

Dig deeper in your roots and truth when you are surrounded by lies that separates you from love and truth

Dig deeper in your core of hearts to the eternal last layer of your souls existence

And say this words

I am a child of god and this universe of love

All my needs are met, my path is protected and guided.

I am always safe in the humble abode of gods and universe tummy of love

I am light I am love

I am the solar people on this earth

I declare peace in my being

I soar my spirit in unity 

I am the beacon of light

I am the shadow and light

Of peace integrity and love

I know where my fate lies

I know where the lies lie

I know my fate is not from a lie

I believe I am and will be okay

I believe I am and will be safe

We are all home no matter where our spirit and soul goes

We are all home because we have always been home

The voice we cant see but sometimes hear as gut instincts

The vision we sometimes see that sparks hope and faith

The feeling of euphoria when we release the outcome of our desire in blissful surrender

The fear that no longer controls our perception to ourselves and life

The love for life that sets us free from a fearful mentality 

The best home is to be insides gods and universe’s heart

The best home is to be fully in your own heart

The true home is feeling safe in your own emotions

The true safety is to recognise you have the power to feel safe in any circumstsnces of situation because you do.

You dont have any unsuspecting threats lingering in your environment or left in your mind that taunts you and cripple your connection to the true and loving reality

You abandon and divorce the pessimistic threat, vision, and voices deluding your mind

You recognise the positive aspects of your true behaviour and personality and desire

Your soul starts speedwalking to the truth 

Your memory returning and your presence technicolor

You can feel light emanating from your current moment

You can feel time passing by and love is trickling through the perception of time

You are here, now

You are safe, now

You are loved, by so many stars above us

There is warmth, love, faith pouring from above and below

We have so much love 

God loves us

Universe loves us

We are part of nature

We are human nature

We are natural hearts

Our hearts and natural abundance ans universal providence is aligning all the webs in this universe

Everything is meant to happen in time

Eternally, time is a perception and layers of 8 created by memories and feelings

We can travel and create new times and new memories

When we feel safe in our hearts cocooned by the love we receive believe and perceive from the universe

Enveloped in faith, our heart vision and mind unites to bring our true best selves forward.

Imagine being leaped into air by a wave of wind and our soul washed, cleansed and purified by the healing love of this universe.

We journeyed through time.

This is eternity. Time is an element. A taste of temporary freedom and excitement and exploration of the soul.

Our body is a spacecraft. This craft is carrying an eternal soul with a mission to upgrade its spirit.

Through time we develop our faith, light, endurance, resilience, and strength. Our spirit and the light our Aura creates speaks volumes.

This life has always been a journey to test our spirit as well as exploring the crater of humanity.

You always have angels, god, the universe backing you up and supporting you.

Even at the worst time you feel lost, in pain, abandoned, isolated, and forgotten.

God never forgets you. You are a spark of light on earth. Earth never forgets you. There is a big waveband of loving light ready to be tapped within you so that you feel at home and safe beyond all clandestine threat or doubts. Its called faith and sometimes masked as confidence and sometimes viewed as certain knowledge. That you know god, love, goodness, universe exists.

That you know everything will be okay. Just give it time to evolve.

That if you push the power of attention and focus to drag love out from the shadow, all perception of fear, illusion and delusion of problems is just drama to spice your life and test your spirit and memory. 

Do you remember god?

Do you remember pure divine love?

Do you remember your eternal home?

Yes you do. Deep inside. Your soul remembers.

Your journey is to remember to treasure your heart while you explore life on earth remembering your divine spark from spirit.

My journey is to ignite your memory to your soul purpose and spiritual heart. 

This is my light, my offer, business and vocation.

I am offering a beautiful 40 minute heart chakra distance healing for an exchange of usd $50. If you would like this experience you can proceed by contributing said amount to this link.

Lets bliss in the love and let spirit dance in our life 💞

Meredith Mynrose

Universal Healer

P.s:// if you find that you need spiritual guidance, healing or mentorship you can visit my website to book a session. My objective is to serve and I will be honoured to be there for your spiritual growth. 

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